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Volume 62 | No. 2 | Summer 2019

Billings, Montana

Rocky Road Leads To Amazing Accomplishment B

ubbly, bright, adorable, compassionate, fun, empathetic, and strong are just a few words that describe Railyn. Her spirit, smile, and energy are infectious. You can’t help but be happy and find yourself smiling when you are around her. This year, Railyn celebrated a major milestone in her life. She graduated from high school, and family and friends were by her side, filled with pride at her achievement. Most of us have watched Railyn’s journey with bated breath, seeing her fight every day to overcome the numerous obstacles in her path, the principle one of which lies within her. It’s nothing she has created, but it’s what she has to endure – mental health issues. Railyn has been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar I, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and she is a survivor of child neglect and abuse. Railyn came to YBGR in the summer of 2015. She was scared, sad, angry, and disappointed. “Alright, here we go again,” she thought when she found out she was going back to treatment at a new place. Railyn had been in numerous residential treatment facilities and hospitals in just a few years, but to her surprise, she found that YBGR was different. YBGR was an open campus with lots of activities which she found invigorating. The other facilities she had been to in the past were fenced off and dismal. “At other places, we just sat around inside,” she says.

Proudly showing off sweet success.

Continued on page 4 YBGR staff celebrating with Railyn.


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A Chat With The Foundation President A Message From YBGR’s CEO In Honor of Devin Michaelis

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Yellowstone Academy Graduation Talent Show! New Program Takes Flight

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Billings Derby Party Safety and Security Project Homes For Heifers It’s a Win-Win-Win!

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Memorials Save the Ears! Everyday Miracles 2019 Yellowstone Conference


Make A Charitable Gift From Your IRA


ilma is a good friend to Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation. For years, she has knitted afghans and stocking caps for the boys and girls at the Ranch. Every year she pays for the Pizza Party the kids enjoy on New Year’s Eve, and her gifts of cash since 1972 have really added up. But Wilma recently learned how she can give money to Yellowstone and save herself some tax dollars at the same time. Wilma created an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) years ago when Uncle Sam was telling everyone to “Save, save, save!” What she realized in later years was that Uncle Sam was going to make her withdraw funds from her IRA, whether she needed the money or not (Required Minimum Distributions or RMDs). What’s more, Wilma learned that aside from the RMD itself being taxed, being forced to take her RMD could have the ripple effect of making more of her Social Security taxable and increasing her premiums for Medicare. Talk about adding insult to injury! So, when Wilma learned she could make a gift directly from her IRA to a charity, and have that gift count toward her RMD, she thought it made perfect sense. She explained, “I get to the end of the year and think to myself, ‘Well, I’ve managed to get by this year without needing the money, and my own kids are doing fine, so what else should I do with it besides helping troubled kids? And, who else besides Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch?’” If you are over age 70½ and frustrated that taking your Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA might

push up your tax bracket, make more of your Social Security taxable and even increase your Medicare premiums, consider making a gift to charity directly from your IRA. The gift will satisfy the yearly RMD and avoid all the negative tax consequences. The gift, known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution, can be in any amount up to $100,000. Your financial advisor or IRA Custodian can help with the process, and we are only a phone call away to visit further – always at no obligation. You know, Wilma told me she has kept every issue of the Wrangler we’ve ever sent her, and she is now on her fourth 3-ring binder. I hope she likes this issue. Thank you, Wilma, and God bless you for your kind and generous heart.

Attention Montana Taxpayers! The renewal of the Montana Qualified Endowment Tax Credit passed the 2019 state legislature and has now been signed into law! That means qualified charitable planned gifts will continue to generate significant additional income tax savings for Montana donors annually through 2025. The 40% Endowment Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar write off against Montana income taxes in the year of the gift up to $10,000 per individual taxpayer or up to $20,000 for married couples. Contact Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation today about the Montana Endowment Tax Credit for Charitable Planned Gifts and learn how you can generate income for life, save money on your taxes, and help troubled children.


Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation


Caring People Meeting Needs “And my God shall supply all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.” Philipians 4:19


he apostle Paul wrote these words in a thank you note to his supporters in Phillipi who had recently given to support his ministry. In the previous verses, Paul says that he “rejoiced greatly” for the support, which he described as a “fragrant offering, pleasing to God.” In short, Paul was deeply moved and grateful for those who sacrificed and gave so that he could continue to fulfill his mission. As I walk the campus of YBGR, I often see needs. Certainly needs in the lives of the kids we serve – hope, love, healing and acceptance – but also physical needs

for a facility such as ours – failing generators for emergency power or a tired and worn roof for the chapel. Like Paul, I’m deeply moved by your generosity. I’m very happy to report that both the failing generators and the chapel roof – along with many other needs – have been met through your generosity and the support of the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation. For years to come, YBGR will remain a safe haven for kids. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your gifts. Thank you for your support. Because of you and the Foundation, the YBGR mission is possible: Caring People Preparing Youth for Life.

In Honor of

Devin Michaelis April 27, 1980 - February 28, 2019


anch employee and member of the YBGR family Devin Michaelis passed away this February at age 38 from complications of colorectal cancer. His spirit and compassion were an inspiration to all of us who had the honor of knowing him and working with him. Devin embodied our Mission in every way: Caring People, Preparing Youth for Life. His legacy lives on in the lives of the many kids that he impacted, and it will live on at YBGR. Devin’s own words sum up his motivation and dedication, “I think one of the biggest things I get to do is be a stable adult in these kids’ life. It’s someone that is a smiling face, a caring person that they get to be around every day and get to learn to be able to trust and know that there are people out there that are helping them out and fighting for them.”

Summer 2019

A fight that wasn’t fought alone. Devin surrounded by his loving colleagues at a benefit to help with treatment.

The Foundation has received over $4,700 in memorial contributions for Devin which will be used to purchase and place a bench (made by the vo-ag students) near the Heptner Education Center along with a newly planted tree and a commemorative plaque. In addition, the three time-out rooms at the Casper Education Center will receive murals from the funds, providing a more calming, friendly environment in the rooms for children who spend time there. The tributes that have poured in for Devin are indeed a testament to the type of person he was, someone who positively impacted so many lives during his short time in this earthly realm. The world lost a saint, but heaven gained an angel when Devin Michaelis passed.


Rocky Road Leads To Amazing Accomplishment Continued from page 1

YBGR opened her up to wonderful experiences while in treatment: an open campus where she could stretch her legs and her mind in the beautiful outdoors; a recreation department that always had a lot going on; and a fully accredited school where she attended rotating classes, just like a normal high school. Yellowstone Academy (YA), located on YBGR’s 410-acre scenic campus, gave Railyn the attention and support she needed. “I really liked YA because I could earn my credits and was able to not only get caught up, but get ahead of my required credits. I really enjoyed Mr. Barrett’s History and Geography classes. He is the nicest teacher ever,” she says of the education she received at YA. After almost two years, Railyn left YBGR. She took with her marvelous memories, lessons learned, coping skills, and lifelong friendships. “YBGR taught me to stand up for myself, to advocate for myself. To speak up when things are not right, rather than turn my feelings inward to the point where I hurt myself by cutting,” Railyn says. Of her self-harm, she says “I couldn’t control what was going on around me, but I could self-harm and focus on that. With a situation out of control, at least I could have control with self-harm.” Her graduation day was special for all who have been in the trenches with Railyn, watching over her, listening to her pain, witnessing her self-harm, holding her hand when she received stitches to close the self-inflicted wounds, and helping her heal the emotional scars. YBGR staff made the long journey from all over Montana to Sidney to share in Railyn’s special day. Family and friends came together to watch this amazing young lady accept her diploma. There was not a dry eye amongst the group as we all cheered, clapped, and cried as she walked onto the stage. No group of people was happier or more proud in that school gym.


Graduation day was bitter-sweet for the youth and staff at Yellowstone Academy. We were so happy to share in the joy of such a special day for the four seniors that graduated from Yellowstone Academy, but we have to say our goodbyes to very special young ladies and gentlemen who have touched our hearts and whose spirits we have helped to nurture. We bid farewell with such high hopes and blessings for their future. Congratulations to the Yellowstone Academy Class of 2019!

What an amazing amount of talent was displayed at the annual Yellowstone Academy talent show! Singing, dancing, poetry, musical compositions, and even some jokes kept the crowd on their toes. The youth worked so hard on their acts, and it really showed. They all gave such fabulous performances, and a lot of proud parents came to cheer their kids on.

One of the proud parents with her amazingly talented daughter.

Showing off her dance skills.

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation

Safety and Security Project Provides Just That

YBGR has a new pilot program, “The Bird Project,” devoted to helping repopulate pheasant communities in Montana. Youth will be learning how incubation works and how to care for the birds from egg stage through adolescence. YBGR bought supplies and built areas for the birds thanks to some pretty eggcellent donors. These areas include an incubation area, a chicks’ pen, an inside/outside youngster pen, and an outside flight pen. What an amazing experience for the youth at YBGR to have. Check out the Fall edition of the Wrangler for an update when the Bird Project is in full flight.

Nothing like being surrounded by fuzzy adorableness.

Billings Derby Party Benefits YBGR Chemical Dependency Program

The newly completed Safety and Security Project lives up to its name. The Ranch campus has three nerve centers, and all needed new generators. The Administration Building houses the data storage facility; the Dining Hall must have power to serve and safely store food and it serves as the Area of Refuge/Rescue in the event of a disaster or emergency on campus; and the Medical Clinic electronically stores all medical records for the Ranch. Thanks to the three new generators that have now been installed, all those key services will be available during possible power outages and emergencies. Also, the Ranch has four entrances: one off 72nd Street West and three off Hesper Road. Installing gates or posting guards would be prohibitive to the numerous teachers, therapists, mental health workers, YBGR staff, and school busses and cars that enter and exit every day. The newly installed security cameras at each entrance will stream video to the Administration Building and are specifically designed to read license plates. These cameras will be invaluable in resolving run-away incidents and other potential emergency situations. Special thanks to: Mary Alice Fortin Foundation, Ralph Waarst Estate, The William H. and Margaret M. Wallace Foundation, and Dorothy Bracken

Billings Lifestyle magazine held its first ever Billings Derby Party on Saturday, May 4th, and Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation was selected as the charity of choice to receive a portion of the proceeds. The event, held at Swift River Ranch, included food, drinks, dancing, and a chance to bid on the Kentucky Derby horses to win, place or show. Proceeds from the auction were split between the winners and the YBGR Chemical Dependency Program. Weatherbee, one of the YPBR horses used in the Equine Therapy Program, even made an appearance and was available for guests to take a picture with. The Derby was shown live on big screens and dancing followed the race. Twenty YBGR staff and family members gave up their Saturday to help with the event from start to finish.

YBGR volunteers horsing around. Enjoying drinks and fellowship before the start of the Derby.

Summer 2019


A special thanks to all the donors listed below whose generosity supports the vo-ag program.

Since 1957, Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch has been committed to improving the lives of troubled youth through hands-on learning and involvement with agriculture. YBGR’s Homes for Heifers/Calf Roundup Donation Program offers a way for ranchers to contribute to YBGR. Timeless values live on at YBGR through agriculture traditions that embody hard work, love of the land, and respect of animals.

For more information about contributing a calf, or to inquire about YBGR’s other farm programs, please contact Gary Adams at 406-855-5230.


Matt & Kristi Abbas Steve & Val Akin Chad & Trista Armstrong Lanell Ashley Lynn Ashley Gerry Baker – Holt & Baker Ranches Nate Baltrusch Land & Cattle Co. Bill Barber Eric Barkema Joe & Maggie Barrett Brendan & Kim Beatty Matt Beery Russell & Kathy Berg Jack Blankenship Craig & Beth Blevins Bud & Carol Boyce Pete Bradley Wallace Bradley Joe Broesder Rulon Buhler Jim Butcher Nick Campbell – Zoetis Tom Carey, Sr. Tom Carey, Jr. Glennie Ranch Ron Carlstrom Janet Christensen Gary Clark Tom Colgan Kay Collins Leon Coon Cooney Brothers Ranch Mark Cooper John Coston Rod & Lorri Coulter Judy Dark Jack Davies Mark Davies Brett Deschamps Mark & Carma Devries Mark Diehl Rick Diehl Georgette Dolman Bill & Betsy Donald John & Gail Dooling Kendall Dupuis Dean Dutton Tim & Tori Dwyer Keith & Tammy Dynneson Brad Eik – Ft. Keogh Keith & Marie Engle Jon & Terri Evers Jed Evjene – American Fork Ranch

Laurie Faber Marvin Feddes & Sons Randy & Vikki Fischer Dave Fowler Terry Frost David & Erin Fryer – Castle Mountain Ranch Mike & Barbara Furman Danny Gali Bill Galt Gene Garber Greg Gardner Bill Garrison Jim Garrison Tim & Marie Garrison – Divide Creek Cattle Co. Dakota Gaustad Glenn Gay Marlin Geier Rob & Michelle Gillispie Mitch Goeddel John Grande Richard & Karen Gray Bob & Betty Gray, Sr. Lorents Grosfield Paul & Sharon Guenzler John Hagenbarth George & Dee Hammond, Jr. George & Jo Hammond, Sr. Eric Hansen Ross Hansen Doc & Barbara Hanson Heinman Angus – Dave & Yvonne Heinman Beverly Hert Roger & Caen Hibbs Tom Hill Fred Hirschy Heidi Hirschy Rodney Hofeldt John Holden Hollow Top Angus – Porter Bennett & Carolyn Quan Jack & Bev Horner Tom & Alan Hougen Bub Howard Steve Hughes Blake Huntley Thomas Irigoin Dick Iverson

Craig Jensen Earl Jensen KG Ranch – Greg Strohecker & Paul Doddridge Fred Kindle Steve King Randy Kirk Lee Kirkpatrick Kevin & Dana Kirsch Elroy Kittleson Kenneth Koch – Four Mile Ranch Jason & Jill Kreimeyer Jack Lenoir Bill Lewis Craig & Sheri Lien Ray Lindseth Ty Linger Zeb Lytle Don Marchesseault Darrin Marsh Allen Martinell Bob & Sandy McCauley Lennie McDonald Justin & Mila Mills Montana Real Ranch Horse LLC Tom & Trink Morss Steve Morstad Mike & Rhonda Mueth Allen Munger Mark Muhlenbruch Colin Murnion Murray Brothers Partnership Phil & Lucie Murphy Bryan Mussard Is & Kristin Noelck Dick Nordquist Carl & Karen Odegard Andy O’Hair Ron Olfert Ken Olson Bob Pasha Trey Patterson – Padlock Ranch Dean Peterson Harold Peterson Russell Peterson Joe & Susan Philipi Chuck Plymale Paul Pruin Lonnie Reakauf George Reich Jim Ridgeway Randall Ridgeway Kyle Riekert – Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

David Ripley Dave Roen Dale Rosaaen Newell Rosaaen Don & Tanna Ross Rich Roth Wally Sales Roger Saylor Grant Schillinger John & Annette Schipf Chris Schlepp Goz Segars Select Sires – Jay Nansel Nathan Shackelford Kenny Simonsen Mark Sloan Randall Smith Josh Soulsby JoAnne South Dean Stanchfield Mary Steppler Austin & Jaime Stoltzfus Matt Stroh Jon Suntken Tom Tash Tim & Kris Todd – Green Mountain Angus Jerry Townsend Bob Trager Dean Treptow Mike & Karen Trotter & Sons Loren & Mary Ann Tucker Tom Tuma Neil & Judy Turnbull Rick VanDyken Jason Vietor – Rocking Chair Ranch Tom & Carol Voelker David & June Voldseth Vance Voldseth Kirby Walborn Ray Weaver Duane Weible Jaime Whiteman Jerry Whiteman Robert Whiteman Brett Winderl – 9 Bar Diamond Jay Wright Jerome & Chris Young Zoetis – Nick Campbell

It’s a WinWin-Win! 2019 was a rough calving year all across Montana and Wyoming. When Melstone area ranchers Tom and Helen Hougen found themselves with 13 bum calves to bottle feed, they contacted Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Manager Gary Adams to see if he would be interested in taking the calves on as a project for the Ranch kids. “Of course,” was Gary’s reply, and so the calves made the trip to YBGR where they are cared for by Gary and the kids from Fortin Lodge who now have a fun and rewarding project in which the daily demands of caring for living creatures teaches discipline and responsibility. In addition, the Ranch will get additional income when the calves go to market, and the Haugen’s will receive a charitable deduction for their generosity. Truly a great partnership in action.

“In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.” Job 12:10

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation

EVA JUNE ANDERSON James & Deanna Lane

PHYLLIS DOWSE Joanne Beery Jerry & Cheryl Whiteman

KENGI AOKI Paulette AokiHamilton



GRANDMA BALL Wilma Santoyo


JOHN LOPEZ Nelson & Penny Cooper


EDE Wilma Santoyo


WILLODEAN BARNES R.E. Miller & Sons VERNE BARTHULY Yvonne Snider ROBERT (BOB) BELL Gladys (Toots) Henry Beverly Johnston Walt & Joann Senner SANDY BENNETT Robert & Sara Hockley FRED BERKRAM Alice L. Humble ROGER BERTELSEN John & Linda Sorensen

PATRICIA “PAT” EASTMAN Gary & Holly Adams Cyndi Becker John Eastman and Family Bill & Dale Hritsco Rusty & Terri Izatt David & Heather Ohs and Girls Laurie Perrodin Wilma Santoyo Jim & Linda Soft Loren & Janice Soft KATHY FATZINGER Ms. Beverly Johnston PEARL FRANTZICK Donald Dahlberg ANN FRANZ Ray Franz

BEVA BINGHAM David & Jan Irvin


STEVE BISHOP Wilma Santoyo


DEAN BOESHART Mr. Carrol Lipp K. WALLACE “WALLY” BRADLEY Shawn Berkram Sylvia Berkram Joe & Peg Broesder Stan Brown & Susan Anderson Croft Petroleum Co. – All Employees Jack & Donna Lenoir Bradley & Vicki Robinson Nick & Irva Jean Schultz PAUL BRANNON Joseph G. & Sally A. McKinley DON BUTTS The Baltrusch Family (Carl, Shari, Carly, Chad, Tod & Shannon) BRUCE CARLSON Florence Eike Family JOYCE CASSUTT Marlene Doll Gail & Wyley Good Ivan & Patricia Konen JACK CHAMPINE R.E. Miller & Sons FLORANCE CLARK Wilma Santoyo MACK CLYMA Betsy Douglas DR. PAUL CRELLIN Dr. Trish Kolterman MRS. JENNIFIER DEPPMEIER Jason, Ann & Will Maloney WAYNE DEUBNER Carolyn Deubner

JERROLD GLIKO Gary R. Gliko CELESTE GOLDHALN Casey Joyce HELEN GRAHAM Joanne Beery RON HAAS Gwenevere Lee EDWARD HALE Wilma Santoyo CHARLES HALE, JR. R.E. Miller & Sons ALAN HANSEN Walter & Joann Senner NICHOLAS C. HARRIS Lee & Helen Harris JOYCE HARRISON Jim & Darleen Powers MICHAEL ALLEN HEGG Ms. Delores Kautzmann KAY HILL BRITTAIN Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Schultz MELVIN HUGLE Alice L. Humble LEVI & MYRTLE JAMES Wilma Santoyo GRANDMA JAMES Wilma Santoyo “CORKY” JENSEN Buck & Della Van Horn SUZY KAMLER Twila Ketterman DIANE KIMMET Alice L. Humble

Summer 2019

ALBERT “JACK” KING Lee & Helen Harris

CARLA MALSAM Betty Trudell ANNA MARTIN Wilma Santoyo HUGH MEYER Connie Meyer DEVIN LEE MICHAELIS Ethel Aichele Charles & LouAnn Ball David & Susan Beard Randy & Cheryl Bentley Carol & Steve Blank Jeffrey & Vicki Brinkman Beverly Cecil Larry Davidson & Crystal Lounge John & Debbie Dorsey Thomas & Patti Dunbar Lottie Eggen Gary & Diane Epping Lawrence & Susan Erickson Lorraine Estelle Tammy EvensonBond & Scott Bond Tom & Kelly Frank Judy Fulghum Kim Gabel Bill & Carmen Galt Mr. & Mrs. Victor Garber Joseph & Roberta Ginalias Joe & Linda Goggins Doug Hammell Debra & Douglas Hayes Bill & Dale Hritsco Doug & Kathy James Greg & Wendy Job Jerry & Pam Kaiser Connal & Vicky Kelly Kathy King Darlene Knudson Sue Larson Kristin & Bill Lepley Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Lundman Judie Manuel Kathy McCleary Bruce & Kathy McGee Linda & Jack McGuinness Carole & Scott Michaelis Rachel A. Miller Scott & Kendra Moran Loretta Oblender Heather Ohs Ron & Sharon Olsen Tom & Debbie Otis Keli & Elaine Remus David & Kimberly Schwarm Mark & Anita Smith Michael & Nancy Smith

Mary Steinhauser “Grandma Mary” Craig Sullivan Steven & Cindy Sundheim Jerry & Mari Vandersloot Joe & Jess Veches Timothy & Gaylene Veches Thomas & Jeanne Vogel Craig Hovda & Shellie Weitz Jack & Gayle West Steve & Nancy Wolf Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch – Dining Hall Staff NORMA HALE MILLER Wilma Santoyo DAVID BRUCE MITCHELL R.E. Miller & Sons IRENE MOORE Larry & Joan Sundheim KAREN MOORE Beverly Johnston MABLE MORICE Wilma Santoyo DAVID MURRAY Donald Dahlberg JIM NELSON Jim & Darleen Powers JACK NESBIT R.G. & N.L. Mitchell CHASE NORDQUIST Bev Johnston PATSY NORRIS R. E. Miller & Sons MARVIN OELKERS John & Linda Sorensen Larry & Joan Sorensen JERRY OHS John & Patricia Eastman ELLIE ORTH Randall & Cathy Hafner Lyn Patterson All Employees at Patterson Healthmart Pharmacy BOB PARSELL David & Janice Irvin STEVE PAUL Ron Paul GERTRUDE PEDERSEN Wilma Santoyo RUSSELL PEDERSON Joanne Beery ROBERTA PERKINS Alice L. Humble VIVIAN PETERS David & Jan Irvin FRANK POPE Fern Wolery LILA PRITCHARD Alice L. Humble Maggie Smiley LOREN PULVERMACHER Connie Meyer

Memorial Listings January 15, 2019 – June 15, 2019 A special word of thanks to all donors listed here who support Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation through their memorial gifts.

SUE RISKE Mr. & Mrs. Craig R. Schulz BERNIE ROBSON Larry & Meg Christiansen JERRY RUDIO Marietta Rudio

SHIRLEY SMITH Donald Dahlberg

AGNES WAGNER Allan & Pet Brilz

TOM SMITH Jim & Clarice Dean


ELSIE STENGER Gladys (Toots) Henry

GEORGE WALDEN Beatrice Walden

GEIR STONER Pauline White

DAVID WALSH Wilma Santoyo

EDITH RUSSELL Craig & Judy Schulz

BRYAN STROH Kathy Stroh & Family


ROMAIN RYDER John & Linda Sorensen



JAMES TENNEY R. E. Miller & Sons

SHIRLEY SCHMIDT Lee & Helen Harris

ANITA TOMALINO Joseph G. & Sarah A. McKinley

DELBERT RUMSEY Jennie Duffield

LORRAINE SCHWENKE Bill & Duan Drugge LOMA SCHWIN Wilma Santoyo GEORGE SCHWIN Wilma Santoyo JANE SEWARD Lee & Helen Harris June Seelye WARREN & BILLIE SKELTON Dianne Nickman

STEVE TOTH Larry & Meg Christiansen RUTH TRACY Harvey Funk RUSS TRUDELL Betty Trudell RACHEL UNDEM Clifford & Linda Bergstedt BOB VAN DYKE Joan Van Dyke


Patrick J. & Marilyn Schindele Jim & Linda Soft CHARLIE YOUNKIN Jerry & Sandie Hammer ALEX ZABINSKI Joyce Divila


SAM WHITE Kim & Patti Murphy


MARY LOU WILDHALM Bernard & Karen Widhalm

DIXIE & BILL COTTOM David & Leslie Cottom


RON & LOUISE HORN David & Leslie Cottom


MR. OLIVIER Kara Olivier

“WINNIE” WINONA CAROLE MARTIN WYNIA The Brandermill Church – Sanctuary Choir Toni & R.D. Larson

RON PAUL Len & Kellie Boudreaux GARY REED David & Linda Eckoff

Memorial and Honor Gifts Form Amount: $

Given by Address City





IN HONOR OF: Name City


For: Send cards to: Please send me Memorial Forms: (

booklets of six) (

pads of 25)

Mail to: YBGR Foundation, P.O. Box 80807, Billings, MT 59108

Memorial gifts can be made online at



e would all likely agree that the real miracles of the Ranch’s Spiritual Life Program take place in the hearts of the troubled boys and girls who learn about a God who loves them and desperately wants to have a relationship with them. Yet there is a physical place on Yellowstone’s campus that has also served as the center of faith-based activities for 50 years now – the Robbie Chapel. In the last issue of the Wrangler, we announced the need for a new roof for the Franklin and Merle Robbie Chapel, located at the heart of the campus. Because of the roof’s unique and beautiful design, cost of replacement topped $90,000. With spring fast approaching, we set a goal of raising the money by Easter, so work could be completed by early summer.

SAVE THE EARS! The brutally cold temperatures this year in February and early March brought to a head the need for a calving barn for the YBGR Vo-Ag program. As late as March 4, right in the middle of calving season, the temperatures dipped to -19 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures that low can be fatal for newborn calves, and at the very least, calves’ ears can freeze, causing the outer shell of the ear to fall off. In addition to being hard on the calf, ear loss can affect the sale value of the animal, thereby impacting the Ranch’s bottom line. A 24' X 48' calving barn would provide a dry, warm space for the mother and calf to shelter until the calf is ready to be outside, and Ranch staff would also have a dry, warm, and safer venue to work if the cow needs help calving. Plus, Ranch youth could then be safely involved in the program. Fundraising for the new barn will commence soon. More to come!

We asked, and you answered, resoundingly. We are thrilled and grateful to report that the goal was exceeded prior to the Easter holiday, and work has already commenced on this iconic building that serves as the heart of the Spiritual Life Program. Thank you to all our donors who helped make the new roof a reality, and a special thanks to our major donors listed below.

MAJOR DONORS Evelyn Aiken Joseph J. Borodach Bill & Anne Cole Carolyn Deubner Faith Chapel Raymond A. Franz Gianforte Family Foundation

Gary R. Gliko Bill & Valerie Goodwin Jim & Marilyn Kohles Bob & Sandra McCauley Mountain Plains Equity Group, Inc. Roger D. Peters Tom Reiner

Peggy Robbie Scott & Mitzi Robbie Joe & Kathryn Rude Jon & Nancy Rutt Doug & Mary Salsbury Wilma Santoyo Lee & Denise Scherer

Jim & Linda Soft St. Vincent Healthcare Caring Spirit Campaign Chip & Barb Youlden Zig & Stella Ziegler Phillip & Susan Zietlow

2019 Yellowstone Conference: Communities in Crisis Thursday, September 19, 2019

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch will be hosting its third annual Yellowstone Conference on Thursday, September 19, 2019 at the Franklin Robbie Chapel. This year’s conference theme is Communities in Crisis which will include discussion driven panels on Montana Cities, Rural Montana, Indigenous Communities, and Collaborating for Community Outcomes. To learn more about the Yellowstone Conference, check out the events section of YBGR’s website

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation

Remember Us in Your Will and Leave a Lasting Legacy By naming Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation in your will, you can guarantee that your legacy of caring for troubled and abused children will continue for generations to come. FIXED AMOUNT: I give the sum of $ ____________ to Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation. SPECIFIC PROPERTY: I give my __________________ to Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation.

To update your mailing address, please call 406-656-8772 or email us at

PERCENTAGE OF REMAINDER: I give ________% of the remainder of my estate to Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation. CONTINGENCY: In the event __________ does not survive me, I give _________________ to Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation. These samples are suggestions only. Legal documents should always be prepared by your attorney.

Official publication of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation P.O. Box 80807 | Billings, MT 59108 Editor: Kristi Farver Oaks | Managing Editor/Author: Anya Mohr Photography: Anya Mohr

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation’s legal address is 2050 Overland Avenue, P.O. Box 80807, Billings, Montana 59108. Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Gifts are tax deductible.

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Wrangler: 2019 Summer  

Summer 2019 Newsletter of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation, Billings, Montana.

Wrangler: 2019 Summer  

Summer 2019 Newsletter of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation, Billings, Montana.

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