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Volume 62 | No. 3 | Fall 2019

Billings, Montana

“When I attended Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch as a resident, I had reached a point in my life where I didn’t really have a lot of hope for the future. There was a teacher there who believed in me, and that teacher planted a seed that would grow.” Excerpt from Cody’s 2019 Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation Alumni Scholarship application


ody was removed from her biological mother’s care when she was four years old. Her mother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and had become unable to care for her and her siblings. They were all placed in different foster homes, and the foster parents Cody was sent to live with became her first set of adoptive parents when she was seven. Cody’s new family, including two other adopted children, moved from their home in Pennsylvania to Alaska. Unfortunately, the change of scenery didn’t change the extreme physical and emotional abuse the children were subjected to, especially from their adoptive mother. “To the outside world, they seemed like awesome people, but they would beat us when no one was around. I would pretend I was asleep so she wouldn’t beat me,” Cody recalls of her time with those adoptive parents.


The abuse came to end in 2016 when Cody told an adult friend whom she trusted about her home life, and that friend called the authorities. Cody was removed from the home and her first set of adoptive parents relinquished their parental rights shortly thereafter. Continued on page 4


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A Chat With The Foundation President A Message From YBGR’s CEO Dillon CBS Kids Horsing Around

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Four Seasons of Recreation Thank You Volunteers! YBGR’s New Program Really Is for the Birds

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Memorials Back to School 2019


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Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation


YBGR’s Economic Impact T

hese pages often tell the stories of kids and families impacted by YBGR services. I love both hearing and telling these stories, as they often give a face to the heart and mission of YBGR. But these stories only paint a partial picture of what YBGR does and accomplishes through your investment and support. Recently, YBGR, through a generous grant from NorthWestern Energy, partnered with Circle Analytics to complete an Economic Impact Report, with the goal of completing this picture. Through this partnership, we did a “deep-dive” into the benefits of YBGR: what we not only do for kids and families, but also how much of a difference we make economically to our stakeholders (you). Circle Analytics brought a wealth of expertise and experience to the partnership. They have prepared hundreds of these reports for state agencies, cities, counties, economic development

districts, as well as private and nonprofit entities across the country. They are one of the best at forecasting economic and social impacts for nonprofits organizations like YBGR. Social impacts recognize the greater extended value of the program to society – dollars expended vs. dollars saved. In short, Circle Analytics found that for every dollar spent at YBGR, there is a return of $13.90 through long-term savings to society, jobs, capital investment and indirect business taxes. I don’t know about you, but I will take a return on investment like that any day. If you are interested, the full report can be found on our website, www.ybgr.org. Thank you all for your support.Your gifts and prayers truly make a difference!

Dillon CBS Kids Horsing Around Thanks to a generous gift from Mark & Sandi Sloan, kids in the Dillon Community Based Services program were able to participate in the Pivotal Movements Equine Program which helps kids to build confidence and skills through their work with horses. This equine interaction provides an opportunity for each youth to conquer fears, practice leadership, focus on safety, and experience connection.

Fall 2019


Determination and an Unbending Spirit Continued from page 1

When Cody came to YBGR in the winter of 2016, she was suffering from depression, trauma, suicidal ideations, and was self-harming. She had been diagnosed with PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and Reactive Attachment Disorder. She spent six months at YBGR’s Residential Treatment Program working on her emotional issues in a safe and structured environment. Her favorite thing about YBGR was Equine Therapy. Cody says, “I really enjoyed the horses the most and also the lodge and UC (recreational department) trips.” After Cody left YBGR she was reunited with her siblings and all three were adopted by an amazing new family. She praises her new mom for the love and guidance that nurtured the seed first planted by one of her teachers at YBGR. Today, when Cody isn’t nose deep in her college studies, she can be found volunteering in her community in Alaska. She is a member of various groups and organizations, such as Facing Foster Care in Alaska, several service dog organizations, and local youth groups. She has even started her own Labrador- Retriever service dog breeding program to help people with disabilities. Cody is one of the proud recipients of this year’s YBGRF Alumni Scholarships and is using her award towards her college tuition at the University of Alaska, Kenai Peninsula College. Cody has a strong desire to be a voice for children in need and is strongly considering a degree in Social Work or in the field of law.

One would have to search the country high and low to find a children’s residential treatment program that offers the kind of year-round recreational opportunities that are in full-swing at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch! Montana has four beautiful seasons, and YBGR’s kids get to experience them all. YBGR’s recreation programs are both therapeutic and fun for the kids.

Sandcourt volleyball Hiking in the Beartooths

“I have been in the child protective system and have been adopted twice. That kind of history doesn’t usually have a good outcome, but I am learning to believe in myself, and that, I think is the first step to moving into a positive adult life as a college graduate.” Excerpt from Cody’s 2019 YBGRF Alumni Scholarship application


Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation

Snowshoeing and snowmen

Pickup game of basketball in McFarlane Plaza

Sledding on campus hills

YBGR girls volleyball team Springtime fishing and hiking

Swimming in the UC pool

Fall 2019


Thank You Volunteers! E

ven with a hard-working, dedicated maintenance and grounds crew at YBGR, the sprawling campus requires a great deal of upkeep, and sometimes staff just can’t get to everything.

First Interstate Bank

Enter these amazing volunteers who gave of their time this summer and fall to paint houses, clean and spruce up the grounds, move furniture into a newly renovated apartment, remove and trim trees, and clean and organize the arena kitchen and storage room. Many, many thanks to the volunteers from:

Davey Tree Service Faith Chapel First Interstate Bank Kohl’s

NorthWestern Energy RiverStone Health Stockman Bank US Bank

Faith Chapel


For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. James 2:26

RiverStone Health and Stockman Bank

US Bank

Northwestern Energy and Davey Tree Service


The Bird Project has really taken flight. Youth and staff have finished building the large fly pen for the mature pheasants and are designing a second large fly pen for construction next year. The aviculture program has hatched over 300 eggs in the incubator at YBGR and has sold and released hundreds of matured birds. Profits from the sales are invested back into the program. The best part is youth and staff have been able to showcase the pheasants and their hard work and devotion in caring for the birds through all of the media attention on KURL 8 and KTVQ 2 news stations, the Montana Ag Network, and the Billings Gazette. We are also proud to announce that our aviculture pheasant breeding program is the only certified program in the state of Montana by the National Poultry Improvement Program, according to the Department of Livestock. Davey Tree Service


Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation

VIRGIL ALME Lorelie Alle Kurt & Sandra Alme George Baker & Kristine Dersch Cyndi Becker Warren & Joyce Brey Collette & Ivan Canevello Richard & Connie Clement Patrick & Earla Connors Darla Dillabough Lowell & Janet Dunlop John Eastman Edmiston & Colton Law Firm Darrell E. Ehrlick Nancy Flores Kristy Foss Birdine Grafsgaard Gary & Kathy Hickle Bill & Dale Hritsco Rusty, Terri & Kale Izatt Gerald & Nita Johnson Nobby & Betty Johnson Shirley Keith Mr. & Mrs. Neville Kempkes Anne Kotch Dianne & Goeffrey Law Alroy Lunning Stephanie & Brian MacDonald DiAnne E. Mantz Margie & Frank McPherson Edith Melhouse James & Margaret Melhouse Merrill Lynch/ Anderson, Hedge, Wagner & Assoc.

Betty C. Monkman Nancy Ann Moore Jon & Connie Nordmark Videll Nordmark David & Heather Ohs & Girls Gregory & Shelly Popp Jeff & Kelly Reeser Warner & Kathy Reeser Rod & Lesa Rindal Barry & Arlee Scott Chris & Brian Smith Jim & Linda Soft Donna Sweeney Steve & Irene Tanner DeAnn Visser RUTH AMDOR Bob & Janet Prongua JOHN V. ANDERSON Vicki M. Anderson RONALD BAKKE Connie Meyer WADE BESSETTE Jerry & Laura Kinsella K. WALLACE “WALLY” BRADLEY John & Karen Woldstad PAUL BRANNON Joseph G. & Sarah McKinley ALLAN BRILZ Jill & Terry Bentz Bob Blackford Karen Cook Raymond & Charlotte Corcoran Harold & Edie Frank Donald & Patty Herzog

Roger & Darla Huebner Marie & Jim Kelly Dennis & Erlene Kuntz Nardella & Associates, CPA’s P.C. Jeff & Sue Rahm Barbara Rexford Kenneth & Terri Steinmetz Yerger Law Firm, P.C. Frank & Dodie Zweifel ALVINA BROWN Mary Ellen Olmstead HELENE CATANIA Francis Catania PAT EASTMAN Gladys Henry Gary & Kathy Hickle Jani McCall DeAnn Visser BILL FARNHAM Donna L. Farnham NORMAN FUGLE Alice L. Humble VINCENT “JIM” GREEN Kenneth & Carol Oster GENE HAMILTON Jan & Dan Connors FRANCIS HAYES Joe & Betty Schultz RICHARD HENRY Sharon Tanous BILL HERBOLICH Bill & Pat Barringer JOY HETTINGER Bob Blackford

EDNA HOUGH Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Todd SUSAN DENTON INHAM Lee & Marnie Bastian Richard & Judy Inman Judith Johnston COREY JOHNSON Jerry & Laura Kinsella THOMAS JOHNSON Tyke & Patty Colbert DIANE KIMMET Mary Ellen Olmstead WILLIAM “BILL” KROPP Alice L. Humble JOHN & EILEEN KUKAY Warren Kukay TYLER LANGBY Mr. & Mrs. Al Servais LOVA LOOMIS Mr. & Mrs. Bill Barringer JOHN MANFRE Marilyn Gibbons

Memorial Listings June 16, 2019 – September 13, 2019 A special word of thanks to all donors listed here who support Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation through their memorial gifts.

JOYCE HIRSCHY MCDOWELL Brooke & Cal Erb Thomas & Kay Goodwin BILL MCPHILLIPS Alice L. Humble TIMOTHY NESTEGARD Joan & Dennis Young MARK NEWBY Jerry & Laura Kinsella DARRELL NORDHAGEN Connie Meyer BOB ORTH Craig & Judy Schulz

Nicky Stellflug & Memorial Donors


FRIEDA STRAUB Delbert & Alice Kay Schweigert

ELLA ROBERTSON LaVerne Land ELAINE ROSAAEN Gary & Holly Adams Cheryl & Jerry Whiteman

JEANETTE SWIHART Beverly Johnston ARNE UELAND Don & Rita Nelson Stan & Jueleen Schaffer

LONNIE SCHIPMAN Cheryl & Jerry Whiteman

KEN VAJEN Gwenevere Lee

DORIS PARKER Mary Ellen Olmstead IRENE PEASE Francis & Kathy Helmuth

JERRY SLEZAK Jim & Darleen Powers






PAM HOGART Carol Smith

GEORGE STROBEL Beverly Johnston

PAUL EDWARD SCHILLINGER Jerry & Carol Schillinger

BONNIE SEDLACEK “Toots” Henry Larry & Joan Sundheim

GLORIA WINONA MANTHA R.E. Miller & Sons Tom & Becky Miller

MAURICE WALSH Wilma D. Santoyo

AGNES M. REEVES Terry & Glennis Osborn

NORMA SPEALMAN Wilma D. Santoyo DUANE STELLFLUG Billings Livestock Commission

AGNES BRILZ WAGNER Stanley & Kathy Barr Terry & Jill Bentz Bob Blackford Steve & Rhonda Diefenderfer Dennis & Deborah Roberts DeAnn Visser Debra Walker Debra & Greg Wood ED WALDEMAR Tom & Becky Miller

ROBERT WENZEL Jim & Darleen Powers SAM WHITE DeAnn Visser JOYCE HINSON WILLIAMS Great Northern Drilling Co., Inc. BILL WOLFF Pauline & Michael White WINONA WYNIA Keith Duncan

IN HONOR OF: JERI & EMMA ANDERSON ClaraEllen Anderson SUE ELLYN ANDERSON ClaraEllen Anderson HANNAH FORSGREN Lizbeth Winford THE MONTANA PHYSICIANS The Doctors Agency of Montana

Memorial and Honor Gifts Form Amount: $

Given by Address City





IN HONOR OF: Name City


For: Send cards to: Please send me Memorial Forms: (

booklets of six) (

pads of 25)

Mail to: YBGR Foundation, P.O. Box 80807, Billings, MT 59108

Memorial gifts can be made online at yellowstonefoundation.org

Fall 2019



he Fall Session at YBGR’s Yellowstone Academy is in full swing, and in a time when many school systems are cutting back on the fine arts, YA is expanding both its art and music programs in recognition of the importance of both to all students, particularly those with special needs. For the past several years, Mr. O’Leary has taught both art and music, splitting his time evenly between the two. This year, Mr. Small has joined the staff at YA as a fulltime art instructor which will allow Mr. O’Leary to teach music full-time.

“In my class, students can build their confidence by talking about their art, analyzing their work, and receiving constructive feedback in a healthy way. We focus on critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity which are all skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. I really enjoy our setting here at the Ranch. The structure of the school allows me one-on-one time with students in which I can impact their lives in a positive way.”

Wayne Small, YA Art Instructor “With the addition of a full-time art teacher, I am able to focus on teaching music full-time. Students from very diverse backgrounds may now have a musical experience that caters to the individual needs, and I am thrilled to now have both a dedicated choir class and dedicated orchestra class!

Ron O’Leary, YA Music Instructor

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation

Remember Us in Your Will and Leave a Lasting Legacy By naming Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation in your will, you can guarantee that your legacy of caring for troubled and abused children will continue for generations to come. FIXED AMOUNT: I give the sum of $ ____________ to Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation. SPECIFIC PROPERTY: I give my __________________ to Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation.

To update your mailing address, please call 406-656-8772 or email us at updates@yellowstonefoundation.org

PERCENTAGE OF REMAINDER: I give ________% of the remainder of my estate to Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation. CONTINGENCY: In the event __________ does not survive me, I give _________________ to Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation. These samples are suggestions only. Legal documents should always be prepared by your attorney.

Official publication of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation P.O. Box 80807 | Billings, MT 59108 Editor: Kristi Farver Oaks | Managing Editor/Author: Anya Mohr Photography: Anya Mohr

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation’s legal address is 2050 Overland Avenue, P.O. Box 80807, Billings, Montana 59108. Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Gifts are tax deductible.

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Wrangler: 2019 Fall  

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation's newsletter for the Fall of 2019.

Wrangler: 2019 Fall  

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation's newsletter for the Fall of 2019.

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