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Our Brand - is about technology At YBF, we took a different approach than most brands and examined the best in emerging skincare, developed highly concentrated, advanced formulas and designed them to multi-task. The result is a line of products that not only deliver high quantities of the best-available ingredients, but that are a joy to use and apply. Our brand is for women and men of any age who want expert help dealing with wrinkles, discoloration and tone - and who want to improve skin's ability to protect and heal itself.

Our Products - are about results and value Our exclusive products provide incredible results and represent the highest performance and value in the industry. Each product is loaded with the best ingredients, is extremely lightweight in application, is well tolerated by those with sensitive skin and is smartly packaged.

Our History - is about discovery YBF's founders, Kimberley and Darrell met over a decade ago when they worked together at a Fortune 100 company. The two quickly became great friends whose past-time was visiting local coffee shops while dreaming of starting a business together. Years passed, but eventually the two decided it was time to rekindle their dream and as they began work on YBF, they posed the question, "just how great can we make our products?" From there, they spent the next 18 months exploring what the absolute best in anti-aging skincare could be in terms of feel and performance. "It was exciting, but highly challenging." Darrell states, "I remember when we made the leap from working with ingredients costing tens of dollars to those costing us thousands. We'd throw out batch after batch until our formulas became something we knew future customers would love. I remember putting a months pay into one test batch, getting it almost right except for a single, troublesome, ingredient - then watching it collapse into a watery mess. In the end it was worth it, but those were incredibly trying times, especially for everyone around me." Today, YBF is producing products that not only feel great, but also protect and benefit the skin in ways other products just can't. Darrell adds, "Now, we really are making the products people think of first when asked, what is their favorite brand of skincare."

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