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Should I use a different product at night than the one I use on my face during the day? You don't have to alternate products between day and night time, but many people do and find it helpful to mix up their skin care routine like this. The season, weather and your lifestyle may provide clues to help determine if you'll benefit from

alternating different products. Heavier products are often used at night. Although, reaching for the heavier cream might not be the best approach if you're looking for something new to use at night. Some lightweight products that exfoliate, brighten or heal deliver better and more cumulative results when used at night.

I need to know what at my age I can do to reduce aging and yet nourish my skin?

No matter your age, using products with antioxidants can help reduce most signs of aging.

My daughter is 16 and doesn't really “get� that she should be thinking of the future and prevention of skin damage. What do you recommend for her. Must be easy and quick or she won't use it. The best and simplest advice we have is that maintaining a quality skin care routine can be very rewarding if you start early.

Taking good care of your skin now prevents future signs of aging, but also improves the experience of using make-up. Typical alpha-hydroxy or benzoyl peroxide products are often used by teens but can be avoided if a good skin care routine is in place. Simple steps with good products that include lots of vitamins and antioxidants will help skin look great and help get the upper hand on breakouts.

What is the earliest age girl's should start moisturizing their skin?

The earlier you begin using products with protective qualities - be it through use of sunscreens, vitamins or antioxidants - the better your skin will look as you age. General moisturizer can be great but if you approach your skin care routine in a way that treats your skin to protective ingredients, your skin will look better and need less help from basic moisturizers.

What age would you recommend that people start using your product for healthy skin? In general, it's great to start treating your skin in the early 20's before signs of aging appear. Active teens who may spend a lot of time outdoors benefit from starting skin care routines that include antioxidants, which can often also help

alleviate damage cause by inflammation from breakouts and acne. Our product called Boost is a great first product because it helps reduce inflammation and is loaded with antioxidants.

At what age should you start using antiwrinkle creams?

Incidentally, we LOVE laugh lines and aren't advocating against them; just use them as your guide to when skin's lost some elasticity and needs help.

The easy answer is before you start seeing wrinkles!

Your lifestyle can be a guide to when you should step up your skin care routine. If you're in the sun a lot, smoke or are around smoke, have lots of stress, not enough regular sleep or a poor diet, consider adding products to your routine that include antioxidants and other proven wrinkle fighters. Our products Boost and Defend are great first-time products.

Watch for early signs of aging such as discolored or sun-damaged skin and wrinkles that stick around a bit after a good laugh - as this is a sign of lost elasticity which leads to deep wrinkles.

Any suggestions for treating blackheads? I have a ton in and around my nose! We do have suggestions for treating blackheads! It's important though for those not familiar with the difference between blackheads (pores partially clogged with contaminants and oxidized oils) and whiteheads (closed pores typically known as blemishes or breakouts, cause by bacteria and

inflammation) to read and learn more about the cause and treatment of these two very different skin conditions. We suggest this page on eHow to learn more by clicking HERE. Regular use of a good exfoliator or microdermabrasion treatment such as Prep will help keep pores clear and reduce the appearance of new blackheads. continued...

To clear (or extract) existing blackheads at home, start by lightly exfoliating skin. Then to damp skin, apply vitamin e or olive oil and hold a warm and damp compress to the face for several minutes. Using the warm compress, very gently squeeze blackheads for removal or use an extractor tool available in the beauty section of most stores.

Following exfoliation and/or extractions, rinse the face and apply a calming toner or moisturizer such as Boost to reduce redness and close pores.

What do you recommend as basic skincare steps that everyone should include in her/his daily routine? Regular exfoliation or at-home microdermabrasion such as Prep at night at least once per week works wonders for most people. Use products high in antioxidants and avoid synthetically-perfumed products.

Become more aware of how lifestyle, diet and stress affect your skin. Make routine adjustments where you can to improve the environment your skin lives in and your appearance will reflect the effort!

Are products with caffeine good for the skin?

They can be! Caffeine has antioxidant and toning properties that can be beneficial to your skin.

I have tried many skin creams that contain Vitamin C and they all seem to “burn� a great deal. I want to try Restore but am scared. Is it normal for Creams w/ C to burn?

Many products that use traditional vitamin C tend to burn even those with non-sensitive skin. You can reduce sensitivity by only applying vitamin C products to your face when dry and never after exfoliation. The only form of vitamin C we use is a type that's very well-tolerated by even those with extremely sensitive skin. Restore is a great alternative that opens the door for sensitive skin users to use a vitamin C product.

What would be the best product for me to use to prevent aging at 24?

Prep and Boost will help keep your skin fresh-looking and help you avoid signs of aging that range from dull skin and wrinkles to discoloration and loss of elasticity.

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