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400th issue

LETTERS OF CONGRATULATION to THE HOCKLEY FLYER From: David Hudson (The Keeper of the Archives and the Secretary to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

We played a vital part in fighting the ‘Urban Village’ battle of 2000 when we managed to close the wide corridors between the three conservation areas, making it one conservation area with different zones of importance, and over 120 buildings were Grade 2 Listed, resulting in The Jewellery Quarter Management Plan and The Design Guide being made Planning Legislation in 2002 and it is still in force today.

‘Having taken a close interest in the Jewellery Quarter over many years, His Royal Highness has asked me to pass on to you his best possible wishes for the 400th edition of The Hockley Flyer’.


From Councillor Sir Albert Bore, Birmingham City Council

All of our extensive records of over 10,000 events and details of companies (past and present) are now stored on our database at our ‘Home Office’ and we get many visitors from the Trade, etc to discuss various issues.


We would like to thank everyone who has supported The Hockley Flyer during its run of 400 issues with advertisements and stories and we plan to continue well into the future. People have been heard to say, “We simply cannot imagine the Jewellery Quarter without The Hockley Flyer.” whilst others say “It would be a whole lot quieter!”

David Hudson LVO


‘The Jewellery Quarter is a very special neighbourhood in Birmingham, unique in many respects and acknowledged as such in the UK and internationally. Much credit for this is because of the dedication of yourself in promoting the character and history of the Jewellery Quarter through the Hockley Flyer. Congratulations on the achievement of a 400th issue. Sir Albert Bore


From: Hon. Alderman Peter Douglas Osborn:

400th Issue of The Hockley Flyer ‘The City of Birmingham recognises the great contribution of Marie Haddleton to the life of the Jewellery Quarter, and her guardianship of the interests of its Industry, services, residents and commercial sectors. Without her and the Hockley Flyer there is no doubt that a serious loss to the character and physical structures of this great district would have taken place. We, as residents and business owners of Hockley, know the enormous debt we owe her. She has achieved so much through her verve and tenacity, her strength and her style, in causing the survival of this gem of an area, on which much of the interests and prosperity

of the city have depended and will now continue in the future thanks to her leadership. Her 90th. Birthday (March 2019) and the 400th Edition of the Hockley Flyer combine in great coincidence to remind us of what we owe to both!’ Hon. Alderman Peter Douglas Osborn, Spring Hill.

 From: Professor Carl Chinn I would like to congratulate you on the remarkable achievement of the 400th issue of the Hockley Flyer. Your dedication and commitment to the importance of the heritage of the Jewellery Quarter is exemplary, and so too is your support and encouragement of the contemporary businesses involved in the local jewellery trade. Your campaigning for the Quarter has played a vital role in the ongoing significance of the area as a working centre that is crucial to the economic wellbeing of Birmingham. Not only the Quarter but also the City should recognise your achievements. I wish you continued success and continued vigour’ Professor Carl Chinn MBE

 On the publication of the 400th Hockley Flyer ‘Congratulations from all of us at the Assay Office, Marie. Your commitment to the Jewellery Quarter is exceptional and publishing the 400th edition of the Hockley Flyer is proof of your endless energy and passion for our community. You have continually fought to preserve aspects of the Jewellery Quarter that you value for our heritage and our future. There have always many highs and lows, trends and innovations that have impacted our unique area - the complete set of Hockley Flyers must reflect the many challenges and achievements of the Jewellery Quarter during more than three decades. We look forward to seeing the 400th issue.’ Marion Wilson (Director AnchorCert Group) Birmingham Assay Office

November 2018

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pick-up points around the Quarter, such as the Post Office, Museums, Tool and Material suppliers, etc. Our friend Colin Giles took over the distribution for a time (Colin is also heavily involved with the Pen Museum and the Friends of the two Cemeteries). Currently the magazine is distributed to collection points by Mark himself.

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The Hockley Flyer  

The 'Voice' of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter November 2018 # 400

The Hockley Flyer  

The 'Voice' of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter November 2018 # 400