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Smallest Apartment - but ‘Convenient and Dead Quiet!’

The Dual Works The Dual Works is a shared creative studio situated at 23A Kenyon Street, in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter established in 2015 by two founding members Zoe Robertson and Steve Snell. This duo are practicing artisans who have a combined teaching experience within design education of over forty years. Together they work on their own design projects, undertake commissions and enjoy working collaboratively. They have over fifty years of combined making experience, across various industries, techniques and materials. Steve says “We enjoy the making process from the initial idea through to design, production, realisation and installation. We specialize in one-off fabrication and undertake commissions to clients’ specification, making all kinds of things including the design and manufacture of products, furniture and interiors such as exhibition display stands, bespoke storage solutions, interior and workshop fittings, theatre and stage props as well as specialist artist fabrication.” Steve’s skills span carpentry, metalsmithing and plastic techniques to

name but a few. These skills have been acquired though a lifetime’s passion for taking things apart, and learning how objects are made, then remaking into something new! Alongside this he has been employed as a 3D specialist in various Universities and Companies managing workshops dedicated to wood, metal and plastic processes, helping students bring their ideas to fruition where in-depth problem solving is fundamental to the realisation of products. Zoe is an award-winning designer maker who skills span a breadth of materials and processes. She enjoys the making process and describes herself as a ‘Blue Peter Girl’ where she was introduced to making things via this cult children’s television show back in the 1980’s! She has acquired over 20 yrs. of educational experience, teaching students 3D skills in various Art Colleges and Universities across the UK. Currently she divides her time between being a practicing jewellery artist at The Dual Works and lecturing at the world-renowned School of Jewellery where she has been residence for the past 10 years.

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At a recent ‘do’ held in Key Hill Cemetery, it was insisted that a ‘temporary loo’ be provided but unfortunately no-one remembered to remove it. Sometime later, when two volunteers were clearing rubbish and weeds, they heard strange noises coming from it and, thinking perhaps a fox or something was trapped inside, they forced open the door which had been wedged shut and in the tiny space inside, to their astonishment they discovered two ‘rough sleepers’, one man sitting on the loo and the other squatting on the floor, both of them in deep slumber! Don’t know who was the most surprised! The ‘loo apartment’ was surely the smallest two-person apartment in the Jewellery Quarter so far, but it was complete with a convenience and situated in a protected area, free, and Dead Quiet!

Award for Pig & Tail Birmingham’s Civic Society has awarded the ‘2016 Renaissance Award’ to the former George & Dragon public house (now re-named The Pig & Tail) in Albion Street, after undergoing a total revamp. The George & Dragon pub was featured in Kathleen Dayus’ books and a monument can be seen in the ‘Dayus Square’ which was named after her.

Jewellery Quarter Festival 2017 Jewellery Quarter BIDS will be organising their third Jewellery Quarter Festival this year. It will be based in The Golden Square mainly and events are now being planned. The Festival will take place on 28th/30th July 2017. May 2017

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The Hockley Flyer  

The 'Voice' of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter May 2017 # 382

The Hockley Flyer  

The 'Voice' of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter May 2017 # 382