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January 2016

Issue No 366

See the latest ROFIN workshop lasers… 18 M 60 Spring Fair 7-11 Feb. NEC

• Desktop - the most compact & affordable laser welder • Performance - the powerful & capable laser welder • EasyJewel - simple to use & impressive laser engraving

Tel: 01327 701100



JEWELLERY • Polishings, sweeps & fan dust • Lemels & cuttings • Bombing (stripping) solutions • De-burring compound & polishing grain • Chemical stone removal • Settlement tanks • Clean Scrap, casting scrap • Crucibles

ELECTRONICS • Printed circuit scrap & edge connectors • Connectors, switches & pins • Assembled electronic scrap • Reel to reel • Webbing & stamping scrap

CERAMIC/GLASS DECORATION • Gold rags, wipes, bottles etc. • Screen printing waste • Lithographic waste • China • Gold colour

ELECTROPLATING • Gold plating solutions & dragouts • Gold stripping solutions • Silver solutions • Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium solutions • Ion exchange resins • Filters • Carbon packs • Anodes

MISCELLANEOUS • Platinum & palladium catalyst • Aluminium oxide grit blast • Platinum plated turbine scrap



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Editorial ....................... 22

Domino Puts the ‘Finishing Touch’ ............................ 26

News............................. 26 - A Boon for Students.......................... 26

Events .......................... 36

20 Years of Growth for Rofin in Daventry ................. 27

Classifieds ................... 44 Follow us on the Social Networks

Obituary - Eddy Hiscox.............................................. 27 Obituary - Ken Schofield - ‘A True Brummie!’............. 28 The Giftware Association Lifestyle App..................... 28 Meet Weston Beamor’s 3D Team............................. 29 Obituary - Colin Shepherd......................................... 29 Justin Wilson: “I couldn’t live without my laser” ......... 30 Police Station to Close but Keeping PCSOs.............. 30 Obituary – Jean Dayus (Daughter of Kathleen)......... 31 Weston Beamor Strengthens its Team...................... 31 Colin Giles Resigns as Curator of The Pen Room..... 31 \largest Jewellery Marketplace to Open in March ..... 32 Estilo Interiors Beefs Up Senior Management Team .33 Fei Liu Fine Jewellery 10th Anniversary.................... 34

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Benevolent Society Ball Raises Record Amount 35 Heritage:.................................................................... 38

Nathaniel Mills (Silversmith)

The Pemberton Family - A Famous Toymaking Family

Planning..................................................................... 46


The Hockley Flyer

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AMS Automated Melee Screening We are now offering a melee screening service using our latest piece of proprietary technology for screening small melee diamonds. This service will provide quick and very accurate screening for simulants, synthetics, as well as treated stones.

Premium Grading Service As well as the AMS service, our premium grading service has now been launched in the UK and Europe. We will also be at the Jewellery and watch show at Spring Fair in the NEC in Birmingham. Please come and visit us at Booth18M61. For more information visit our website at If you have any questions please email us at

HEWITT-ROBOTECH J.V Machinery manufacturers & suppliers to the jewellery industry - Casting - Laser welding & Marking - Polishing & Finishing

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iWax70 Aqua

High quality CASTING WAX Come and see us at the NEC Spring fair 7-11th February 2016 - stand T61 hall 17 Robotech (UK made) - Vacuvest vacuum mixers - Burnout furnaces - Devesting machine Contact: Chris Hewitt Tel: 01630 698714 Mobile: 07767 822198 Email: Web site:

Casting consumables, crucibles, flasks, silicone rubber, wax

HEWITT-ROBOTECH J.V Machinery manufacturers & suppliers to the jewellery industry - Casting - Laser welding & Marking - Polishing & Finishing

We manufacture and sell the highest quality machinery with full service support

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Polishing & Finishing technology

AVALON CEROFIN mass finishing system - using vibratory machines, very efficient and easy to operate, excellent finishes - mass finishing wet & dry machines - rotary tumblers & more Wet & Dry system

WE 8 Cerofin

Contact: Chris Hewitt Tel: 01630 698714 WE 6 Cerofin Mobile: 07767 822198 Email: Web site:

AVALON buffing machines


Polishing compounds

come and see us at the NEC Spring fair, hall 17, stand T61 - 7-11th February 2016

HS WALSH & SONS LIMITED - HEAD OFFICE Hunter House, Biggin Hill Airport, Churchill Way, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3BN Phone: 01959 543660 Fax: 01959 574231



LONDON SHOWROOM 44 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8ER Phone: 020 7242 3711 Fax: 020 7242 3712 BIRMINGHAM SHOWROOM 1-2 Warstone Mews, Warstone Lane, Birmingham B18 6JB Phone: 0121 236 9346 Fax: 0121 236 9355

MIYOTA & HARLEY RONDA RL QUARTZ WATCH MOVEMENTS MIYOTA 1L32. Size 13 x 17.8mm. Height 2.28mm. Battery 364. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Hand Ø0.17mm. REPLACEMENT FOR MIYOTA 6L32 Ref MZMIY1L32 £2.95 MIYOTA 1M02. Size Ø23.30mm. Height 2.94mm. Battery 364. Hour Hand Ø1.20, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm & Seconds Hand Ø0.16mm. Ref MZMIY1M02 £3.75 MIYOTA 1M12. Size Ø23.3mm. Height 2.70mm. 364 Battery. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm & Seconds Hand Ø0.16mm. Date at 3 O'clock. Ref MZMIY1M12 £3.45 MIYOTA 203A. Size 15.30 x 17.80mm. Height 3.15mm. Battery 377. High Hand. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Hand Ø0.17mm. Ref MZMIY203A £1.95 MIYOTA 2005. Size 15.30 x 17.80mm. Height 4.15mm. 377 Battery. Hour Hand 1.20mm, Minute Hand 0.70mm & Seconds Hand 0.16mm. Day/Date at 3 O’clock position. Ref MZMIY2005 £3.25 MIYOTA 2105. Size Ø23.30mm. Height 4.15mm. Battery 377. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Hand Ø0.16mm. Day & Date at 3 O’clock position. Ref MZMIY2105 £2.95


MIYOTA 2035. Size 15.30mm x 17.8mm. Height 2.00mm. 377 Battery. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Hand Ø0.17mm. Ref MZMIY2035 £1.30 MIYOTA 5Y20. Size 13.00mm x 15.80mm. Height 2.54mm. Battery 379. Hour Hand Ø1.00 and Minute Hand Ø0.65mm. Ref MZMIY5Y20 £3.95 MIYOTA 5Y30. Size 13.00 x 15.15mm. Height 2.54mm. Battery 379. Hour Hand Ø1.00mm, Minute Hand Ø0.65mm & Second Hand Ø0.17mm. Ref MZMIY5Y30 £3.95 RL / HARLEY / RONDA 785. Size Ø19.40mm. Height 2.50mm. Battery 362. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Hand Ø0.20mm. Date at the 3 O'clock Position. Ref MZRL785 £6.95 MIYOTA 5R21. Size 9.00mm x 13.00mm. Height 1.90mm. Battery 337. Hour Hand Ø0.80mm & Minute Hand Ø0.40mm. Ref MZMIY5R21 £9.50 MIYOTA 5R32. Size 9.00mm x 13.00mm. Height 2.00mm. Battery 337. Hour Hand Ø1.00mm, Minute Hand Ø0.65mm & Seconds Hand Ø0.17mm. Ref MZMIY5R32 £9.50 RL / RONDA / HARLEY 751. Size 13.00mm x 15.15mm. Height 2.50mm. Battery 379. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.55mm. Ref MZRL751 £4.85 RL / HARLEY / RONDA 505. Size Ø23.30mm. Height 3.00mm. Battery 371. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Hand Ø0.20mm. Date at 3 O’clock position. Ref MZRL505 £4.50 RL / HARLEY / RONDA 505-6. Size Ø23.30mm. Height 3.00mm. Battery 371. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Hand Ø0.20mm. Date at 6 O’clock position. Ref MZRL505-6 £4.50 RL / HARLEY RONDA 515. Size Ø25.60mm. Height 3.00mm. Battery 371. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Hand 0.20mm. Date At 3 O'clock Position. Ref MZRL515 £4.50 RL / HARLEY / RONDA 705. Size Ø23.30mm. Height 2.50mm. Battery 371. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm & Seconds Hand Ø0.20mm. Date at 3 o'clock position. Ref MZRL705 £6.95 RL / HARLEY / RONDA 753. Size 13.00mm x 15.15mm. Height 2.50mm. Battery 379. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Hand Ø0.20mm. Ref MZRL753 £4.95 RL / HARLEY / RONDA 775. Size Ø17.20mm. Height 2.50mm. 364 Battery. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm and Seconds Ø0.20mm. Date at 3 O'clock position. Ref MZRL775 £6.95 RL / HARLEY / RONDA 585. Size 19.40mm x 3.00mm. Height 3.00mm. Battery 362. Hour Hand Ø1.20mm, Minute Hand Ø0.70mm & Seconds Hand Ø0.21mm. Date at 3 O'clock position. Ref MZRL585 £4.50


Traditional Values | 21st Century Service

Speak to the experts Michelle joined the customer service department within the Stephen Betts Group in 2007. She has fantastic product knowledge and outstanding customer service experience. Michelle’s main responsibility is to ensure all customers and major accounts are cared for.

Can’t find it, Betts will! 49-63 Spencer Street, B18 6DE Tel: 0121 233 2413 | Web: | Email:




0121 236 7051 -






Melt and assay of scrap containing GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM and PALLADIUM.

Same day melt and assay service is available; a premium will be charged.

Dip sampling from the core of the molten metal provides highly accurate results.

A trusted independent service, AnchorCert Analytical does not purchase precious metals and has no vested interest in the results.

AnchorCert Analytical reports are widely accepted by all the major refiners and bullion dealers – enabling you to sell for the best price. Certificate numbers are stamped on the bars.

If you would like more information please visit, call us on 0871 871 6020 or email:

AnchorCert Analytical T: 0871 871 6020 E:

Presented by Mandy Ward and Simon Ward


 0121 554 1907 (m) 07984 811982

or call at 22 Vyse Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6LE Situated alongside Wards of Vyse Street 14

Hockley Flyer January 2016 The


• Precision detailed engraving • Personal messages, dates or images on the inside or outside of rings • One-off to quantity orders catered for • Quick turn-around • Highly competitive pricing



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5 LUXURY DETACHED VILLA’S FOR RENT IN ALICANTE, SPAIN These beautiful detached villa’s sleeps 6 people. All have their own private swimming pools and some with hot tubs. Within 5 minutes drive from Campello and San Juan beaches and only 20 minutes drive from Alicante airport, you can also enjoy being right next to Bonalba 18 hole golf course. Just a 20 minute drive away and you’re in Benidorm where you’ll find lots to do for all the family including Terra Mitica theme park (mini Disney World), Aqualandia Water Park and Mundamar.

Prices start from £500 per week. For more details contact Julie on: 0121 554 3434/ 07989582820 Email or

FAX 0121 554 3136 16

Hockley Flyer January 2016 The


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9ct Diamond Rings Sold by Weight

Huge range of certified diamonds Parcels of diamond rings bought & sold Antique Jewellery and old cut diamonds

Call for Prices 0121 236 9844

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January 2016

Hockley Flyer The


Tel: 0121 327 6102


Jewellery Ltd Paper card, cans, glass, plastic, wood

e We Recycl Cans Jericho is a leading charity and social enterprise that recycles a range of materials. Our aim is to help achieve sustainable solutions to the ever-growing problems of commercial and domestic waste.

Charity Number: 1037084


We offer a value for money, efficient and professional collection service as well as a confidential disposal & destruction service of sensitive information as well as one off office clearances. Please contact us for further information.



Unit 9 Metro Triangle, Mount Street, Nechells, Birmingham, B7 5QT Hockley Flyer January 2016 The

Paul Harris

15 Pitsford Street The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, B18 6LJ Tel: 0121 554 8055 Mobile: 07887 996 895 Email: Web:

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Tanzanites, Real & Synthetic Opals in white, black, Boulder & Mexican, Tsavorite, Amethysts, Citrines, Peridots,Pearls, onyx etc, Iolites, Emeralds, Rubies & Sapphires. Synthetics & Cubic zirconia’s in machine & far east grades. All available in a selection of shapes, sizes & colours. We offer a fast and reliable service for bulk and jobbing orders. Special one-off commissions specially cut.

Suppliers & manufacturers of: Diamond Tools Trained Diamond cutters who can either re-polish, re-cut or re-shape smoked, chipped or broken diamonds. No order to small, Payment by either cheque, cash, transfer or credit card. Telephone: Julie or Lisa on: 0121 554 3434 Or Call in at: 44 Hockley Street, Hockley, Birmingham B18 6BH Web: Email:

37/38, ICKNIELD STREET, BIRMINGHAM B18 5AY Tel: 0121-554 2684/0508 Fax: 0121-554 1003

ilner Limi



BM c i Er

Family manufacturing jewellers and jewellery repairers established in 1949

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Jewellery and repairs at trade prices Enquiries from public and trade welcome

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106f The Big Peg, 120 Vyse Street Hockley, Birmingham B18 6ND

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- E B Milner Ltd


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January 2016

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St John’s Dental Practice

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St John’s Dental Practice

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January 2016

Vidal Sassoon Trained


Andra Jewels

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January 2016 Issue No. 366

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22 Hockley Flyer The

January 2016

Marie Haddleton and from the Editorial team.

A Happy & Prosperous New Year to all our readers! Just hope it starts on a less sad note than it ended in 2015, with several obituaries in this issue.. How sad to start 2016 with an announement that Ken Schofield died suddenly of pneumonia, just before Christmas. There is an obituary in this issue but I don’t need to remind people that Ken was an exceptional person who cared passionately about the Jewellery Quarter and its people and buildings. Also very sad to hear from Doug Timmis that Jean, the daughter of Kathleen Dayus (to whom there is a monument in Dayus Square), also died just before Christmas.

Cleaning up our Cemeteries As well as a large amount of Section 106 money allocated to the Cemeteries, a further very large amount has now been awarded from Heritage Lottery Funding. This money to be spent on necessary remedial work.

Are They Building the Slums of the Future? I predict that 2016 will be a vital year in the history of The Jewellery Quarter. If all the ‘proposed’ residential units are built, the area is in danger of becoming more densely populated than it was in the slum period with shut-in, narrow streets grid-locked with vehicles and with even less space per person than we had back then, when at least we had a back yard and even a recreation park within walking distance! If you own a car then on ‘yer bike’ That appears to be the case with some of the latest planning applications where the only parking provision is for bikes. If this is the future then the road systems will also need to be made safer for the incrase in cyclists! The new Council Leader (Clancy) boasts in the media about moving people out of flats into actual houses - but will this apply to the Jewellery Quarter? Do we need more flats?

Please Be Personally Vigilant: Watch for the Planning Applications and comment in writing direct to the Council if you have an objection - don’t leave it to someone else. Also take part in deciding what changes are to be made to the Conservation & Management Plan under the new Neighbourhood Plan which is in the pipeline at the moment. Marie Haddleton Editor

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With over 30 years reclamation experience I am now helping businesses of all sizes, around the ‘quarter’ achieve the maximum results from their workshop waste. I promise to give you a fast, personal and completely transparent service. Could you be missing out? Let me, help you.

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Precious metal recovery Chemical diamond removal Gold investment bars Precious metal recovery London: Chemical diamond removal B’ham: Gold 0121 investment bars 0207 400 3400 200 2555



Trade Talk from around the Jewellery Quarter and more. - A Boon for Students

Domino Puts the ‘Finishing Touch’ to its JWS Birmingham Offering Wedding rings will be firmly in the spotlight on Domino’s stand at Jewellery & Watch Show Birmingham (Hall 17 Stand P40- Q41) when it opens on 7th February, 2016. The company will use the show to introduce a much expanded range of ‘Finishing Touches’ – special final finishes which can be applied to plain bands across its comprehensive wedding band collection. “The Finishing Touch options we already offer have been so well received by both retailers and consumers that we have asked our design team to come up with a range of further textures and patterns. These are available for both men and women but are especially popular with grooms looking to add an individual and more personal touch to their wedding ring,” explains Domino’s marketing director, Andrew Sollitt.

26 Hockley Flyer The

January 2016

The new selection takes into account the current fashion for texture and pattern and includes a number of styles based on the look and feel of luxurious fabrics such as silk. There is also a highly iridescent feathered style of finish and a pattern that resembles quilting. Other options include a mixture of matt and high polish finishes and the opportunity to have one or more bands cut into the surface of a ring for decorative effect. The addition of an accent diamond or diamonds set into the shank using rub-over settings is another possibility. All Domino’s wedding rings are British made and are created and crafted entirely at the company’s Birmingham headquarters They are available in a wide choice of plain profile, diamond-set, shaped and bespoke designs and can be produced in all colours of 9ct and 18ct gold as well as in platinum and palladium. “When it comes to wedding bands Domino’s offering is all about quality, service and fast delivery but most of all it is about choice and thanks to our new ‘Finishing Touches’ options the selection we offer has now become even wider and more exciting,” says Sollitt.

A new website for second hand jewellery tools - was the idea of Martyn and Pat Thatcher; both have Art degrees and both have been students at the Birmingham School of Jewellery. “We realised how expensive it could be for people starting in jewellery to get tools and could find nowhere specialising in second hand jewellery tools and equipment.” Toolme. is an attempt to address this. Conceived initially to fill a need for people in The Jewellery Quarter, its uncomplicated website is independent, with no links to any of the big data gatherers. “As a new facility, not yet advertised, it is currently a bit sparse. However we sincerely believe that as it comes to the attention of craftspeople, many will feel able to offer their unused tools to aspiring jewellers.” If you are a craftsperson you might consider selling some tools or equipment that you no longer use - tools which could then continue to play their part in the creation of beautiful jewellery.


for six consecutive insertions, or £36.00 for twelve consecutive insertions That’s a whole 12 months for £36

Tel: 0121-233 3468

Rofin-Baasel UK is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2016 with a strong track record of growth and success stretching over 20 years. On 22 November 1995 the company Baasel Lasertech UK Limited was formed with offices in Sopwith Way, Daventry. Now, 20 years later, the company has grown into a major player in the UK laser material processing market through a number of mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships. The three original employees who moved from the Banbury-based company that was distributing Baasel lasers in the UK, are still working at the firm. Andrew May is Managing Director, Mike Batchelor is Sales Manager and Allan Hardisty is Operations Manager. In the first year of trading the company turned over £971k and employed 4 people. In 2000, Hamburg based Rofin-Sinar acquired Baasel Lasertech GmbH, located in Starnberg near Munich and the subsidiary companies around the world were merged. During this year Rofin-Sinar UK and Baasel Lasertech UK were combined to form RofinBaasel UK under the same management as previously, but adding 9 staff from the offices of Rofin-Sinar UK in Hinckley. Rofin-Baasel UK achieved steady growth in the core markets of laser marking and engraving systems together with fine cutting systems and

laser welding equipment. Markets served include automotive, electronics, machine tools, jewellery manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and packaging. Having moved in 1999 and then 2001 to bigger premises in Brunel Close, Daventry, in 2006 Rofin-Baasel

Obituary - Eddy Hiscox

and was well known throughout the trade for the exceptional quality of his work. He was always on hand to listen and give advice. Generations of Jewellery School Students came to his workshop with their unique problems and requests, many of them would move on to start their own studios and became long term customers of his. Eddy was always happiest in his little workshop listening to classical music. He spent many hours and late nights to get jobs finished in time. Eddy was a true gentleman who will be sadly missed by everyone that knew him.

On Sunday 6th December one of the most colourful characters of the Jewellery Quarter, Eddy Hiscox, passed away. Eddy started his career at Ionic Electroplating in Dudley where he became head of the laboratory. He came to the Jewellery Quarter in the early 1980’s to run the plating department for Balco Jewellery Finishing and later Beckwith Electro Plating before setting up his own business in Hylton Street. Eddy specialised in hard gold plating, he did not offer any other finishes

January 2016

Hockley Flyer The



20 Years of Growth and Success for Rofin in Daventry

UK moved to their current premises in Sopwith Way which includes an impressive demonstration area and a large parts warehouse supplying next-day delivery of spare parts and consumables to a large customer base of over 1,200 customers in the UK. In 2007, Rofin-Baasel UK acquired the company ES Technology, a supplier of laser components, subcontract laser engraving, and turnkey customised laser systems, based near Oxford. Adding this company brought new potential for growth and increased the total staff to 37. Now the combined company RofinBaasel UK is a major supplier of systems for laser material processing into the UK and Ireland. Today, Rofin-Baasel UK has a staff of 48 and turnover of £11 million Rofin-Baasel UK is the local sales and service centre for the UK and Ireland and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc. which has headquarters in Plymouth Michigan (USA) and is listed on the NASDAQ stock market.


Obituary - Ken Schofield - ‘A True Brummie!’ Just before Christmas one our most colourful characters in the Jewellery Quarter died suddenly from pneumonia at his cottage in Cornwall. For several years Ken owned a large block of buildings bordering Frederick Street, Regent Street, and Vittoria Street, which now includes the Vertu Bar and the Chinese Restaurant. When Ken first took possession of the buildings they were semi-derelict but now the only part of the site not renovated is the space behind the roller shutter doors in Regent Street where he was planning to turn the old stables into ‘starter-workshop’ units. Ken was a director of The Jewellery Quarter Association for many

The Giftware Association Lifestyle App It’s finally here! The Giftware Association Lifestyle App is the GA’s way of thanking all its members, and giving something back to the businesses and people who help make the gift and home industry one of the most vibrant in the country. The app is a must for members exhibiting at Spring Fair 2016 to use the GA’s unique marketing channel to strengthening their brand and get retailers talking about their products even before the NEC opens its doors. GA members will be reaching to a net-

28 Hockley Flyer The

January 2016

years and always cared passionately about the heritage, the present, and the future of the area and preserving and teaching its world-renowned skills. He was also a founder member of Jewellery Quarter Heritage and had great plans to extend its activities in 2016.. He was an expert in antiques, furniture, and Listed Building restoration and, together with his family, organised several Antique Fairs in the Quarter. Kenny also had a wonderful sense of humour and always looked ‘on the bright side’ of any problems and he was always ‘there’ for all his friends and colleagues and never turned away anyone in genuine trouble. Ken’s hearse was brought to the Vertu Bar on Friday 8th January and was driven around the Quarter, finally making its way to St. Paul’s Church for a commemorative service. The world will be a sadder place without Ken Schofield and as his friend Prof. Carl Chinn said “He was a true Brummie! ___________________________

After attending Kens funeral today, I penned this rhyme:King of the quarter without doubt Always social, out and about A character, who loved to chat Never seen without a hat The hat collection grew with time Some were silly, others sublime Top hat, cowboy hat and French beret Bowler to fez, fun and always merry Will always expect him, around a corner With a smile, a chat and of course a hat! Ron

work of tens of thousands of retailers through both the GA and the show organisers, i2i Events. Not only that, but they are partnering with restaurants, shops, and venues throughout the Birmingham area. They will be giving our members discounts and unique experiences, and the best thing is that you don’t have to wait until Spring Fair to start getting the most from the app: many of the offers are available already. The app is free to download, and you can get it from the iTunes Store for your iPhone, or from Google Play for Android. Later on, it will be available on the Spring Fair website. This app is a great chance for everyone to make the most of Birmingham’s hospitality, so hope you have fun using it.

Snippets Gift of Noah’s Ark Model to St Paul’s Church The Hockley Flyer No 191 May 2001 ‘A model of Noah’s Ark has been given to St Paul’s Church by Birmingham’s Assay Office to mark the Millennium and to be used as a focal point during childrens’ services. At other times it will be on display at The Assay office. When the idea was first raised, the vicar Revd Tom Pyke felt that any gift should be to celebrate the church’s future. “We have enough communion silver, more than we can keep at St Paul’s, and so Michael Allchin and I hit on the idea of something to symbolise work with families and our family service. What we agreed on was the Noah’s Ark. Wynn Jenkins the designer and maker of the Ark, took the idea much further. The materials used are not just precious metals; there are rare African woods, aluminium and copper and even Perspex and acrylic. In the end the ark represents the many sorts of artistic work being done in the Quarter. For the children it is a lovely model and something that belongs to their church and their service.’

Editor’s Note:

I have been told by Marion Wilson (‘keeper of heritage items’ at the Assay office Birmingham) that the Ark survived the ‘move’ and it is planned to have it on display to the public, probably late spring.


Meet Weston Beamor’s 3D Team at JWS Birmingham The Birmingham casting house, 3D printing and bespoke manufacturing company Weston Beamor will, quite literally, be showcasing its 3D printing team at Jewellery & Watch Show Birmingham (Hall 17 Stand P40-Q41) when it takes place in February, 2016. As a demonstration of the company’s prowess in all aspects of model making and rapid prototyping the company has had each and every member of its 16 strong team scanned using sophisticated life-size scanning equipment and has turned the results into a collection of seven-inch-high, fully-coloured and completely realistic resin models which are correct in every respect. Using the CAD files produced during the scans, Weston Beamor has also created a variety of 3D photo-realistic ‘sculptures’ of the team cast in bronze. These serve to demonstrate how easily such scans can be manipulated to achieve a variety of different effects and also show Weston Beamor’s capacity to produce not simply bespoke jewellery but also quite large items of objet d’art. “Having a model of everyone in the team available on the stand will give our regular customers the chance to ‘meet’ the person to whom they speak on the phone – if not actually in the flesh then at least in miniature,” says Glen Day, head of new business at the company. Adding: “It will be fun for people looking at the miniatures to try and guess who’s who!” The mini-me’s do however also have

a serious purpose. “We find that we are increasingly being asked to produce precious metal replicas of real, everyday objects for use not simply in jewellery but also in gift products. A recent high-profile commission was for a luxury car brand where we

Obituary - Colin Shepherd It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the passing of my father Colin Shepherd from our family business ‘City Jewellers of Lichfield’. He passed away after an 8 month battle against cancer, aged 83. Although a very private person, he was extremely proud of his background, and often coined the phrase that he was “born into the trade.” His parents were the Curators of the Birmingham School for Jewellers and Silversmiths between 1925 and 1964, and father was born on the top floor of the family accommodation at the school in 1932. After the war, he spent his youth as a ‘runner’ delivering and collecting parcels from manufacturing jewellers

produced a paperweight taken from a scan of the actual car and correct in every tiny detail. The miniatures on show will provide a demonstration of just how far the technology has advanced and of WB’s capabilities in this respect,” says Day. in the locality of the Jewellery Quarter, until he was old enough to qualify as a watchmaker at the school. He soon set up his first business - as a watchmaker in a small workshop in the Quarter, servicing and repairing watches to the trade. In 1955 he opened his first Jewellery Shop in Handsworth, followed by further businesses in Perry Barr, Great Barr, Kingstanding, and finally here in Lichfield. He leaves his wife Olive of 61 years, and two sons Karl and myself, to continue the family tradition. For all his sins he was a long-standing Birmingham City FC supporter! He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, be it business or personal - he was a true gentleman. Paul Shepherd (City Jewellers Lichfield)

January 2016

Hockley Flyer The



Justin Wilson: “I couldn’t live without my Desktop laser” Justin Wilson started out in the jewellery trade as an apprentice at London jeweller Graff Diamonds in 1974. After gaining experience in all aspects of jewellery repair and manufacture, Justin started out on his own in 1988 with a small unit in Hatton Garden, London. Manufacturing a range of pieces for customers that range from Bond Street stores to newly graduated students, Justin has grown his business by word of mouth to a very successful and stable level. Seeing the need for fine welding, he initially investigated a micro-TIG solution, which allowed him to extend the range of his capabilities – however around 3 to 4 years later he decided that a laser welder was needed. Previously Justin had been using the services of Tony Dellow with his suite of ROFIN Desktop laser welders, however he looked around the market before deciding on the ROFIN laser solution. In 2014 he decided it was time to purchase his own laser. Justin says “I thought about it for a long time before deciding to purchase, I should have done it much earlier”. Now, after more than 18 months

Police Station to Close but Keeping PCSOs There has been a police station in the Jewellery Quarter for over one hundred years but, despite efforts by the local community to reverse the decision, Vyse Street Police Station is to close in March 2018. However, Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson has announced that there will be no compulsory redundancies of PCSOs. The news is the result of tough decisions made to drive efficiencies elsewhere in the organisation, such as the decision to reduce the number of buildings we own and rent. To safeguard PCSOs changes

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January 2016

Justin uses the ROFIN Desktop in his workshop.

experience in owning his own laser, Justin has found many more uses for the welder than he originally expected, and is happy to recommend it to anyone. “I couldn’t live without it now” quotes Justin, finding that the very fine beam is ideal for some repairs and commissions. “For example,” he says “I can repair very fine chain, making a strong and invisible joint in this 18 ct white gold chain – the chain is made from wire which is only 0.2 mm diameter, this would not be possible

any other way.”

to other areas will have to continue because West Midlands Police is still losing money compared to last year. He said: “This announcement follows much hard work from myself with the Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable. Working together we have made changes elsewhere in the organisation to be able to protect PCSOs, who the public value so highly. “To protect PCSOs we are having to continue with efficiencies elsewhere, like the number of buildings we own and rent. West Midlands Police’s funding is still going down, that is why we are having to continue to cut elsewhere to protect our PCSOs. “The truth is that the pressures on the police are growing, we are dealing with issues like radicalisation, cyber-crime, and child sexual

exploitation in greater numbers than before, and our funding is still falling. There are still difficult choices to be made in the future. “Following a sustained and high profile campaign we forced the Chancellor to think again about police funding, and whilst our funding has not been protected, we are in a better place than before. Our successful funding campaign combined with prioritising elsewhere, means that there will be no compulsory redundancies of PCSOs. “Protecting PCSOs is a top priority and I have been pressing for this for some time. My job is to deliver for the public and everywhere I go people tell me how much they value their PCSOs. That is why we are protecting them.”

Why choose ROFIN? Justin was impressed by the very clear Leica microscope optics on the ROFIN Desktop Laser, and the training package which was an integral part of the system order allowed him to get started very quickly. Since buying the laser Justin has had no problems with the laser and has not yet needed to call on the after-sales service team at ROFIN.


Obituary – Jean Dayus (Daughter of Kathleen) When it was decided to erect a memorial to Kathleen Dayus - the author of many books, including ‘All My Days’, ‘The Girl from Hockley’ etc, her daughter Jean and the rest of Kathleen’s family were invited to come along to the ceremony. The memorial is in the Square which was created at the time and appropriately named ‘Dayus Square’. Jean died just before Christmas at the age of 97 - she, like her mother, didn’t quite make it to her 100th year!

Weston Beamor Strengthens its Team The Birmingham casting house and bespoke jewellery manufac-

Colin receives the presentation of a cheque from Larry Hanks as a token of Colin’s dedication to The Pen Room.

Colin Giles Resigns as Curator of The Pen Room

Brian Jones, (who tragically died just after his book about the history of ‘Pens’ was launched), initially depended on the strong support of his friend Colin Giles to make his dream come true to create a Pen Museum in the Jewellery Quarter. The hard work of Colin, and other

turing company, Weston Beamor has announced two new appointments which it hopes will significantly strengthen its administrative team. The new members of staff are Kim Morgan who has joined the company’s Computer Aided Design team to help with estimates and administration

volunteers, has succeeded in creating an award winning museum and Colin’s dependable efforts as a tirelessly working volunteer will be very much missed, by his friends and colleagues. Colin has been Curator of the museum for some time but has now decided to resign. We will however still be seeing Colin around the Quarter as he has a great interest in the Cemeteries and other research and he will continue to distribute The Hockley Flyer to distribution points every month!

and Vicky Satterthwaite who is part of the administrative team in charge of casting orders. Kim Morgan has an HND in Jewellery and Silversmithing from Birmingham City University and has worked as a vitreous enameller. More latterly she was production manager for a manufacturer of badges for top quality horse saddles. Vicky Satterthwaite, who has a first class degree in Fashion Management from the University of Creative Arts, has had previous experience of the jewellery industry having worked for the past two years in a sales role at Fei Lui. “We are absolutely delighted to have Kim and Vicky on board. They both fitted into the team immediately and are currently taking a fresh look at our processes with a view to streamlining further our CAD and our casting operations,” says Glen Day, Head of Business Development at Weston Beamor. January 2016

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Designer Galleria, Hall of Jade Jewellery, and Hall of Time. Wedding Bijoux and T-GOLD+ METS pavilion are making their debut this year. The former is specially designed for a stunning range of bridal jewellery. Co-organised by HKTDC, HKJJA and Fiera di Vicenza, T-GOLD + METS pavilion will feature international professional jewellery and watch making machinery, equipment, technology and supplies.

New Rough Stones & Minerals Zone:

The World’s Largest Jewellery Marketplace to Open in March As the world’s largest jewellery marketplace, the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and the HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show are superb platforms for maximising buyers’ sourcing opportunities and expanding exhibitors’ business. In its 2015 edition, the two fairs attracted over 4,360 exhibitors from 52 countries and regions, and welcomed 76,000 visitors from 140 countries and regions, setting a new record. Following the tremendous success, the 3rd edition of HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show will open its doors from 1-5 March 2016 at the AsiaWorld-Expo, while the 33rd edition of HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show will take place from 3-7 March 2016 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. Around 4,400 exhibitors are expected to gather at the twin shows in 2016, with over 30 pavilions set up to strengthen its position as the world’s largest international jewellery marketplace. Among exhibitors that have already confirmed participation

32 Hockley Flyer The

January 2016

are renowned companies including Dehres, Kuwayama, Lili Jewelry, Roberto Coin, A. A Rachminov Diamonds, Dimexon and Novel Collection etc. Presence of the international group pavilions proves again the global influence of the two shows, the line-up includes Brazil, the Chinese mainland, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States etc. The France Pavilion will be making its first debut at the Jewellery Show. Tanzanite Foundation will also set up a pavilion of its own at Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show. The two fairs gather altogether 34 group pavilions.

Debut of Wedding Bijoux and T-GOLD+METS pavilion: The Jewellery Show features eight themed zones for key market segments to meet buyers’ needs and targets. Hall of Fame brings together top-tier international brand names in a prestigious and elegant setting. Hall of Extraordinary is an elite section exclusively for high-end fine jewellery pieces. World of Glamour highlights the expertise in jewellery manufacturing of Hong Kong-based exhibitors. Antique & Vintage Jewellery Galleria showcases the glamour of classic jewellery from bygone times. Treasures of Craftsmanship features carvings from precious/semi-precious stones, gold or silver decorative items, precious ornaments and jewelled accessories. Other special themed zones are

In Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, Hall of Fine Diamonds shows carat-size loose diamonds to best advantage as well as provides a discreet trading ambience. Treasures of Nature features a rich source of precious stones in many different cuts. Treasures of Ocean features a wide variety of quality pearls. Making its first presence this year, Rough Stones & Minerals will showcase unpolished and uncut precious stones and gems.

Lustrous Design to Shine: The 17th edition of The Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition - provides a platform for the local jewellery designers to showcase their strengths and talents. The theme of this year’s competition is ‘Harmony’, as diligence, the can-do spirit and cultural diversity are the foundations of Hong Kong’s prosperity and dynamism. A total of 277 entries are received and the winning pieces will be on display at Hall 1E Concourse during the fair period. Also, the biennial Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition is now in its 16th edition. The overall theme of the 2016 competition is ‘Gold 4.0- Innovate outside of the box’ with group themes of ‘Renewed Traditions’, ‘Time and Tides’, and ‘Future Construction’. A shuttle bus service will run between the HKCEC and Asia WorldExpo during the overlapping period of the two fairs. A kaleidoscope of events adds colour to the shows, including the opening ceremony, cocktail reception, gala dinner, mini-parades, seminar series, buyer forum and industry experts’ presentations.



Young Readers Twitter - 5th Dec 2015 The Justified Sinner @Wringhim tweeted: There is a child of 8 or 9 in Pret on Colmore Row who is reading ‘The Hockley Flyer’ intently. Hope she studies @SoJ_BCU!

Rudd Brothers 1907 Advert

L-R: Tony Graddon, Lucy Hansell and Andrew Moore of Estilo Interiors

Estilo Interiors Beefs Up Senior Management Team

Birmingham-based fit-out company Estilo Interiors has beefed up its management team with a senior appointment to drive growth at the expanding business. Tony Graddon has more than 30 years’ experience in the fit-out industry. He was co-founder and director of CPL Group plc, selling his stake in the business in 2008, and has worked at director level at Legion Group and Eastwood Group. He will work with Estilo founder and managing director Andrew Moore to develop the business and add to the company’s prestigious national client base, which includes Vax, EON UK, Dolby, Aviva, Handelsbanken and Nurton Developments. Estilo specialises in commercial interior design, fit-out and refurbishment for the office, retail and education sectors. Projected turnover for this year is in excess of £10million. Founded in Sutton Coldfield in 2003,

Hockley Flyer The

Estilo recently relocated to a 3,600 sq ft freehold premises in Water Street, Birmingham. The new HQ includes space for expansion and will have a dedicated studio and library which clients can visit to view and discuss their fit-out projects. The original interiors business was supplemented in 2010 by Estilo Electrical Services; Estilo HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) was added in 2013. Tony Graddon said: “Estilo has developed a reputation for delivering a first class service on time and budget, whilst having mechanical and electrical companies within the group provides us with a genuine USP, allowing us to offer a complete turnkey package. “Our move to a new city centre HQ will help us capitalise on the improving property market and appetite for investment in commercial space.” Tony’s appointment follows that of Lucy Hansell, who joined the company in April to develop new business. Andrew Moore said: “Tony is a well known face in the industry and brings three decades of experience to the table. I look forward to working with him and Lucy to further build the Estilo brand and reputation.”

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Around 1907, Rudd Brothers of 57 Graham Street were manufacturing: Midget Photo Frames, Carte-de-Visite and Tin Toys suitable for Lucky Bags, Stockings, Packets, etc They also manufactured Whistles, (cycle, pea and siren). Pea Shooters, Syringes, etc. Another line was Miniature Sets of Furniture and Miniature Tea Sets (for doll’s houses). Services provided by the company included Letter Cutting and General Marking Punch Making.

Green, Cadbury & Co Trouser Stretchers 1886 Kelley’s Directory Advert Green, Cadbury & Co of Great Hampton Street were mainly remembered as manufacturers of ‘The Very Button’ etc but they were also Patentees and Sole Manufacturers of the ‘Trousers Stretcher’ for which they held ‘By Royal Letters Patent No. 5498’. Their slogans were ‘No More Baggy Knees’ and promoted ‘Economy’ by making ‘Old Trousers Look Like New’.

January 2016

Hockley Flyer The




The ‘Smokeeter’ a New Jewel for the Quarter! The Hockley Flyer No 25 1986

Yellow diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings set, featuring 40 carats of cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds, with halos of pave yellow diamonds. These rare stones are surrounded by floral motifs of brilliant cut and baguette cut white diamonds set in platinum.

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Beijing Fei Liu Fine Jewellery teamed up with world renowned fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, to host a celebratory VIP afternoon tea event ‘When East Meets West Fashion’ held in Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand. The event exceeded over one hundred attendees, including high profile guests from the British and Chinese institutions, and renowned people from the film, media and fashion industries: Bazaar Jewellery’s Editor, Jing Jing; Harper’s Bazaar’s China Editor, Gang Dong; director of the British embassy in China, Xiajun Meng; director of British Council in Beijing, Ralph Rogers; famous actor Yu Jian Zhang; actress Madina Memet; representatives of China Jewellery Association and many others. The celebration started with a speech from the host, Liu followed by speeches from Jing Jing, Gang Dong, Xiajun Meng and Ralph Rogers, who each reflected on the jewellery market, design and their forecast for the future of the industry Jewellery designer, Fei Liu, made his mark on the international stage with stunning jewellery, which marries

34 Hockley Flyer The

January 2016

Eastern-style material and craftsmanship with Western design. He cleverly introduces Chinese blue-white porcelain incorporating it into Western jewellery design industry by interpreting Chinese traditional art form of ceramic into Western design. Liu showcased thir ty stunning bespoke pieces created in the last five years, twenty-three of which were loaned from their owners for the event. The showcase included the beautiful ‘Unicorn’ necklace, and the awardwinning Green Tourmaline necklace, which was adored by actor Yu Jian Zhang and actress Madina Memet who attended the ceremony. Fei Liu’s unique design can be recognized in different bespoke pieces: Yellow diamond set which consist of 40 carats of cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds, Gothic rubellite necklace and Lily of the Valley necklace and pendant inspired by the Lily flower. The Unicorn necklace is made with 18 carat white gold. The face of the unicorn is intricately carved from white Russian jade, whilst the wavy hair is set with 2465 pave-set diamonds, which gives the piece a beautiful shimmer due to its threedimensional kinetic movements. To contrast the white jade the necklace itself is completed with black volcanic stones to give it that Eastern rock ‘n’ roll style. The piece that won the IJL Editor’s Choice Award, Green Feather Tourmaline necklace, was the event’s show-stopping piece. Handcrafted with 509ct of green tourmaline beads, 84g of 18k white gold, 17.7 carats of

‘Two progressive jewellery companies, neighbours in Warstone Lane, decided to upgrade their display and demonstration areas. One aspect they were keen to address was the dusty tobacco smoke-laden atmosphere. To improve the quality of the air for their customers, OHMECS Smokeeter, the Halesowen based air cleaning specialists were called in to supply and instal Smokeeter air cleaning units. John Cox of the Diamond Centre said that not only was the system effective but the Smokeeter unit blended well with the decor designed by his wife. The Warstone Mint, who’s policy of allowing customers to see skilled jewellers at work, had a two fold problem. Not only tobacco smoke but also polishing dust was making it difficult to achieve a comfortable atmosphere for their visiting clientele. Both problems have now been solved, said a spokesman for the company.’

diamonds and 19.6 carats of garnets. The feather centrepiece can also be detached from the beaded necklace and worn by itself as a large dramatic brooch. Every one of Fei’s designs is made from a three hundred and sixty degree angle. Any move of the body that shows a different angle of a piece reveals intricate framework just as interesting as the rest of the piece. Fei’s newest pieces that were showcased are Oriental Beauty ring and Devotion necklace. Oriental Beauty ring is set in platinum with a 5ct Tsavorite centre stone surrounded by pave diamonds. The shoulders of the ring consist of an intricately hand-carved pearl and lapis lazulito. Devotion necklace is a black pearl neckpiece in 18mm diamond set. In the past five years, Fei Liu together with his team focused on developing jewellery design which brought him a UK Jewellery Awards nomination for the brand of the year. This year was celebrated as the 10th anniversary of Fei Liu Fine Jewellery brand in UK and China. For the first time bespoke pieces were showcased on the first event to celebrate the 10 years organized in London on 11th of June.

December 3rd saw the 80th British Jewellery Giftware & Finishing Federation’s Benevolent Society Ball take place at The St John’s Hotel, Solihull. Early indications show that a record £32,000 was raised on the evening for the charity. This black-tie event attracts guests from the jewellery, giftware, surface engineering and luggage and leathergoods associations which are member organisations of the British Allied Trades Federation and whose industries are served by the Charity. Speaking on the evening David Simons, the Benevolent Society’s Chairman, said he was delighted to welcome the 380 guests many of whom were using the event as the perfect occasion to celebrate Christmas with their colleagues. He was equally delighted to thank, the organisers Lynn Snead and Gill Price - for all of their hard work in creating a highly successful night out. The majority of funds raised came

lery which is working on a project to recreate some items from within the Hoard, was subject to intense bidding and was finally secured by a joint bid from Oliver Sutton of Charles Green and Jan Doyle of Jewellery Brokers. The hugely successful tombola and raffle were generously supported, as always, by the Federation’s Giftware Association and its Chairman Michael Papé of Ravensden PLC who attended the event. Ravensden also generously donated some orang-utan and tiger toys that were well received by guests as were some large teddy bears donated by Rudell’s the Jewellers with all of the proceeds going directly to the Charity. The Benevolent Association Charity was also delighted to receive a substantial donation from the Surface Engineering Association which was represented by a table from Ashton & Moore and its Chairman, Stephen Parkes of LB Parkes & Co. Tables at this year’s event were taken by many companies, including: the CMJ, Cooksongold, Charles Green & Sons, Gemporia, Continental Jewellery, Diamonds Please, Weston Beamor, Hockley Mint, Clogau Gold, C W Sellors, T H March, Mastermelts and Gecko, to name but a few. The date for next year’s Benevolent Society Ball is Thursday 1st December and will also be held at The St John’s Hotel, Solihull following the success of this year’s Ball and early bird tickets at a special rate can be obtained by contacting either Lynn Snead or Gill Price at the Federation (0121 745 4613 or 0121 237 1138.

National Association of Jewellers’ Inaugural Awards Incorporated within this longstanding annual event were the very first National Association of Jewellers’ Member Awards which are designed to flag up all that is most excellent about the UK’s extremely diverse jewellery industry: its bright new talent, its design skills and creativity and its capacity to truly serve its customers whether they are other businesses, on-line jewellery buyers or the consumer in the High Street. January 2016

Hockley Flyer The



Benevolent Society Ball Raises Record Amount for Industry Charity

from an auction by David Doyle of Jewellery Brokers, the Society’s Vice Chairman. The lots sold included: ‘Lunch for 12’ at The Assay Office Birmingham sponsored by both the Assay Office and the jewellery manufacturing company Hockley Mint: a stunning Hallmarked Britannia Silver Wine Decanter donated by Rebecca H Joselyn and sponsored by Stuart Wibberley and his team at the bullion company Umicore.  Such was the interest by those guests bidding on the evening to acquire one of Rebecca’s exceptionally unusual pieces that she agreed to make a further decanter after Cookson Gold kindly offered to donate the silver needed to hand-make this second piece. The Benevolent Society and attending guests were delighted with this generosity. Another highly sought after auction lot was the inaugural ‘T H March Clay Pigeon Shooting Day and Dinner’ which engendered fiercely competitive bidding by several interested parties.  Eventually Ben Roberts of the jewellery manufacturer Clogau Gold secured this fabulous day out for his company. A ‘Private Viewing of The Staffordshire Hoard’ (the recently discovered Anglo Saxon treasure on show in Birmingham City Museum) followed by a visit to the City’s School of Jewel-

THE JEWELLERY QUARTER HISTORY AND GUIDE On sale direct from the Publishers. Order today as have limited supplies remaining The Jewellery Quarter History and Guide 2nd edition has over 150 photographs, many of which are unique, and has 148 pages packed with the history of the Jewellery Quarter, and makes an ideal gift for anyone who has memories of the Jewellery Quarter, or for those keen on the development of the area. It costs £5.95 + £1.19 P&P and if you would like a copy they are available online from The Hockley Flyer, or direct at the address below - a mail order form is at the bottom for your convenience.

Also available to purchase online at: YBA Publications, York House, 22 Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1 3HE ORDER FORM Please send me __________copy of the Jewellery Quarter History and Guide 2nd Edition. NAME .................................................................................................................................. ADDRESS ......................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................... POSTCODE ............................................................................................................................. Payment: Pay by PayPal. We will send you a PayPal invoice to your registered PayPal email address: ............................................................. Or pay by Cheque/Postal Order payable to YBA Publications

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Heritge Heritage

News and Stories with a Historical or Send your heritage letters and interest... comments

Nathaniel Mills (Silversmith) Jewellery Quarter History & Guide 2, Photos Courtesy ‘Matthew Boulton & The Toymakers’

‘Famous for his well-constructed boxes, Nathaniel Mills was born in 1811 and worked for his father, Nathaniel, who had earlier registered his

38 Hockley Flyer The

January 2016

mark in 1803 as one of the partnership ‘Mills and Langston, Jewellers Northwood Street. On May 11th 1825, Nathaniel Mills senior registered his maker’s mark at the new address of 49 Caroline Street, where he had residence and works. Dying at the ripe old age of 93, he presumably had retired some time before the firm’s move in 1836 to 42 Caroline Street.

This presumably was to larger premises as the firm prospered in the 1830’s with young Nathaniel’s infusion of new ideas and multiple reduction techniques of stamping, casting and engine turning, manufacturing vast quantities of articles such as vinaigrettes with opular topographical scenes which appealed to a wide public fascinated by novelty. Over the years, the output of the workshop was enormous, various tasks no doubt being carried out by a network of craftsmen. At that time with open sewers in Birmingham to combat the smells and to ward off plague, Vinaigrettes were made the forerunners of smelling salt bottles, but when Chamberlain brought Welsh water to Birmingham and introduced sewers, Vinaigrettes went out of fashion. Mills then decided to go into the sewer pipe business. In 1853, the workshop moved to 9 Howard Street, and in 1856 a new designation appears in the Birmingham Trade Directories of ‘Nathaniel Mills, Hardware Commission Merchant’. Nathaniel Mills died in 1873, a rich man, leaving £30,000 in his will and he is buried in Warstone Lane Cemetery.’



‘Manufacturer of Day’s Patent Gun’ The Hockley Flyer No 36 1987 Joseph Riley, manufactured Day’s Patent Gun from the commencement of the Patent (around 1890) at 75, Constitution Hill. This Percussion Stick Gun, used with or without the Pocket Butt, was decidedly the most simple and safe article ever invented, and is what everyone ought to have as a walking companion, for amusement, and as a safeguard in travelling.’ You were strongly advised to ‘Buy the Original Patented and Warranted article - Others are Spurious and Dangerous!’

Joseph B Croxhall - ‘Mirror Ventilator for Hats!’ The Hockley Flyer No 36 1987

The Pemberton Family - A Famous Toymaking Family Photo Courtesy ‘Matthew Boulton & The Toymakers’

‘There were several well established families of toy makers, whose work was of a consistently high quality, who contributed most to the continued success and expansion of the toy trade in Birmingham in the late 18th and early 19th C. One of these families was ‘The Pembertons’. An old Birmingham family the Pembertons were descended, with one exception, from Roger Pemberton, Mayor of Walsall in 1509. Samuel Pemberton (1738-1803) was made a Guardian of the Assay Office in 1793. He had learnt his trade from his father Samuel (1704-84), a jeweller and toymaker in Snow Hill. Seven various punches with initials SP were registered at the Assay Office but were undated and so fall between the years 1773-1801. Samuel Pemberton died in 1803 at the age of 65. Later in 1812, another Samuel Pemberton (1771-1836) registered on October 14th two oval punches with

SP under the name Sam Pemberton Son & Mitchell, the new firm, necessitating re-registration of the mark, rather than the death of a relative. The partnership included Robert Mitchell, a former apprentice who had tried business on his own. There is an interesting cross-reference in this entry to a PM mark registered in 1816 on December 18th by Pemberton & Mitchell for watch cases. This refers to Thomas Pemberton (1776-1830) who had previously entered an incuse mark, TP, usual for watchcase makers, on September 9th, 1803. However, on February 28th, 1821 a new firm S. Pemberton & Son (late Pemberton, Son & Mitchell) registered 5 marks, including an incuse SP mark as well as TP in a rectangular shield. It would appear that the partnership between Thomas Pemberton and Roger Mitchell had come to an end, as on May 23rd of the same year, Robert Mitchell entered 4 independent marks, including an incuse mark and is described as a silversmith at St. Paul ‘s Square, later moving on March 27th, 1822 to Bishopsgate Street. Thomas Pemberton was appointed a Guardian of the Assay Office in 1824, but with his death in 1830 and Samuel Pemberton’s in 1836 the Pemberton involvement with the goldsmiths’ trade ceased.’ It is most likely that Pemberton Street was named after this family.

In the mid-1980s, Joseph B Croxhall of 23 Newhall Hill, were manufacturers of Buttons, Shirt Studs, Gilt and Steel Slides, Hooks and Eyes, also Brooches and Ornaments of every description. They also manufactured Hat Guards, Eyelets and Ventilators for Hats. The ‘Patent Mirror Ventilator’ was a perfect Mirror or Looking Glass, mounted in various ways, in a rich gilt rim; and fixed in the crown or lining of the hat with metal forks, which could be easily adjusted by Hat Makers or by the wearers themselves.

HMS Warrior Refit The Hockley Flyer No 36 1987 ‘In 1860 when HMS Warrior, the world’s first iron-clad battleship was built, Bocock, George & Harvie of Hockley, produced the brass oil lghts and now, (in 1987) 126 years later have won the order to replace the old-fashioned gangway lights. HMS Warrior was once the world’s fastest, longest and most powerful warship and was being refitted in Tyneside before going to The Ships Museum in Portsmouth.’

Federation Move to No.10 The Hockley Flyer No 74 1991 ‘On Monday, January 7 1991 the British Jewellery & Giftware Federation Ltd., will have moved into their prestigious newly refurbished premises in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. The new address will be:10 Vyse Street, Birmingham. B18 6LT.’

January 2016

Hockley Flyer The



See our website for more latest events which are added regularly, plus we can import your Facebook events.

Exhibitions/Demos  JANUARY


This exhibition has a particular focus on designer-makers inspired by textures, be it in the finish they create on their pieces to the influence of fabric-making techniques. As well as a selection of cutting-edge textile makers and textural ceramics, the display will feature jewellery made using alternative materials including leather, felt, cotton, wood, silk and velvet.


Our ever-popular StART exhibition makes collecting art affordable with all original artworks at £300 or under! All works on display are by current RBSA Members and Associates. Works including jewellery, ceramics and textiles as well as drawing, painting and printmaking are all welcome entries.


Mathé Shepheard ARBSA uses her semi-abstract approach to explore a variety of landscapes, including skies, mountains, water, contours and textures. Solo show.


Andrew Kinmont ARBSA. Inspired by the way light transforms, and is transformed by, the natural world, this body of work reflects Andrew’s experiences of working in the landscape. Solo show.


Dedicated to exploring the history of Newman Brothers. It charts the company’s highs and lows, from its Victorian beginnings making cabinet fittings, its decline during the Second World War, to its rebirth in the 1960s as a company connected to the royal household. Ever wondered why the Victorian funeral ‘died a death’, or why war has always been a bad time for funeral directors? In exploring the history of this important company, the exhibition also looks at society’s changing attitudes to death and how this impacted on companies like Newman Brothers. The exhibition is free admission. Open during museum opening times


An exhibition of contemporary jewellery opens on 11th January to 29th January 2016 at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University showing the multi-faceted work of David Poston: ‘Necklace for an Elephant and Other Stories: the Working Lives of David Poston’.

Now - 20 Feb BABY LOVE

Joan Sharma ARBSA. A celebration of mothers, babies and mothers-to-be. This display features stone and wood sculptures varying in size from small pieces suitable for a book shelf to larger pieces for the garden. Solo show.


An exhibition showcasing designermakers who have an ethical approach to craft-making. This ranges from makers

40 Hockley Flyer The

January 2016

The Hockley Flyer Get listed:

incorporating found objects into their work, recycling and up-cycling and/or using fair-trade materials to those using energyefficient processes. Thhis exhibition encourages the viewer to consider the object’s journey. Makers registered with the Fairtrade Foundation are also included.


David Tedham ARBSA presents a series of abstract paintings which he describes as ‘confrontational but readable’.



Works produced by our talented tutors who will deliver this year’s programme of adult Winter and Summer Workshops. Interested in developing your artistic skills? Check the workshop programme now! Free associated event: Don’t miss Zarina’s demonstration on Saturday 13 February.


Maureen Cooper visited the factory in 2011 before restoration work began. She was inspired to make work which responded to her visit and own experience of loss and memory. The exhibition will explore what remains of the former coffin fittings factory, what is left in the minds of people who worked there and the memories left in our own minds of people we have known and lost. The exhibition will include print, photographic and mixed-media wax work weaving together the building and its artefacts to reflect the grieving process. Free admission during museum opening times.

08 - 19 Mar CANAL VIEWS

Inspired by the RBSA’s bicentenary year in 2014, Margaret Fairhead RBSA has developed works based on the canals near the Gallery to produce this series of machine-stitched urban landscapes. They depict locks 9 to 13 of the Farmer’s Bridge Flight towards Snow Hill Station Bridge.


The Birmingham Art Circle is a group of professional artists originally founded in 1879. The society has a longstanding association with the RBSA, holding an exhibition here each year. Free associated events: Don’t miss the artists’ demonstrations on Tuesday 23 February, Tuesday 1 and Saturday 5 March.

22 - 02 Apr ON THE EDGE

Rob Hand RBSA - A collection of pit fired and raku pieces including a range of jewellery. All the work is hand built using coiling and slab building techniques, with larger pieces undergoing several firings to achieve the desired effect.

Trade Fairs



Birmingham NEC. The only dedicated jewellery event linked to


The Jam House, St.Pauls Square, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham B31 QU Book online at

a major gift fair, Spring Fair International, providing a unique cross-over buying opportunity. Jewellery & Watch is perfectly timed to attract over 22,000 powerful decision-making buyers who come to find inspiration, innovation and to stock up.




 JANUARY 2016


@ 12:00 am - An auction of antique and modern jewellery at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 12:00 am - Stones For Tender at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 10:00 am - An auction of jewellery at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 2:30 pm - An auction of pawnbrokers watches and jewellery, at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 10:00 am - An auction of vintage jewellery and accessories at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 11:00 am - An auction of watches at Fellows Auctioneers



@ 10:00 am - An auction of jewellery at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 2:30 pm - An auction of pawnbrokers watches and jewellery at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 10:00 am - An auction of watches and Watch parts at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 11:00 am - An auction of antique and modern jewellery at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 11:00 am - An auction of coins & medals at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 10:00 am - An auction of jewellery at Fellows Auctioneers


@ 2:30 pm - An auction of pawnbrokers watches and jewellery, at Fellows Auctioneers

@ 11:00 am - An auction of watches at Fellows Auctioneers

Live Entertainment Now - 21 Jan PETER PAN

The boy from Never-land, PETER PAN, flies into the Blue Orange Theatre in Birmingham for the Christmas season from the 19th December. Last seen at the theatre in 2012 this popular show guarantees a sprinkling of magic dust for the Festive season. Peter secretly listens to the stories being told to the Darling children and retells the stories to the Lost Boys, but one day he loses his shadow in the Darling’s nursery. And then the adventure begins involving Tiger Lily, pirates, a crocodile and Captain Hook, the meanest pirate in the world. J.M Barrie’s perennial tale of childhood, pirates and big adventures is over 100 years old and yet it still captures the imagination of children today in this tech savvie world. Book on-line at


Ben Drummond is an award winning Singer/ Songwriter and Multi instrumentalist whose solo show is a finely put together mix of flamenco, nu soul, and alternative folk. The Ben Drummond III is a new project with percussionist Joelle Barker and bassist, Stuart Barker.


‘Gospel Central is an outstanding group and one of Birmingham’s best kept secrets – full of passion and fantastic musicianship.’ This monthly celebration of the talent to be found in the local Gospel music scene gives an urban and contemporary edge to Gospel music. A must see!


An incredible live entertainment spectacle, one of the UK’s Leading live entertainment bands comes to the Jamhouse. With a strong male and female lead vocal, Apollo Soul brings a tasteful blend of Classic Soul, Pop & Rock classics. The performance is backed by a stunning light show and with special guests including the Wedding Crashers, this is one night not to be missed.


The SUBS rock the Jam House on every visit with their powerful selection of Massive Rock Anthems from the likes of U2, the Stones, Queen, and even the Kaiser Chiefs!


Bass player and broadcaster Delano Mills leads his ‘Not Strictly Jazz’ quartet and plays a blend of jazz funk and fusion inspired by masters of the genre such as Grover Washingrton Jnr, Marcus Miller and Victor Bailey. The band features Alvin Davis on saxophone, Martin Trotman on keys, and Wayne Scott on drums

January 2016

Hockley Flyer The




Big Wolf Band is a local four-piece that excels in all the flavours of blues, from funky groovy blues to swinging shuffles; from slow minor blues to the rockiest of rock blues. Front man Jonathan ‘Big Wolf’ Earp is joined by Ian Savage, (bass), Richard Fedeski, (keys) and Tim Jones, (drums). A mix of original material and classic covers. Also set to release its live album, ‘Live & Loud - Route 44’ early this year.


A seasonal delight for all the family. Jars of Clay Theatre Co. brings you the fun packed and charming tale of plucky Dick Whittington, who leaves his home and sets off for London in search of fame and fortune. On the way he meets and teams up with the extraordinary Katrina the cat! Book on-line at www.

21 A tribute to ... SINATRA

Don’t miss this evening of sophisticated entertainment celebrating the Chairman of the Board... Mr Frank Sinatra. Featuring unique arrangements from guitarist, Steve Pinnock, and the classic vocal style of Roger Bird.

22 & 23 SOLID SOUL

Soul Greats from this talented group of musicians - always a popular choice at the Jam House featuring classic James Brown, Motown, and even Hendrix & Kravitz.


The ‘Acoustics Sessions’ is a monthly showcase of new talent and unsigned artistes, regularly featuring touring performers as well as musicians from the local scene. To be part of this musicians should contact the Jam House.


Kenny Thomas first broke through into the UK charts in 1991 with his debut ‘Outstanding’ and then followed through with three more hits that year, including ‘Best of You’, and ‘Thinking about your Love’.

28 LatinMotion presents DEL CAMINO

On the last Thursday of every month, there is a distinct Latin vibe to the Jam House with the sounds of the popular Salsa seven-piece DEL CAMINO supported by Mauricio Reyes and his army of LatinMotion DJs & dancers. Salsa taster dance workshop from 9pm. (


An explosive collection of classic and contemporary dance music, with all of your Tamla Motown, Atlantic Soul and funk favourites.



Born out of a long-running feature on local radio, The Wedding Crashers are a lively piano & drums duo that play an incredible range of songbook classics from boogiewoogie jazz to good time singalong favourites.


Finishing 2015 in the Top Ten in the UK Soul Charts with her recording of Herbie Hancock’s ‘I Thought It Was You’, Louise Warren is looking forward with excitement to 2016. Louise’s singing career includes performances with the likes of Ringo Starr, Beverley Knight, and many others.

42 Hockley Flyer The

January 2016


One of the biggest names in the UK Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll scene, Ricky Cool regularly plays with the likes of Robert Plant & Mike Sanchez, and even supported Little Richard on his last UK tour

04 THURSDAY LIVE Organ Recital

@ 1.15pm - 1.45pm. St Pauls Church - Played by Paul Carr. Thursday 4th February 2016 1.15pm: Paul Carr. Richard Wagner (1813–1883) - Grand March from Tannhäuser | William Boyce (1711–1779) - Allegro from Symphony 4 | Charles Gounod (1818–1893) - Judex from Mors et Vita | Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) - Vocalise | Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) - Berceuse and Finale from The Firebird


Blue Orange Theatre Arts presents Shakespeare’s classic romantic tragedy. A timeless tale of two star-crossed lovers torn apart by their feuding families. Romeo and Juliet fall madly in love the moment they set eyes on one another at the Capulet masquerade ball, but the couple must keep their love and clandestine marriage secret with increasingly dangerous odds. Book on-line at

05 & 06 GROUPER

Fronted by the popular Richard Oliver on vocals, this professional and dynamic four piece play guitar based hits from Travis to U2, Blur to Snow Patrol, Coldplay to The Killers, The Beatles to The Stones.


‘Gospel Central is an outstanding group and one of Birmingham’s best kept secrets – full of passion and fantastic musicianship.’ This monthly celebration of the talent to be found in the local Gospel music scene gives an urban and contemporary edge to Gospel music. A must see!

11 The SUBS

Great chance to see one of our most popular of weekend bands play not only some of their rock anthem set, but a few of their own material!

Training & Education  JANUARY


@ 2.00pm - 4.00pm. Workshop with Margot Bell RBSA. Select or draw your own mask design, paint it in watercolour, then cut it out and add elastic to wear it as a mask. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, great for a play-date and provides simple creative ideas that can be used back at home. Booking essential. Suitable for children aged 6 to 12, must be accompanied by an adult. Price £6 per child.



@ 2.00pm - 4.00pm. Workshop with Jo Naden RBSA. Make your own owl relief picture in paper-clay, inspired by the ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ poem and real taxidermy owl specimens! This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including those who are new to working in clay. Booking essential. Suitable for children aged 6 to 12, must be accompanied by an adult. Price £6 per child.

Get listed: Use the Facebook Events

Why UHY? UHY Hacker Young (Birmingham) LLP is an ambitious and growing firm of chartered accountants located on Vittoria Street in the Jewellery Quarter with offices across the UK. We offer a Professional, timely and appropriate service at competitive rates taking an avid interest in your business, as we are focused on helping you prosper.

What Services do we provide? • Sole Trader, Partnership, LLP & Limited Company Accounts; • Personal, Corporation Inheritance & Capital Gains Tax; • VAT Returns; • Company Incorporation & Management Accounts; • Solicitors Audit Reports; • Audit Services – Limited Companies & Charities; • Business & Tax Planning; • Company Payroll Schemes & PAYE; • Remote Accounting.

9-11 Vittoria Street – Birmingham – B1 3ND Tel: 0121 233 4799 Fax: 0121 233 4794 To speak to Malcolm Winston or Glenn Thomas from our Private Client Services team please call us or email Malcolm.Winston@uhybirmingham. or January 2016

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Business Pages

Business Pages Hockley Flyer BOHEM Jewellery services The

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Business Pages ‘Business Pages’ adverts are priced for all insertions, not each issue, and cost £12 per column centimetre (40mm wide) for 12 insertions, £7.50 for 6 insertions, £4.50 for 3 insertions and £5.50 for 1 insertion. Prices and are for consecutive insertions only.


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plating - electroforming - polishing cold enameling - odd jobs BOHEM is based in Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter and offers multiple jewellery finishing solutions and more.

Contact Joe: 07891 429466



January 2016

GOODMAN AND FINEMAN LIMITED (established over 40 years)

OFFICES, MUSIC STUDIOS, AND WORKSHOPS TO LET FROM £25.00 PER WEEK 1 month’s notice from Tenant accepted No Legal Fees Regent Place, Caroline Street, Regent Parade also Northwood Street

07836 579371 or 07976 265455 Website:

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THE JEWELLERY Quarter History and Guide 2nd edition has over 150 photographs, many of which are unique, and has 148 pages packed with the history of the Jewellery Quarter, and makes an ideal gift for anyone who has memories of the Jewellery Quarter, or for those keen on the development of the area. See: http://www.

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Property Planning General

The ‘Golden Triangle’ and the ‘Industrial Middle’ are the areas protected against inappropriate residential use. A large number of Planning Applications are not in accordance with the Planning Legislation which is there to ‘protect’ the Jewellery Quarter and the trade. Please help the Jewellery Quarter to survive by making your ‘official’ protest against such Applications.

New Applications 2015/10351/PA Arches 20 & 21 Lionel Street City Centre Birmingham B3 1AG. Change of use to live escape game centre (Use Class D2) 21-12-2015. 2015/10389/PA 35-38 St Pauls Square Birmingham B3 1QX. Listed Building Consent for external alterations including new roof terrace with glazed roof, extension of slate roof, conversion of part of roofspace, rear dormer windows, new roof access enclosure, rooflights, rear balconies, window alterations and refurbishment and internal alterations including alterations to walls, doors and ceilings, in association with the conversion of existing office buildings (Use Class B1a) to 8 no. residential properties with ancillary communal residents bar, gym and lounge at basement level. 16-12-2015 2015/10269/PA 35-38 St Pauls Square Birmingham B3 1QX Conversion of existing office buildings (Use Class B1a) to 8 no. residential properties (2 x 1 bed flats, 2 x 2 bed flats, 2 x 4 bed flats, 1 x 3 bed house and 1 x 4 bed house), with ancillary communal residents bar, gym and lounge at basement level, external alterations including new roof terrace with glazed roof, extension of slate roof, conversion of part of roofspace, rear dormer windows, new roof access enclosure, rooflights, rear balconies, window alterations and refurbishment, the provision of 12 no. parking spaces and cycle parking. 16-122015 2015/10141/PA The Big Peg Warstone Lane Birmingham B18 6AT. Display of one externally illuminated fascia sign, one externally illuminated hanging sign and one non illuminated sign. 10-122015 2015/10121/PA The Big Peg Warstone Lane Birmingham B18 6AT. Change of

46 Hockley Flyer The

January 2016

Planning Applications and Decisions for the Jewellery Quarter.

use from vacant police station (Sui Generis) and shop (A1) to restaurant and cafe (A3) use, creation of patio area and alterations to front elevation 10-12-2015 2015/09862/PA Land Adjacent To Crowford House Caroline Street Birmingham B3 1UP. Variation of condition 1 (approved plans) in connection with planning application 2013/08589/PA to reduce the number of apartments from 13 to 8, delete rear ground floor unit to provide 12no. car parking spaces, cycle and bin storage and alterations to the elevations and roof. 01-12-2015 2015/09913/PA Stay City Apart Hotel Charlotte Street Birmingham B3 1PW. Non Material Amendment to planning application 2012/07169/PA for replacement of brick wall to car park boundary with 2.45m high wavetop weld mesh fence and erection of 2.4m chainlink fence to courtyard elevation. 27-112015.

Awaiting Decision 2015/09745/PA 1 The Golden Square Warstone Lane Birmingham West Midlands B18 6JW. Display of one non illuminated fascia sign. 26-11-2015. 2015/08337/PA Kenyon Forge Kenyon Street Birmingham B18 6DY. Change of use from commercial (Use Class B1) to residential (Use Class C3) and internal alterations to convert ten lower ground floor units to create nine one bedroom studio apartments and one two bedroom apartment. 12-10-2015 2015/07979/PA 30-46 Vittoria Street Jewellery Quarter City Centre Birmingham B1 3NU. Listed Building Consent for the alteration, extension and selective demolition works in association with the conversion to provide 41 residential dwellings and associated parking and landscaping. 28-09-2015 2015/07926/PA 30-52 Vittoria Street Jewellery Quarter City Centre Birmingham B1 3NU. Alteration, extension and selective demolition works to create 41 residential dwellings and associated landscaping and parking. 28-09-2015

New Decisions 2015/08004/PA 3-5 Legge Lane Hockley Birmingham B1 3LD. Listed Building Consent for part demolition of existing factory and erection of 22 no. apartments and 4 no. commercial units, part new build and part refurbishment of existing listed building. Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions 2015/08003/PA 3-5 Legge Lane Hockley Birmingham B1 3LD Part demolition of existing factory and erection of 22 no. apartments and 4 no.

commercial units, part new build and part refurbishment of existing listed building. Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions 2015/07814/PA Land at 25 Legge Lane Jewellery Quarter City Centre Birmingham B1 3LD. Part restoration and part demolition of existing buildings and erection of new buildings to provide 100 one and two bed apartments with associated infrastructure and landscaping. Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions 2015/00775/PA Land Bound by Moreton Street, Pope Street & Carver Street Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. Demolition of existing buildings/structures on site and redevelopment for 8 commercial units (A1-A3, B1, D1-D2), 302 residential 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed apartments and townhouses, parking, landscaping and associated works Final Decision. - Approve subject to Conditions.

Older Decisions 2015/07505/PA 23 - 24 Hall Street Hockley Birmingham B18 6BS. Change of use from of ground floor office from use (B1) to therapy centre (Sui Generis) use. Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions 2015/07328/PA 40 Cox Street City Centre Birmingham B3 1RD. Change of use from retail (Use Class A1) to a drinking establishment (Use Class A4). Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions 2015/07281/PA 43 Vittoria Street Jewellery Quarter Birmingham B1 3ND Listed Building Consent for the display of 1 non-illuminated sign. Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions

Summary Guide to Use Classes A1 - Shops. A2 - Financial and Professional Services. A3 - Restaurants and Cafes. A4 - Drinking Establishments. A5 - Hot Food Takeaways. B1 (a) - Business. (b) - Research & development, studios, labs, high technology. (c) - Light Industry. B2 - General Industry. B3 - Storage/Distribution. C1 - Hotels C2 - Residential Institutions C2A - Secure Residential Institutions. C3 - Dwelling Houses D1 - Non-residential Institutions. D2 - Assembly/Leisure.

You must register any objections (or support) to the above Applications in writing direct to Birmingham Core Strategy, Birmingham City Council, 4th Floor, 1 Lancaster Circus, Birmingham B4 7DJ, quoting the Planning Application number. Remember, there is a restriction against inappropriate housing within the Golden Triangle and the Industrial Middle - but your objections still need to be recorded!

BULLION DEALERS • SMELTERS ASSAYERS • WHOLESALE JEWELLERY We are specialists in the recovery of Precious Metals for the Jewellery and Dental Trades, and we will buy scrap, lemel, sweeps etc in any form or quantity.

       

We buy Gold, & Silver, Hallmarked & Unhallmarked at the same rate. Premium Prices Paid for Surplus Jewellery Stock. Lemels, Sweeps and Polishings, including Dental Scrap. Fast turnaround 24hrs Lemels, 5 days Sweeps. Gold & Silver Solutions and Residues, Cyanide & Acid based. Fluxes, Pots & Crucibles, and other low grade materials. Free Collection or Free Insured Postal Service. Prompt payment by Cash, Cheque or T.T. FOR YOUR BULLION NEEDS WE SUPPLY

 Solders  Casting Grain  Tube  Sheet  Wire For a fast, efficient and confidential service call Dave or Steve on


43-45 SPENCER STREET, HOCKLEY, BIRMINGHAM Fax: 0121 233 1470 Open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday - Friday

January 2016

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Visit the Counter today for more information! Hurry! Offer ends midnight Sunday 31st January

59-83 Vittoria Street, Birmingham, B1 3NZ. *Terms and conditions apply

Profile for Mark Haddleton

The Hockley Flyer  

The magazine for Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter January 2016, # 366

The Hockley Flyer  

The magazine for Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter January 2016, # 366