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The Boulder Stone/ War Stone

The Arenig boulder unearthed in Icknield Street, Hockley, was moved to the Hockley Hill Recreation Ground in 1913... p34

April 2014

Issue No 345

For all your Asset Finance needs Your local Asset Finance provider for: • Car Finance • Commercial Vehicle Finance • Equipment Finance • Machinery Finance • IT Software & Hardware Finance • Commercial Loans

Please call for any Asset Finance enquiry 0121 262 6520

Capex Finance, 1 Church Court, Cox St, Birmingham B3 1RD Tel: 0121 262 6520 Fax: 0121 236 6636 Email:


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Chance Brothers Glass

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Quality jewellery supp with over 600 years of

plies, delivered experience Danni 3 years experience – Danni joined the Stephen Betts Group in 2011, coming to us from a customer service background. Danni is a valued member of the Trade Counter team for Betts Metal Sales and is always ready to advise customers from our vast stocked range of Bullion, Findings, Tools, Polished Mounts, Finished Jewellery and UK manufactured Wedding Rings.

BMS Wedding Ring Services

We have an extensive stocked range of hallmarked wedding ring blanks all of which are manufactured in the UK. From 9ct, 18ct and 22ct Gold to Platinum and Palladium, including Palladium 500, all available in a variety of profiles, weights and finger sizes. We also offer an in-house finishing service, which means we can pattern, engrave, polish and rhodium plate most wedding rings within a 48 hour turn around. We also offer Argentium Silver blanks, Two-Tone and Diamond set wedding rings. Visit our trade counter or call 0121 233 2413 for more information. t: 0121 233 2413

49-63 spencer street, hockley, Birmingham B18 6de

Betts Family 253 years experience! With the original family business founded in 1760, the Betts family have been continuously involved in the jewellery trade for nine generations.

The specialists in platinum and palladium casting. Visit our new website at

JewelCast: precious metal castings, finest quality, without compromise JewelCast Limited 58 Caroline Street, Hockley, Birmingham B3 1UF Tel: +44 (0) 121 212 1372 Fax: +44 (0) 121 212 3659

HS WALSH & SONS LIMITED - HEAD OFFICE Hunter House, Biggin Hill Airport, Churchill Way, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3BN Phone: 01959 543660 Fax: 01959 574231



LONDON SHOWROOM 44 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8ER Phone: 020 7242 3711 Fax: 020 7242 3712

• DISCREET TRADE SHOWROOM BIRMINGHAM SHOWROOM • FAST EFFICIENT SERVICE 1-2 Warstone Mews, Warstone Lane, Birmingham B18 6JB • IMMEDIATE PAYMENT BY: Phone: 0121 236 9346 Fax: 0121 236 9355 • CASH • TRANSFER • CHEQUE





OPTIVISORS ORIGINAL DONEGAN HEADBAND MAGNIFIER. Comfortable to wear, ample clearance for spectacles and fully adjustable. The lenses are of precision optical glass, available in three magnifications. Magnification 2.5x. Focal length 200mm.

Ref HH48




A set of 8 anti-magnetic tweezers for the watch industry. Very good resistance to corrosion, acids and alkaline products. Includes Bergeon 7026-SS, 7026-7, 7026-5, 7026-AA, 7026-3C, 7026-3, 7026-2 & 7026-1 Ref HT7026 £205.00

A new winder for up to 12 watches with high torque silent motor. The preferred winder for many leading watch houses in brand dedicated workshops. Selectable clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. Adjustable speed, 1 or 4 rpm. Powerful, silent motor with integrated safety clutch. Additional clips available to double capacity to 24 watches. Dimensions: 465 x 325 x 520mm SUITABLE FOR LARGE AND HEAVY WATCHES. Ref HA2912 £1230.00

Magnification 2.75x. Focal length 150mm.

Ref HH49


Magnification 3.5x. Focal length 100mm.

Ref HH50



Plastic watch glasses scratch very easily and replacement is not always possible. Poly-watch slightly dissolves and grinds down the surface of the plastic watch-glass to smooth the edges of the scratch and fill the gaps with dissolved material. It works on mobile phone screens too! Supplied in a box of 24 5ml per tube. Ref HP100 £51.70 Single tube. Ref HP100A £3.75

12 IN 1 SCREWDRIVER NEW ITEM SET • Ideal for repairing iPhone, iPads and iPods. • This product is great for electronics, mobile phones and watches. • 12 interchangable tips and a comfortable, non-slip handle. Package contains: Screwdriver Handle,12 piece tips set (T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, M2.6, Y0, 2.3, PH000, PH00, Ph0, 2.0) and Tweezer . £9.99 Ref HS6312

WATCH BOX For up to 4 watches (maximum size Ø43mm) without straps for use with Elma Cyclomotion watch winder. Ref HA2912B £63.75



0121 236 7051



• Precision detailed engraving • Personal messages, dates or images on the inside or outside of rings • One-off to quantity orders catered for • Quick turn-around • Highly competitive pricing



T: 0121 212 1652 F: 0121 236 1663 11 Northampton Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6DU

HS WALSH & SONS LIMITED - HEAD OFFICE Hunter House, Biggin Hill Airport, Churchill Way, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3BN Phone: 01959 543660 Fax: 01959 574231



LONDON SHOWROOM 44 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8ER Phone: 020 7242 3711 Fax: 020 7242 3712 BIRMINGHAM SHOWROOM 1-2 Warstone Mews, Warstone Lane, Birmingham B18 6JB Phone: 0121 236 9346 Fax: 0121 236 9355


OPTIVISORS ORIGINAL DONEGAN HEADBAND MAGNIFIER. Comfortable to wear, ample clearance for spectacles and fully adjustable. The lenses are of precision optical glass, available in three magnifications. Magnification 2.5x. Focal length 200mm.

Ref HH48




A set of 8 anti-magnetic tweezers for the watch industry. Very good resistance to corrosion, acids and alkaline products. Includes Bergeon 7026-SS, 7026-7, 7026-5, 7026-AA, 7026-3C, 7026-3, 7026-2 & 7026-1 Ref HT7026 £205.00

A new winder for up to 12 watches with high torque silent motor. The preferred winder for many leading watch houses in brand dedicated workshops. Selectable clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. Adjustable speed, 1 or 4 rpm. Powerful, silent motor with integrated safety clutch. Additional clips available to double capacity to 24 watches. Dimensions: 465 x 325 x 520mm SUITABLE FOR LARGE AND HEAVY WATCHES. Ref HA2912 £1230.00

Magnification 2.75x. Focal length 150mm.

Ref HH49


Magnification 3.5x. Focal length 100mm.

Ref HH50



Plastic watch glasses scratch very easily and replacement is not always possible. Poly-watch slightly dissolves and grinds down the surface of the plastic watch-glass to smooth the edges of the scratch and fill the gaps with dissolved material. It works on mobile phone screens too! Supplied in a box of 24 5ml per tube. Ref HP100 £51.70 Single tube. Ref HP100A £3.75

12 IN 1 SCREWDRIVER NEW ITEM SET • Ideal for repairing iPhone, iPads and iPods. • This product is great for electronics, mobile phones and watches. • 12 interchangable tips and a comfortable, non-slip handle. Package contains: Screwdriver Handle,12 piece tips set (T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, M2.6, Y0, 2.3, PH000, PH00, Ph0, 2.0) and Tweezer . £9.99 Ref HS6312

WATCH BOX For up to 4 watches (maximum size Ø43mm) without straps for use with Elma Cyclomotion watch winder. Ref HA2912B £63.75





Independent Consumer Product Safety Testing UKAS accredited tests for EU and US standards Determining compliance with EU REACH and RoHS Regulations and the General Product Safety Directive Reassurance for the supplier and consumer Leading specialists in testing jewellery, watches and accessories Metals analysis, product safety testing for children’s products, accessories, textiles, leather and plastics



EN71-1, EN71-2 and EN71-3 testing

Phthalate testing

Fibre composition, EN71-1 and EN71-2 testing

AZO dye, Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF), and colour fastness testing


Leather wear and colour fastness, Chromium VI and Formaldehyde testing

A REFINING INDUSTRY LEADER DEFINING NEW STANDARDS IN CONVENIENCE, TURNAROUND TIME AND LIQUIDITY NTR Metals is one of the worlds largest precious metals companies serving over 20,000 jewellers, pawnshops and precious metals exchanges in London, Birmingham and throughout the United States. NTR Metals is a fully-integrated precious metals company that aquires, refines and mints precious metals. This unique business strategy allows NTR Metals to service all of the precious metals needs of their commercial clients.

Birmingham 0121 233 4007 London 0207 831 9888

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Big New Savings TOOL KIT H C N E B K R WO

ols Time!



Free !

NEW 997 164A Page 10



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was his kit buy. T ff “Great to start me o ry ct le fe el er w p g my je 2ildin ction!” Sarah bu 999 320 lle tool co Page 24

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ge 13

Click cooksongol i cat_AW.indd

2170 Tools min

15% Call 22 0845 100 11

Visit ters Trade coun

Offers valid until 27th Apr il 2014



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1760 - 201 0 2 50 Y E A R S

Realise your liquid assets, you don’t need a bank account to take account of the new Gold Rush

Bank your tank with Betts • Clean scrap rate paid on your low grade settlement tank contents • Exchange for bullion products (wedding rings, sheet, wire etc.) • Full assay on tank contents • Investment bars available • Cash - Cheque - Bank transfer Can you afford not to have one of our tanks, you could be washing away one of these every year! Free delivery, fitting and collection service


0121 233 2413

Casting equipment, Laser welders & consumable supplies, as shown recently at NEC Spring fair CASTING machinery

and casting supplies Casting Crucibles Casting Flasks Neusprues

• • •

NEW! High quality Silicone Rubbers Liquid Silicone Releasing agent Silicone paste

• J2r & JzP Autocast Vacuum Casting • • machines for GOLD, SILVER , • BRASS casting

“PRESSOVAC” “PRESSOVAC MAX” for PLATINUM, Gold & Silver Plus NICEM pewter casting equipment.

VACUVEST vacuum mixers

LASER welders

Tabletop “STUDIO PLUS” - 60 Joule - 100 Joule - 125 Joule HEWITT J.E. Ltd ROBOTECH DEVELOPMENTS Ltd Engineers and machinery manufacturers to the Jewellery industry.


LASER markers

Pedestal “PULSEPOINT PLUS” - 110 Joule - 130 Joule

High quality laser welding wire LUXI—water based

polishing compounds


OROTIG “Open” Laser marking system Contact Chris Hewitt Tel: 01630 698714 Mobile: 07767 822198 Email: Web site:

April 2014

Hockley Flyer The


OPTISPINE bham spine screen ad 188x62_Layout 1 2

12:59 Page 1

HOCKLEY MEDICAL PRACTICE PHARMACY Assessment • Treatment  • Prevention Leading edge facilities for all your back and joint care needs Back & Joint Screening Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Women's Health Physio Acupuncture Massage Yoga & Pilates Orthopaedic Consultation Image Guided Injections Nutritional Therapy


Hea Optis p lth & W ine Apr Day ellbei il 2 ng s & fro


, 20 us m tast for de 1 0 a m 1 4 ers mon and stra adv tion ice s,

Our Spinal Assessment is a quick, easy and accurate way to beat back and neck pain

FREE Spinal Screen with this voucher For further information or to book an appointment call

0121 293 2804 • /optispineuk


Hockley Flyer April 2014 The


(Adjacent To Hockley Medical Practice) 100 Warstone Lane, Hockley Birmingham B18 6DZ


Opening Hours: Monday To Friday 08:45am to 18:30pm Saturday- 9:00am to 13:00pm

Phone: 0121 200 3148



CALL 0121 236 9346




EVERYTHING Demonstrations WILL BE of the art of engraving AVAILABLE TO and setting with the TRY ON THE DAY GRS & EN-Set Engraving systems together with the Orion Pulse Welding Machine. The Orion Pulse 150i is the most advanced micro-pulse arc welding system available and features newly developed “Intelligent” welding. Never before has a pneumatic hand-piece system given the user so much versatility and control. The GraverMach AT and G8 will also be on show with various GRS attachments. H.S.WALSH and Sons have been supplying tools and equipment to the Jewellery and Horological industries since 1947. We pride ourselves on our customer service at our three showrooms in Hatton Garden, the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and our Head Office in Biggin Hill. We really do believe that nothing is too much trouble!

April 2014

Hockley Flyer The


Presented by Mandy Ward and Simon Ward


 0121 554 1907 (m) 07984 811982

or call at 22 Vyse Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6LE Situated alongside Wards of Vyse Street 18

Hockley Flyer April 2014 The

Vidal Sassoon Trained

FOR THAT 2014 HAIR STYLE Ladies and Gents catered for

Andra Jewels Fast, reliable, high quality service

Studio 7, Style Works, 50/54 St Paul's Square, Birmingham B3 1QS. Tel: 0121 212 2231

Established in 1959


Plating zzGold, silver, rhodium zzNEW Rose gold!

of St. Pauls

Finishing zzPolishing, barrelling, lacquering

Enamelling zzCold enamelling

0121 551 0777 or 07904 722390


Hockley Hill, Birmingham B18 5AN

Tel: 0121-554 2684/0508 Fax: 0121-554 1003

email: web site:

(car parking available)

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St John’s Dental Practice

0121 643 0610

St John’s Dental Practice

Dental Implants  Emergency Appointments  Open access Dental Hygienist April 2014

Hockley Flyer The


s ’ e i l Ju Specialising in:

Tanzanites, Real & Synthetic Opals in white, black, Boulder & Mexican, Tsavorite, Amethysts, Citrines, Peridots,Pearls, onyx etc, Iolites, Emeralds, Rubies & Sapphires. Synthetics & Cubic zirconia’s in machine & far east grades. All available in a selection of shapes, sizes & colours. We offer a fast and reliable service for bulk and jobbing orders. Special one-off commissions specially cut.

Suppliers & manufacturers of: Diamond Tools Trained Diamond cutters who can either re-polish, re-cut or re-shape smoked, chipped or broken diamonds. No order to small, Payment by either cheque, cash, transfer or credit card. Telephone: Julie or Lisa on: 0121 554 3434 Or Call in at: 44 Hockley Street, Hockley, Birmingham B18 6BH Web: Email:

5 LUXURY DETACHED VILLA’S FOR RENT IN ALICANTE, SPAIN These beautiful detached villa’s sleeps 6 people. All have their own private swimming pools and some with hot tubs. Within 5 minutes drive from Campello and San Juan beaches and only 20 minutes drive from Alicante airport, you can also enjoy being right next to Bonalba 18 hole golf course. Just a 20 minute drive away and you’re in Benidorm where you’ll find lots to do for all the family including Terra Mitica theme park (mini Disney World), Aqualandia Water Park and Mundamar.

Prices start from £500 per week. For more details contact Julie on: 0121 554 3434/ 07989582820 Email or

FAX 0121 554 3136 20 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

t: 0121 236 2733 f: 0121 200 3056

Pointon Young Chartered Accountants

“Looking to make savings in Accountancy fees” We are a locally based firm of Qualified Accountants, offering a professional partner led approach to your circumstances. Services include: - Company, sole trader and partnership accounts - Corporation tax, personal tax returns, capital gains tax and Inheritance tax, VAT returns - Payroll bureau, bookkeeping and management accounts - Company secretarial services including company formation Contact: Steven Brown at Tel: 0121 233 1030, 33 Ludgate Hill Birmingham, B3 1RB

T H Findings Ltd  9ct. Gold Findings  Silver Findings  Base Metal Findings  Large Range of Silver Mounts  Imitation Stones  Beads and Fimo 42 HYLTON STREET, HOCKLEY, BIRMINGHAM B18 6HN Tel: 0121-554 9889 Fax: 0121-551 7588

L A Overseas Company

50 NORTHAMPTON ST, HOCKLEY, BIRMINGHAM B18 6DX, ENGLAND Tel :- 00 44 (0) 121 236 6671 Email:- Fax:- 00 44 (0) 121 233 4513 Supplier of Gems Pearls Beads Synthetics CZ & Findings Fast Pearl threading, Stone matching & replacement service Very good selection for all types of manufacturing and repairs Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, Iolite, Tanzanite, Blue, Pink & Mystic Topaz Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine, Garnet, Synthetics, Cubic Zirconia, Opals, Cameos Moon Stone, Lapis, Amber, Onyx, Hematite, Carnelian, Mother Of Pearl, Green Agate, Pink Blue Chalcedony, Pearls Cultured Fresh Water and Simulated….. Same Day Mail Order Service. All enquiries welcomed.

April 2014

Hockley Flyer The




Marie Haddleton and from the Editorial team.

Natwest ‘Helpful Banking’ to close Tuesdays and Thursdays

Hockley Flyer The

April 2014 Issue No. 345

Co Editor: Co Editor: Advertising:

Tel: Email:

Mark Haddleton Marie Haddleton Mark Haddleton

0121-236 4230

Editorial: Marie Haddleton Tel: 0121-236 4230 Email: web site Deadline 25th of month preceding cover date. The Hockley Flyer is published by YBA Publications. The Editor is pleased to receive any contributions suitable for use in The Hockley Flyer, and all correspondence should be sent to: The Hockley Flyer, York House, 22 Frederick Street, Birmingham B1 3HE Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the contents are correct, we cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, etc. and the views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the publisher or the editor. All advertisements are accepted in good faith, and anyone trading with advertisers do so entirely at their own risk. © 2014 YBA Publications

22 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

Oh dear, that’s not very ‘helpful’ to its regular customers, is it? - The Natwest Bank in Frederick Street which was established in 1903 has announced that it proposes to open only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as from Monday 16th June 2014. This means that when we have bank holidays, this bank will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays making it a long weekend, especially at Easter when it will be closed for nearly a whole week! What if the cash machine runs out? Also their opening hours will be changed to 10-00 am to 4-00 pm. There has been neither warning nor explanation and our two friendly and helpful ladies behind the counter, who have served us so well over several years, seem as surprised as we are, and so please don’t shout at them! Is it a warning that this branch will eventually close down? There used to be a Manager and full staff etc. at this branch - but every customer now seems to have a different bank manager, based all over the country – (ours is based in Worcester - no chance of popping in to see him!) Some of you probably don’t know but a few years ago Natwest sold off many of their properties all over the country to a company in Gibraltar, who went bankrupt, and, probably like 22 Frederick Street, the buildings are now in the hands of the Official Receiver. The Hockley Flyer will of course still be on the 2nd Floor but we are not in the office every day - working from home but don’t panic if you find both the bank’s door and ours closed at the same time, Emails will always find us. We work from home several days a week.

The Standard Works.

At long last a Planning Application has gone in for renovation /refurbishment of the Standard Works in Vittoria Street which, if granted, will bring this attractive building back into use. It is an unusual building and it has been very sad to see it empty for so many years. A few years ago, some will remember when Hanna of Viti Developments (who created the live work units in Hylton Street), was about to take on this building backed by Advantage West Midlands, but sadly AWM hit hard times and had to withdraw from the deal and the building went back on the market.

New Lighting for Some Streets

We understand that some streets in the Jewellery Quarter which are presently badly lit, will soon have new lamps. The money is to come mainly from BIDs funding. However, no sign of the ‘clanging chains’ being removed from existing lamp posts! Are they to stay forever? Marie E Haddleton, Mark Haddleton

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THE HOCKLEY FLYER, York House, 22 Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1 3HE


With over 30 years reclamation experience, I am now helping Businesses of all sizes around the ‘quarter’ achieve the maximum results from their workshop waste. Could you be missing out? Give me a call and see how I can help you.

t: 07956 232 734


It’s all about who you trust!

Trusted Since 1945 Your first choice for scrap, lemel and precious metal recovery Chemical diamond removal

Gold investment bars

Scrap buying app


0121 200 2555

99 Vittoria Street Birmingham B1 3NU


Trade Talk from around the Jewellery Quarter and more.

H. S. Walsh and Sons to Hold Two Demo Days in May After a very successful event at the NEC Spring Fair in February the team at Walsh have had many requests for more information on the very popular GRS Engraving and Stone Setting Equipment they had on their stand. There has also been lots of feedback on the ORION Pulse Welders since the show too. Due to these requests Walsh have decided to hold two DEMO DAYS on these popular pieces of equipment at their Birmingham Jewellery Quarter showroom on 19th and 20th of May. Attendees will be able to try, first hand, either or both of the processes using the demonstration equipment.

26 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

We envisage this being a popular event and suggest anyone interested should contact their Birmingham showroom to book a time slot. Please call 0121 236 9346 to avoid disappointment

Weston Beamor to sponsor New Designers’ Award Weston Beamor, the Birminghambased jewellery casting and rapidprototyping company, has announced that it will once again be sponsoring an Award at ‘New Designers’ the annual exhibition showcasing work of newly graduated designers from the UK’s leading universities. The Weston Beamor Award for ‘The most Innovative use of CAD in Jewellery Design’ will be made during Part 1 of the exhibition which will take place at the Business Design Centre in Islington from 25th – 28th June. New Designers, which is supported by a number of big name brands such as Sanderson, Hallmark and Proctor and Gamble, showcases the work of over 3,000 of the most talented, newly graduated designers from the UK’s leading universities over two separate weeks. It has eight distinct ‘design zones’ of which jewellery and metalwork is one. The winner of the Weston Beamor prize will receive a week of work experience with the company and £1000 in cash. Designer judges: Weston Beamor has invited Vickey Leyshon - Head of

The work of Hamish Dobbie winner of last year’s Weston Beamor prize at New Designers.

Design at its sister company Gecko, Guy Sheppard of the designer/retailer Guy and Max and Stephen Einhorn of the designer/retailer Stephen Einhorn to act as its judges in the competition. The Award will be made at a VIP event to be held at the exhibition on the evening of 25th June. “Innovation, technology, and great design are central to Weston Beamor’s ethos and we employ a number of talented jewellery and metalwork graduates in a range of different roles. We are always interested in ways of pushing the boundaries of technology and have been extremely impressed by the calibre of previous winners of this Award. CAD is now central to jewellery production and the industry is only as good as the new talent coming into it. As a business we are keen to support this in every way we can,” says the company’s Head of Business Development, Glen Day. In addition to sponsoring New Designers Weston Beamor also supports the annual Goldsmiths’ Craft Awards and runs an annual Award with the Jewellery School at Birmingham City University. The company also works closely with a handful of promising new designers, of its own choice, to help them find a foothold in the industry by providing free, or subsidised, products and services.

Brand New Health Centre in the Jewellery Quarter Optispine is a health centre with a difference that’s just opened in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. The brand new facility offers the latest and most advanced equipment and techniques, dedicated to helping people with back and joint problems. Run by a team of physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists and health professionals, it provides a unique combination of therapies to achieve the best possible results for its patients. Treatments include hands-on manipulative physiotherapy and a whole raft of effective therapies, which produce some profound results. The OptiSpine ethos is that prevention is definitely better than cure and the aim is not only to treat the condition but to give patients long-term solutions. The jewel in the crown is the specialised H2O Physio hydrotherapy suite. This features an underwater treadmill and wellness system, which until now were only available for elite athletes and premiership football

Matt Smith - A Traditional Hand Engraver Matt started off his working career in 1988 on a YTS scheme run by the BJA under the careful control of George Dyson. His placement was at the well known and much respected jewellery manufacturer Charles Green & Son limited where he was taught the fine art of Hand Engraving by master craftsmen Andy Parsons, Roger Wakling and David Westward. He worked there for 21 years and left in 2009 to start on his own. Originally working from home and then

teams. Innovative water-based training programmes are used to provide all the advantages of effective exercise without putting stress on joints. The OptiSpine centre is also home to a Back & Joint Gym, Yoga & Pilates studio, Screening Unit and Healthcare Shop, so they are able to offer total back and joint care all in one place. From screening to treatment, preventative strategies to lifelong back awareness, all aspects are covered. For more information, visit www.

moving in 2010 to Unit 8 in Deakin & Francis’ building in Regent Place. When work steadily increased larger premises were required and in October 2013 he moved the business to 38-40 Hylton Street. Matthew & Oksana Smith 07725 265672

THIS SIZE ADVERT COSTS £22.50 in the BUSINESS PAGES for six consecutive insertions, or £36.00 for twelve consecutive insertions Tel: 0121-233 3468 April 2014

Hockley Flyer The


Featured Deakin & Francis Launch New Collection of Lapel Pins

One of the manufacturers of the world’s finest cufflinks Deakin & Francis® are set to launch a brand new collection of lapel pins due to popular demand. The Collection which consists of over 20 new designs features ducks, pheasants and bees inspired by the existing cufflinks collection. James Deakin, Head Designer, commented: “My brother Henry and I had some lapel pins made for ourselves in the factory including a bulldog with cigar, which was based on the original cufflink I designed. The idea was to create a piece of jewellery which would complement our cufflinks when worn together. The designs we have chosen are really quirky and eclectic. There’s something for everyone from the fisherman to the gentleman who enjoys a shoot. What’s also great is that they’re completely unisex so can make great gifts for ladies. They were so popular at trade shows that we just had to launch a collection for our clients.’ The lapel pins are all sterling silver and enamelled, some set with gem stones. The skull bandana lapel pins have moving jaws and sapphire or ruby eyes, the rabbit in a hat wiggles and the bumble bee has sapphire eyes. For keen fishermen there’s the trout or fishing fly, for food fanatics there’s the red chilli or green apple and for gentlemen that shoot there’s the pheasant head. Other designs include a brown hare with sapphire eyes, moose head with sapphire eyes, rubber duck, green wellington and a gargoyle.

28 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

Featured story of the Month

Tel: 0121 327 6102

Paper card, cans, glass, plastic, wood

e We Recycl

Writers Group Competition Winners Cans Jericho is a leading charity and social enterprise that recycles a range of materials. Our aim is to help achieve sustainable solutions to the ever-growing problems of commercial and domestic waste.

Glass Charity Number: 1037084

The Blue Orange Writers group, or BOW for short, is celebrating its 1st birthday. Since its inception last year it has presented two rehearsed readings under the titles of ‘Culture Shock’ and ‘Shorts’. It was decided to hold a competition for longer plays and to showcase an all female cast, so ‘A Female Perspective’ was born. The competition prize was for three plays to be given a full production as part of the Blue Orange Theatre Season. The three plays chosen for production are: A Stab in the Dark by Richard Price – A young woman’s boyfriend has been stabbed and killed. There is no motive and no other witnesses apart from the girlfriend. Who’s guilty? Black Hole by Michael Edan - How much suffering can a friendship endure? What opens the heart to allow forgiveness? Two women. Two sons. An explosion of bullets in a high school cafeteria ending in five deaths. A year and a half later one woman dares to visit the other and ask for what seems impossible to give. Cradle Days by Henry Nolan – Mum’s going into a home and so her daughters and grand-daughter help out with the clearing of the house and in the process uncover forgotten secrets and heart-ache. The plays will be performed on Thursday 10th April at 7.45pm, Friday 11th April at 7.45pm, Saturday 12th April at 2.30pm, and Saturday 12th April at 7.45pm

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April 2014

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Silversmithing Excellence Celebrated in Exhibition and New Book Awe-inspiring silverware crafted by elite international silversmiths will be on display at a unique exhibition space in Clerkenwell this spring, along with launching a new book on silversmithing. ‘Silversmithing: A Celebration of Excellence’ at The Goldsmiths’ Centre is a one off and special exhibition featuring international designers such as Hiroshi Suzuki, Brett Payne, Chris Knight, Rod Kelly, Wayne Meeten and many more. Brian Hill and Andrew Putland’s book, ‘Silversmithing - A Contemporary Guide to Making’, has been the catalyst and driving force in creating this unique exhibition. The designers in this major show of design-led work all feature in the book. Published by

30 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

Crowood Press, it has an impressive 594 colour illustrations, and is also available on Amazon. Signed copies at the RRP will be available at the exhibitions private view and

Brett Payne X-Y Candlesticks

afterwards by contacting brian@ or andrewputland@ A series of master-classes will further compliment and support this celebration of the craft of silversmithing. Interactive events will include; a hotforging workshop run by Brett Payne, a spinning workshop with John Need, as well as technology welding master class workshops covering Tig, Laser and Puk welding techniques led by Kevin Grey. There will also be a technical evening featuring designers in the exhibition. It will run from 16 April to 30 June and offer a fascinating insight into the creative and diverse world of contemporary silversmithing. Brian Hill says, “Visitors will view a unique collection of stunning silversmithing from the designers profiled in our book, which primarily focuses on the importance of using correct techniques and process in manufacturing silverware to high standards of craftsmanship. This collective will create an eclectic array of work representative of designers in industry, designer makers, and the next generation of silversmiths.” We want to encourage the wider design community to be able to explore the wonderful world of metalworking crafts. This exhibition typifies and endorses the values of learning traditional techniques of manufacture but equally illustrates the exciting

Hiroshi Suzuki – Earth III-So

opportunities that technology is providing to explore and develop new techniques in partnership with the core principals of the craft. “Both the book and the exhibition are set to celebrate and re-affirm the vibrant activity, strength, and potential of silversmithing in the UK. This never been seen before collection of talented and creative silversmiths tempts and will invite enquiry and dialogue – enjoy and be inspired.” Goldsmiths’ Centre Director Peter Taylor said, “We are excited about the launch of a silversmithing book here at the Centre. The maintenance and development of craft and technical skills are at the heart of the Centre’s charitable purpose and it is therefore fitting that a book that promotes these so effectively is being launched here and has inspired this exhibition.” Silversmithing: A Celebration of Excellence will also be a part of Clerkenwell Design Week, the UK’s leading independent design festival, running from 20-22 May. The festival is hosting a pop-up factory in St John’s Square where the Goldsmiths’ Centre will have an area of interactive jewellery-making and silversmithing, manned by our own students and residents. The area will feature workshops where the public can learn how to hammer their own spoon. Students will also show visitors how to make a key ring or pendant to take-away at a live jewellers’ bench throughout the day, and holding miniseminars on the art of silversmithing.

The thirteen members of the Domino and WB teams who are participating in the training scheme.

Management Training success for WB The Creative Jewellery Group

A management training programme introduced recently by WB The Creative Jewellery Group is already paying dividends, with those taking part finding the early classes thought provoking and enlightening. The fourteen-week course, which is being facilitated for the Group by Ithaka Leadership Development, a specialist training company based in Birmingham, was open to all employees in the group wishing to learn more about management techniques. Thirteen members of staff drawn from all areas of the business including design, CAD, manufacturing, business development, sales, and marketing came forward to take part. The classes which last for five hours per session – take place once a fortnight during work hours. Topics to be covered include Personal Effectiveness, Management Roles, Finances, Team Building, Strategy, and Marketing. Sarah Johal, who works in Domino’s marketing department, is one of the participants. “We have begun

by learning more about ourselves and where our strengths and weaknesses lie. It has been very helpful, especially having closer contact with people working in different parts of the company and understanding more about them and their roles within the organisation and how to work with them,” she commented. Bespoke CAD designer Richard Vinter, who works for Weston Beamor, is another of those taking part: “It’s been really good. Very interesting and has certainly already provided me with an insight into how to work with people in a better way, how to cooperate and build a team,” he says. For the Group’s Managing Director Andrew Morton, the course is something extremely close to his heart. “I am a huge believer in ongoing development for everyone in the workplace and this company has always taken training very seriously. This bespoke course is our first foray into a structured management training programme and the young people taking part are the future of the business. I have absolutely no doubt that investing in them and developing their talents in this way is essential for the on-going development of the Group. It is terrific to see them learning and, although it is still very early days, to see them putting into practice what they are being taught,” he says. April 2014

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Domino’s ‘Wedding Ring Box’ – a collection of 72 popular styles including plain, shaped and diamond-set designs as well as a choice of finishes which can be applied – from which the groom chose his rings.

Shhhh ... Piggotts and Domino to star in ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ When Piggotts the Jewellers of St. Ives in Cambridgeshire got the call to say that a film crew would be visiting their store on April Fools’ Day to make a TV programme they naturally suspected a set-up. However, good to their word, the production company responsible for making the BBC 3 series ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ arrived as scheduled at 11.00am with a soon-tobe groom intent upon purchasing the couples’ wedding rings in their store using some of £12,000 provided to him by the programme makers and from which – without consulting his bride - he has to stage their wedding day. Domino has long supplied Piggotts with bridal jewellery and the job of selling these particular rings fell to Emma Haycock, an experienced sales assistant who has been working for the store for over four years and who has recently passed her JET 2 examinations through the National Association of Goldsmiths, of which the shop is a member. “Emma was very professional and confident and didn’t seem at all phased by the microphones and the cameras – although clearly it wasn’t very easy to act naturally with all the

32 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

other staff and customers watching her. It took her around just over an hour to close the sale, which is what we would normally expect for a bridal purchase,” says store manager, Sarah Edwards.

The groom, who must remain nameless, was immediately attracted by an unusual beaded 9ct white gold band for his wife and eventually chose this and a plain D-shaped white gold band for himself both from the Domino Wedding Box. “He said if the rules of the show allowed he would have liked to have spent the entire budget on the rings, but unfortunately that wasn’t allowed,” says Sarah Edwards. The wedding will take place in just over a week so speed of delivery was an important consideration for Piggotts. “We did try to steer him towards Domino because we know they can provide a quick turnaround. Unfortunately the rings he actually chose are not stock items but nevertheless they will be able to make them and get them to us well in time for the big day,” says Sarah Edwards. What the bride will make of her husband’s choices with regard to their big day in general will not be known until the programme is aired in September 2014 but both Domino and Piggotts are confident that, if nothing else, she’s going to love her ring.

The film crew of ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ at work at Piggotts on 1st April.

World Cup Trophy Born in Birmingham! Birmingham designers Magnus & Bella have teamed up with local company A E Williams, to produce an historic World Cup trophy. Husband and wife team Magnus & Bella designed and sculpted this beautiful World Cup trophy at their studio in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. Working closely with Digbeth based A E Williams who are the oldest pewter casting company in the UK, this strong Brummie team have produced sporting silverware to be proud of. The trophy, called ‘The Spirit of Derby’ is to be awarded at the inaugural Men’s Roller Derby World Cup which took place mid March at Futsal Arena, just a stone’s throw away from the couple’s studio. Birmingham was lucky to be hosting such an exciting event; Roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the UK with over 3000 regular skaters. Although this was the first Men’s World tournament, the first Women’s World Cup took place in Toronto, Canada, in 2012. Birmingham’s Steve ‘Rex Tangle’ Var ndell, coach of the Birmingham Blitz Dames Roller Derby Team, is modelled doing an ‘apex leap’ for the skater form featured on top of the trophy, no mean feat in Roller Derby. Now this little pewter skater has been christened ‘Apex Rex’ or King of the Apex’. Rex himself also plays roller derby alongside both Magnus and Bella who play for local teams, Birmingham Blitz Dames and the Crash Test Brummies.

Obituary Keith Albert Hancox MBE 10th July 1940 – 19th March 2014

The Pen Museum is sad to announce the sudden death of Keith Hancox who was a longserving volunteer and member of the Museum’s Executive. As a blind person, Keith made a unique contribution to the life of the Museum with his expertise in demonstrating the Braille system to visitors. It was decided to close the Pen Museum for the day on Thursday 10 April 2014, the day of Keith Hancox’ funeral, as a mark of respect to Keith and to enable as many volunteers as possible to attend. The celebration of Keith’s life took place at Sandwell Valley Crematorium, Newton Road, Great Barr at 2.30pm and afterwards at the Great Barr Hotel. There was a request for ‘Family flowers only’ – donations welcome for the RNIB Talking Book Service or the National Memorial Arboretum. ‘This was a celebration of a life lived to the full - he will be greatly missed by all.

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News and Stories with a Historical or heritage interest...

Professor Kay superintending the placing of the Boulder in its new position in 1913. (Birmingham Post - Griffiths).

The Boulder Stone/War Stone Warstone Lane

Institute’s Committee, the authority in charge of the Hockley Hill Recreation Ground. This site was selected as a resting place for the boulder because it is within easy reach of Icknield Street, but the gift has been made with the proviso that should the Hockley Hill ground be closed permanently at any time, the boulder

is to be transferred to one of the city parks for exhibition. The task of removing the boulder which consists of very hard stone formed of altered volcanic ash, such as is found in the Arenig Mountains of Mid-Wales has been carried out under the direction of Mr H. Kay, F.G.S. of Handsworth, who has taken

Preservation of the Icknield Street Boulder

(Birmingham Post - May 24 1913) Researched by Colin Giles

‘The Arenig boulder recently unearthed in Icknield Street, Hockley, has now been removed to the Hockley Hill Recreation Ground, where a suitable site has been found for it. When the boulder was discovered it was purchased by Mr. Norman Chamberlain, who presented it to the Social

34 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

The War Stone (photo M. Haddleton YBA Publications)

care that in its new surroundings it occupied relatively the same position as when discovered in the ground. Measurements made by Mr. Kay show that the length on the south side is 6ft 3in, east 6ft 4in, north 6ft 2in and west 3ft 4in, while it is 3ft 9in high on the east side and 4ft high on each of the other sides, and the diagonals are 7ft 4in and 7ft 6in. An inscribed tablet detailing the circumstances under which it was discovered and placed in the recreation ground is shortly to be affixed to the boulder’.

The Hoar Stone We must assume that this Boulder Stone became what is now known as the War Stone which must have been moved from the Hockley Hill Recreation Ground to where it now rests outside the Cemetery Lodge in Warstone Lane, although there appears to be no record of this move - the Hockley Hill Recreation Ground appears to be still there but there has been no sign of activity for many years.

The Inscription on the plate reads: ‘THE WAR STONE This felsite boulder was deposited near here by a glacier during the Ice Age, being at one time used as a parish boundary mark it was known as the Hoar Stone, of which the modern War Stone is a corruption’.

Chance Brothers Glass by Marie Haddleton

In the 60s, one of my consignments as a ‘Temp’ was at Chance Brothers. On Monday mornings, you never knew whether you would be working at the back of a typing pool trying to get an old sit-up-and-beg typewriter to work and just typing very basic letters, or working in your own office for a Chairman or M.D. knee deep in carpets with the latest golf-ball typewriter - Chance Brothers was a typing pool job. Unfortunately the other typists were a bit of a lazy lot and it was obvious why the firm just couldn’t keep a supervisor - I was offered the job but turned it down! I did however love the glass items that the factory turned out and I bought several pieces from their ‘factory shop’. The ‘handkerchief vase’ was one of their favourite lines (see picture). For a few weeks I worked mornings only at Chance Brothers and in the afternoon I moved to Hampson Industries in West Bromwich, taking shorthand from Tom Hampson Silk which I took home to type overnight, delivering the work the next day (I was his personal Temp for 17 years) including the time when he became the financial director of the Albion - it was the year they won the cup and I was driving around in a mini painted in their colours and wearing a blue/ white mini-skirt with an orange top - but sometimes even driving Rolls Royce WBA 10! During my years as a ‘Temp’ the companies I worked for included several companies in The Jewellery Quarter. most of which would not

A piece of Chance Brothers glass

have met today’s Health & Safety Standard levels!

Chance Brothers Glass (Courtesy Doug Wilkes)

‘Buried in the catacombs at Key Hill is Robert Lucas Chance (1782– 1865), The founder of the company Chance Brothers Glass a leading glass manufacturer and a pioneer of British glassmaking technology. Among the projects they carried out were; the glazing of the original Crystal Palace to house the Great Exhibition of 1851 and the Houses of Parliament at that time the only company that was able to make the opal glass for the four faces of the Westminster Clock Tower which house the Big Ben. In 1897 his son, also named Robert Lucas Chance was interred in the catacombs with his father and his sisters (they were Church of England, he was not), but in 1902, he was moved to an ordinary burial plot perhaps to be buried with his son Sidney and to

allow for the later burial of his wife. This is one of the few art nouveau memorials at Key Hill and is very well preserved.

The Reverend Manning wrote of Robert Lucas Chance Jnr:“40 years Director of Messrs. Chance Bros., glass works at Spon Lane and of Alkali works at Oldbury. A munificent but unostentatious supporter of all sorts of philanthropic & charitable institutions.” My last church was in Oldbury and the Chance family were patrons of our local Anglican Church, St Michaels Langley and it was known as a Chance Church. Due to the lack of support the church was closed and put up for sale. The JQRG now has a link with History West Midlands who have produced a short film about Chance Brother Glass. To view the History West Midlands short film go to the JQRG home page at’

April 2014

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Property Planning Matters GENERAL

The ‘GOLDEN TRIANGLE’ and the ‘INDUSTRIAL MIDDLE’ are the areas protected against inappropriate residential use. A large number of Planning Applications are not in accordance with the Planning Legislation which is there to ‘protect’ the Jewellery Quarter and the trade. Please help the Jewellery Quarter to survive by making your ‘official’ protest against such Applications.

New Applications 2014/02014/PA The Birmingham Mint Icknield Street Hockley Birmingham B18 6RU. Listed Building Consent for the conversion of floors 1 and 2 to provide 6 no. apartments, changes to the front and rear entrances with internal works, installation of solar panels to roof, retention of ground floor offices and associated car parking (Re-submission). 19-03-2014 2014/01838/PA 41 George Street Hockley Birmingham B3 1QA. Sub-division of existing shop into two separate units, for retail (use class A1) and hot food takeaway (use class A5). 17-03-2014 2014/01767/PA Land at Ickneild Street Pope St Moreton St adjoining 50 Carver St B1 3AS. Removal of existing metal fencing & ancillary elements and erection of new secure boundary wall & security measures. 13-03-2014

2014/01633/PA 43-49 Vittoria Street Standard Works Birmingham B1 3ND Listed Building Consent for internal alterations. 10-03-2014 2014/01632/PA 43-49 Vittoria Street Standard Works Birmingham B1 3ND Change of use to non residential institution (Use Class D1) with ancillary retail (A1), restaurant (A3), light industrial (BN1), residential (C2), assembly & lesiure (D2) and associated works. 10-03-2014. 2014/01630/PA The Birmingham Mint Icknield Street Hockley Birmingham B18 6RU Conversion of floors 1 and 2 to provide 6 no. apartments, changes to the front and rear entrances with internal works, installation of solar panels to roof, retention of ground floor offices and associated car parking (Resubmission). 07-03-2014

36 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

Planning Applications and Decisions from the Jewellery Quarter.

2014/01396/PA 23-24 Hall Street 1st and 2nd Floors Birmingham B18 6BS Change of use of first and second floors from office (Class B1) use to training centre (Class D1) use 27-02-2014

Ongoing 2014/01487/PA 32 Water Street Fluid Space Ar ts Birmingham B3 1HL. Change of use from D1 to mixed use scheme containing A1,A3 & D2 and 6no. 2 bedroom loft apartments with associated parking, demolition of rear warehouse roof and insertion of new steel frame third floor extension. 03-03-2014 2014/01269/PA St Georges Court 1 Albion Street Jewellery Quarter Birmingham B1 3AH. Change of use of office block to a school, extensions at first, second and third floors, provision of an open deck “play area”, parking and associated works. 21-02-2014 2014/01132/PA 88-90 Vittoria Street Birmingham B1 3PA. Application to determine the details for condition numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 attached to approval 2013/07382/PA. 18-02-2014 2014/00682/PA George & Dragon Public House 12-13 Albion Street Birmingham B1 3ED. Listed Building Consent for replacement of new roof structure and covering including repairs and conversion of former pub into ground floor and basement restaurant and first and second floor into three flats. 31-012014 2014/00680/PA George & Dragon Public House 12-13 Albion Street Birmingham B1 3ED. Application for planning permission for conversion of former public house to restaurant at basement and ground floor level with three apartments at first and second floor level. 31-01-2014

New Decisions 2014/01276/PA Albion Street O/s 69 Albion Street Birmingham B1 3EA. Telecoms Licence Application for the installation of 1 no. DSLAM cabinet. Final Decision - Seen & Noted by Authority. 2013/09220/PA 3 Spencer Street Hockley Birmingham B18 6DD. Change of use of ground floor from Retail (Use Class A1) to Professional Office (Use Class A2) F inal Decision - Approve subject to Conditions. 2013/09157/PA The Private Shop 1 Hockley Hill Birmingham B18 5AA.

Change of use at ground and first floor from retail (use class A1) to licensed massage and special treatment facility comprising body massage, solaria/sun beds, saunas, therapeutic spa baths, hot tubs, herbal bath and aroma therapy (Sui Generis). Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions. 2014/00215/PA 15 Caroline Street Hockley Birmingham B3 1TR. Listed building consent for change of use from 4 no. live/work units (C3) to 8 no. aparthotel units (C1) and internal alterations. Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions. 2014/00212/PA 15 Caroline Street Hockley Birmingham B3 1TR. Change of use from 4 no. live/work units (C3) to 8 no. apart-hotel units (C1). Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions 2013/09440/PA Chamberlain Court 26-27 Hall Street Ladywood Birmingham B18 6BS. Display of 3 no. nonilluminated fascia signs. Final Decision - Approve Temporary 2013/08589/PA Caroline Street Land adjacent to Crowford House Jewellery Quarter Birmingham B3 1UP. Erection of new 3/4 storey building to provide ground floor commercial space (A1, A2, B1), 13 no. apartments and associated parking and access. Final Decision -- Approve subject to Conditions

Older Decisions 2014/00233/PA 55 Charlotte Street Birmingham B3 1PX. Application for a non material amendment following a grant of planning permission 2011/05271/PA for an increase of rooflights from 4no. to 5no. Final Decision - Approve. 2013/09442/PA 90-104 Constitution Hill Hockley Birmingham B19 3JT. Installation of solar panels to roof. Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions 2013/09388/PA Land at Icknield Street/ Pope Street/Moreton Street Birmingham B1 3AS. Minor Material Amendment attached to planning approval 2012/06674/PA for the creation of a mezzanine and minor alterations to elevation design. Final Decision Approve subject to Conditions. 2013/07515/PA 29 Warstone Lane Jewellery Quarter Birmingham B18 6JQ. Listed building consent for internal alterations to form 5 no. live work units. Final Decision - Refuse 2013/07514/PA 29 Warstone Lane Jewellery Quarter Birmingham B18 6JQ. Change of use to 5 no. live/work units. Final Decision - Refuse. 2013/07382/PA 88-90 Vittoria Street

Birmingham B1 3PA. Change of use from (Use Class B1) offices to Use Classes A3 (Restaurant and Cafes), A4 (Drinking Establishments) and A5 (Hot Food Take-aways). Final Decision Approve subject to Conditions. 2013/08205/PA 55 Charlotte Street Birmingham B3 1PX. Non material amendment attached to planning approval 2011/05271/PA for alterations to the design of roof lights and alterations to obscured windows. Final Decision - Approve 2013/08007/PA The Mint Block 8 98 Icknield Street Birmingham B18 6RY. Non Material Amendment to approval 2003/00394/PA for minor alterations to the elevations. Final Decision - Approve 2013/05972/PA 33 Pitsford Street Hockley Birmingham B18 6LJ. Erection of a three storey building to provide 12 apartments with associated amenity area and car parking. Final Decision - Approve subject to Conditions 2013/07186/PA Assay Office LP Adjacent to Assay Office Newhall Street/ Charlotte Street Birmingham B3 1BD. Application for prior notification for replacement of telecommunications equipment and associated cabinet Final Decision - Prior Approval Required and to Approve with Conditions.

JEWELS OF OUR CITY - Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. Starting with an overview of the Jewellery Quarter’s origins and development, chapters follow with personal narratives from those working in the Quarter today, including the editor of The Hockley Flyer Marie Haddleton. Personal stories are followed by a series of individual and old established firms still at work today. Smaller jewellery manufacturers are not forgotten including those producing contemporary work such as Crescent Silver and Silver Birch, and more... It costs £14.95 + £2 post AROUND HOCKLEY by Ted Rudge & John Houghton ‘When Hockley was in the old Manor of Birmingham it was the largest district with clearly defined boundaries. Today the boundaries around this inner city district, part of the massive conurbation Birmingham became, are indistinct to many who lived or live within. The world renowned Jewellery Quarter and St Pauls Church have long been established in Hockley and still provide a major contribution to the workforce and the district’s history. More than 180 photographs showing how Hockley has changed over the last century. It costs £14.99 + £1.40 P+P HOCKLEY by David Harvey. This fascinating collection of photographs, including many rare and old images (some from as early as 1865) explores Hockley over the past century and a half, and details the social, architectural and functional changes in the area. With sections on industry, transport, leisure and religion, all aspects of everyday life are covered. It costs £12.99 + £1.40 P&P THE JEWELLERY QUARTER History and Guide 2nd edition has over 150 photographs, many of which are unique, and has 148 pages packed with the history of the Jewellery Quarter, and makes an ideal gift for anyone who has memories of the Jewellery Quarter, or for those keen on the development of the area. It costs £3.50 + £1.10 P&P

Summary Guide to Use Classes A1 - Shops. A2 - Financial and Professional Services. A3 - Restaurants and Cafes. A4 - Drinking Establishments. A5 - Hot Food Takeaways. B1 (a) - Business. (b) - Research & development, studios, labs, high technology. (c) - Light Industry. B2 - General Industry. B3 - Storage/Distribution. C1 - Hotels C2 - Residential Institutions C2A - Secure Residential Institutions. C3 - Dwelling Houses D1 - Non-residential Institutions. D2 - Assembly/Leisure.


Plans are available for scrutiny at the Spring Hill Library. You must register any objections (or support) to the above Applications in writing direct to Birmingham Core Strategy, Birmingham City Council, 4th Floor, 1 Lancaster Circus, Birmingham B4 7DJ, quoting the Planning Application number. Remember, there is a restriction against inappropriate housing within the Golden Triangle and the Industrial Middle - but your objections still need to be recorded!

THE BIRMINGHAM JEWELLERY QUARTER: AN INTRODUCTION AND GUIDE: By John Cattell, Bob Hawkins The first section explains the evolution of the Quarter and acts as an introduction to its characteristic buildings, the people who work there, and their products. The second section provides a walking tour of the Quarter, highlighting some of the most significant buildings, which readers can use to explore the area. It costs £2.50 + £1.10 P&P - SPECIAL OFFER


On-line from: Jewels of our City - Birmingham’s JQ at £14.95 + £2 post ... Around Hockley at £14.99 + £1.40 post ................................ Hockley at £12.99 + £1.40 post ............................................. The Jewellery Quarter at £3.50 + £1.10 post ......................... The Bham JQ - an Intro and Guide £2.50 + £1.10 post .........

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Events are subject to change and given as a guide only!

Info on Jewellery museum events Tel: 0121 554 3598. RBSA Gallery - Tel: 0121 236 4353 - open Monday to Friday 10.30am-5.30pm, Saturday 10.30am-5.00pm. Sunday 1.00-5.00pm

SEE for latest events added regularly. Add your own events!


Now - 03 May. PAT LANDON RBSA Solo Show. Out and About in Italy, Wales and the Netherlands. A year of travelling, recorded as Pat saw it. Now - 17 May. ANDREW MATHESON RBSA Solo Show. A display of forms in porcelain experimenting with a barium glaze.

Now - 12 Apr. BIRMINGHAM WATERCOLOUR SOCIETY’S EXHIBITION. Founded in 1907, the BWS upholds the finest traditions of watercolour painting, and promotes excellence through innovation. Now - 12 Apr. FOUND EXHIBITION. Second group exhibition held at the Gallery by Quatrefoil artists Jacqueline Calladine, Annette Lucas ARBSA and Stephanie Redfern RBSA. Don’t miss the exhibitors’ demonstration on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 April. Now - 31 May. NIGEL PRIDDEY RBSA solo show. A selection of watercolour paintings that explore pattern and colour in the landscape. Now - 28 Jun. SECRET GARDEN CRAFT EXHIBITION. Escape to a magical hideaway overflowing with butterflies, flowers and toadstools. Secret Garden presents a charming collection of jewellery, ceramics and textiles exploring fairytales and narratives, with particular emphasis on the ways in which designer makers use words and text within their practice. Enchanting jewellery by Amanda Coleman, Clare Collinson and Helen Lea is on show together with vintage-inspired glassware by Emma Wells and spellbinding paper creations by Alix Swan. 14 Apr - 26 Apr. CANDIDATES’ EXHIBITION. The annual exhibition of work by artists seeking election to become Associates or Members of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA). 28 Apr - 10 May. UKCPS ANNUAL OPEN EXHIBITION. The United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS) Annual Open Exhibition is a selection of work by coloured pencil artists from the UK and around the world. 15 May 4.00pm - 8.00pm. The Pen Museum. During the three nights of the Museums at Night project 15th until 17th May 2014, which takes place across Europe, Transient-Art will temporarily become part of the Pen Museum, in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Fifteen artists’ will explore the notion of drawing, writing and the concept of the pen, its traditions and how they are placed in modern society. The artwork will embrace the museum allowing the audience to view what they do, or join in. Some artists will draw, some will write using pens they make, typewriters, stamps and Braille machines, which will also be open to the

38 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

The Hockley Flyer is available on subscription. See advert elsewhere

public to use. Other artists will project video on exhibits or alongside them, there will be live traditional ink making and a chance to make your own ink pen to use or take away. Other artworks will be made beforehand and intertwine amongst the museum, responding to the museum and Birmingham’s pen making history. Evidence of what happened during the three days of the project will be on display at the museum until 15th June 2014.

12 Jun - 12 Jul. PRIZE EXHIBITION. As part of our work to support artists the RBSA stages a Prize exhibition annually. This popular exhibition provides a range of artists with the opportunity to show their work and the chance to be rewarded for their talents. This exhibition attracts entries from talented artists across the UK and is selected by an independent panel of judges which, this year, includes experienced members of the RBA, the Royal Society of British Artists. Special thanks the GMC Trust for donating the first prize of £1000.

Training & Education

09 Apr and 07 May - UNDERSTANDING WATCHES This hands-on course is intended for retail staff or enthusiasts who already have some experience of watches. The one day course will provide an understanding of the technical aspects and benefits of different types of watches, improving confidence when selling. it will also teach basic practical skills which enable delegates to diagnose possible faults and carry out maintenance repairs. Course Fee – £195 + VAT per Delegate Maximum of 6 Delegates 12 Apr - 10.00am-4.00pm SILVER RING JEWELLERY WORKSHOP. Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. Join designer maker Louise Mary to design and make your own silver ring. Learn the skills and techniques of a silversmith in this creative day workshop. £50.00 per person, includes materials and refreshments. Booking essential. Call 0121 554 3598 to book your place now. 17th Apr - 1.00-3.00pm. FAMILY FRIENDLY CRAFT ACTIVITY. Museum Of The Jewellery Quarter Make your very own Easter animal to take home. Drop in family friendly craft activity. £1.00 per person.

Get listed:

Vidal Sassoon Trained

FOR THAT 2014 HAIR STYLE Ladies and Gents catered for

Studio 7, Style Works, 50/54 St Paul's Square, Birmingham B3 1QS. Tel: 0121 212 2231

Jakes of St. Pauls


The Jam House, St.Pauls Square, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham B31 QU Book online at

23 Apr and 6 May - UNDERSTANDING HALLMARKING. This Half-day event provides a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and visit the Hallmaking Floor at the Birmingham Assay Office, which is not usually open to the public. During a special guided tour you will see how Hallmarks are applied to precious metal items and jewellery and have the chance to ‘have a go’ at hallmarking. The event costs £75 + VAT per Person Minimum of 6 Maximum of 10. 24th Apr - 1.00pm-3.00pm FAMILY CRAFT WORKSHOP. Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. Join artist Lisa Broughton for a craft workshop suitable for all the family. Design and make your own felt brooch or badge with an Easter theme. £3.00 per person. Booking essential call 0121 554 3598 to book your place now. 29 Apr and 13 May - UNDERSTANDING DIAMONDS. This course is intended for retail staff who already have some experience of selling jewellery and precious stones. It will provide an in-depth understanding of diamonds improving their confidence when selling. Course fee £250 + VAT Maximum of 4 Delegates 14 May - AN INTRODUCTION TO TOUCH ACID TESTING. This half day course is aimed at delegates with little or no experience of Touch Acid testing for precious metals. By the end of the course, delegates will be able to test and identify precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Course Fee £250 + VAT per Delegate Maximum of 4 Delegates. 19 May - UNDERSTANDING JEWELLERY VALUATIONS. This course is ideal for anyone with an interest in the value of jewellery. This includes retailers, pawnbrokers, auctioneers and those involved in consumer complaints or insurance replacement. It is expected that delegates have some experience of jewellery and gemstones. This course also includes a unique behind the scenes tour of the Hallmarking floor. 20 May - UNDERSTANDING COLOURED GEMSTONES. This one day interactive training course takes an in depth look at some of the most important coloured stones used in jewellery, including sapphires, rubies, emeralds and tanzanite. Delegates will gain a good commercial understanding of these stones and key selling points for each one. Course Fee £250 + VAT per Delegate Maximum of 4 Delegates. 21 May - UNDERSTANDING PRODUCT SAFETY FOR FASHION ACCESSORIES. This one day course offers basic level training for jewellery technologists and costume jewellery and fashion accessories buyers who wish to understand new and current EU and USA product legislation and testing requirements before supplying products for sale to consumers. Course Fee – £195 + VAT per Delegate Maximum of 8 Delegates. 25 May 2.00pm - 4.00pm. FLOWERS IN FABRIC AND THREAD. Workshop led by Margaret Fairhead RBSA. Make fabulous flowers for jewellery or deco-

ration! With plenty of examples and materials provided, you will learn how to cut, glue, fold and stitch fabrics to create your own unique designs. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including those who are new to sewing. Booking essential. This workshop is suitable for children aged 6 to 12. Please book in advance to enable the Gallery to confirm numbers and prepare resources. Price £6 per child


12th Apr - 2.00pm - A WALK AND TALK AROUND BIRMINGHAM’S HISTORIC JEWELLERY QUARTER. Join our friendly guide for an informal walk and talk around Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. Discover the architecture and history within this unique area. £5.00 per person. Booking essential - call 0121 554 3598 to book your place now. 13 Apr and 11 May - Noon. TOURS OF WARSTONE LANE and KEY HILL CEMETERIES (2nd Sunday each Month except Dec). Warstone Lane Cemetery start at Noon, meet in the cemetery near the Pitsford Street entrance. Key Hill Cemetery start at 2pm , meet by the island inside the cemetery near the Icknield Street Entrance. Per person per cemetery - £3.00, per couple per cemetery - £5.00. Accompanied children under 16 - Free


Classical, Theatre etc.

10 Apr - 12 Apr - A FEMALE PERSPECTIVE: @ Blue Orange Theatre. Three pieces of new writing will be showcased in this exciting production entitled A Female Perspective. The three pieces were successfully selected as part of a writing competition set out by BOW (Blue Orange Writers) The production will be professionally produced by Blue Orange Arts and will feature an all female cast.

01 May @ 1.15pm - 1.45pm. St Pauls Church - THURSDAY LIVE Organ Recital. Played by Paul Carr: Modest Mussorgsky (1839–1881) Arr. Paul Carr – Gopak | J.S.

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Bach (1685-1750) Ach, bleib bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ BWV 649 | Herbert Howells (1892–1983) Saraband for the Morning of Easter | Louis Vierne (1870-1937) Naïades from Pièces de Fantaisie | Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) Arr. Paul Carr – Vocalise | Barry Ferguson (b 1942) Toccata for Joy from South and West Suite.

over two years ago, Ian decided that the time was right to perform a series of concerts in a stripped down intimate manner, in order to present his back catalogue and much of his newest material in its ‘purest form’ Ian’s recent album, reflects the solo acoustic approach: ‘The Bare Bones’ features 11 tracks, and has been enthusiastically received by fans and the press alike.


24 Apr - LatinMotion presents DEL CAMINO: Popular seven piece Salsa Band supported by LatinMotion DJs. Always a busy night. Salsa classes from LatinMotion’s own Mauricio Reyes, from 9pm. (www.

Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul, etc.

10 Apr - MIDNIGHT SESSION: With three fantastic vocalists and a cracking brass section, Midnight Session take on some of the greatest dance floor hits and really bring them alive, with a range of songs from the likes of Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jessie J, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Stevie Wonder. A Jam House debut, Midnight Session are a band of superbly accomplished and very individual professional musicians that come together to perform their favourite classics – brilliant and entertaining. 11 and 12 Apr - Mr BEN: This entertaining & energetic four piece plays a terrific range of classic and contemporary rock anthems from the likes of the Police & Proclaimers to Stereophonics & Snow Patrol ( 15 Apr - JAZZLINES presents ... The PAUL SAWTELL TRIO: Paul Sawtell brings his vibes to The Jam House. Paul is universally known as a jazz pianist, playing with such big names as Shirley Bassey, Neil Sedaka, and Sir Cliff Richard. In recent years, Paul has focused as much on the vibes as on the piano and tonight you can hear him as he performs on this great jazz instrument that has very much come back into its own. Paul Sawtell on vibes, Al Gurr, piano and Tom Hill on bass. 16 Apr - GOSPEL CENTRAL: A monthly celebration of the talent to be found in the local Gospel music scene giving an urban and contemporary edge to gospel music - featuring Colin Peters & Andre Bassing. 17 Apr - KING PLEASURE & the Biscuit Boys: Dazzling musicianship, riveting stage performances, sixty TV appearances, two barnstorming decades on the road and eleven red hot CDs have established King Pleasure & the Biscuit Boys as today’s greatest swing band. They have toured and performed with B.B. King, Cab Calloway and his Orchestra and the original Blues Brothers Band from the movie, as well as recording with leading Americans. 18 and 19 Apr - URBAN INTRO: They’re back! Always a big Jam House favourite, Urban Intro make a welcome return with a new and even stronger lineup featuring the incredible vocal talents of Naomi Gardner Phillips & Martin Waugh, performing hits from the likes of Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake to classics from Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, & even CeCe Peniston. 22 Apr - CAPITAL GROOVE: A fresh and alternative five-piece band, playing the best dance floor tracks & party anthems of the ‘eighties & ‘nineties! Guaranteed to keep you moving All Night! 23 Apr - IAN PARKER: Over the last 10 years, Ian Parker has established himself throughout Europe and in the US as one of the leading roots music singer-songwriters and performers of his generation. A little

40 Hockley Flyer The

April 2014

25 Apr - UP4 THE DOWNSTROKE: Stellar vocal harmony is blended with excellent musicianship to make Up 4 The Downstroke the UKs premier band playing RnB faves from the likes of Beyonce, Timberlake, Rhianna and more. 29 Apr - The ACOUSTIC SESSIONS: New talent showcase presented by Ben Drummond. To be part of this regular feature at the Jam House, all musicians should contact the Jam House on 0121 200 3030. 30 Apr - SUPERSTARS of SOUL: Now here’s a Soul Show NOT TO MISS! Three UK Soul performers that have bludgeoned the Charts in the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, come together in one show at the Jam House. A show of non-stop soul hits featuring The Foundations (“Build Me Up Buttercup”, “Baby, Now That I’ve Found You”,”In the Bad Bad Old Days”), Jaki Graham (“Round and Around” ,”Could It Be I’m Falling in Love”, “Set Me Free”), and “Hand Clappin, Foot Stompin, Funky-Butt” Geno Washington. 01 May - FAULKNER: A terrific guitarist and vocalist, Simon Faulkner brings his new band to the Jam House for an entertaining range of jazz funk, soul and dance classics from the seventies & eighties. 02 and 03 May - GROUPER: Rock this weekend with this four-piece guitar band playing a complete range of classics old and new. 06 May - NADIINE DANIIELS & MISS DORA: A showcase event for two fantastic new artists studying popular music at the University of Wolverhampton. Nadiine Daniiels is an outstanding Birmingham-based vocal talent covering R’n’B, Gospel and Blues. Romanian singer Dora Dihoiu, already a busy international artist, brings her Pop, Soul and Funk influences to the Jamhouse.

Weekly Events

Every week at your local - probably!

Sundays from 2:30pm. THE SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT (Acoustic Acts downstairs) at the Actress and Bishop, Ludgate Hill. Mondays from 9:00pm. QUIZBOX Quiz Night (Downstairs)at the Actress and Bishop, Ludgate Hill Tuesdays from 8:00pm - RED SPANGLY JACKET QUIZ The Red Lion 95 Warstone Lane. Team up, or go it alone (if you’re feeling lucky) and take on the infamous Red’s Tuesday Quiz. Thursdays from 8:30pm. QUIZ AT THE QUEENS The Queens Arms, Newhall Street Join us for our great pub quiz in Birmingham. Saturdays from 11:00pm. STIRLINGS Ludgate Hill. Enjoy all your favourite old Skool Classics, RnB, Hip Hop, Garage & House to take you back to the good old days!

Why UHY? UHY Hacker Young (Birmingham) LLP is an ambitious and growing firm of chartered accountants located on Vittoria Street in the Jewellery Quarter with offices across the UK. We offer a Professional, timely and appropriate service at competitive rates taking an avid interest in your business, as we are focused on helping you prosper.

What Services do we provide? • Sole Trader, Partnership, LLP & Limited Company Accounts; • Personal, Corporation Inheritance & Capital Gains Tax; • VAT Returns; • Company Incorporation & Management Accounts; • Solicitors Audit Reports; • Audit Services – Limited Companies & Charities; • Business & Tax Planning; • Company Payroll Schemes & PAYE; • Remote Accounting.

9-11 Vittoria Street – Birmingham – B1 3ND Tel: 0121 233 4799 Fax: 0121 233 4794 To speak to Malcolm Winston or Glenn Thomas from our Private Client Services team please call us or email Malcolm.Winston@uhybirmingham. or April 2014

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Recruitment Advertisements Recruitment


Silversmith We are seeking an experienced silversmith for a full time post in our highly successful Edinburgh workshops. Reporting to: Workshop Scheduler. Job Description: Manufacturing & repairing of silverware to the highest quality including repeat items and special commissions with the ability to work in other precious metals. Key Responsibilities: • • • • • • • •

Making to specific designs, delivery dates & standards. Carry out repairs to customers silverware. To assist in the development of new products i.e. costing elements, making tooling and ensuring continuity of manufacture. Quality control – Ensuring standards are continually met. Training junior silversmiths and apprentices. Ensuring good working practices are maintained in line with the company handbook, health & safety and related policies. Maintain client confidentiality at all times. Represent the brand image of Hamilton & Inches ensuring positive impact and image on customers.

• • • • •

Be punctual and hard working. Have a ‘can do’ attitude and have a strong team ethic. Have the ability to work to deadlines and adapt to changing priorities. Be structured and focused. Pay good attention to detail.

The successful candidate will:

Experience: At least 5 years of workshop experience or self-employment. The working week will be 37 ½ hours Monday to Friday with the potential for overtime during busy periods. Applicants should send a CV with covering letter to

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Visit our web site for a full rate card and other details.

Vinyl or CD collection gathering dust, or even an old hi-fi system? We are interested in buying or even selling them for you! Check out our enquiry form on our website. Separates are still popular, but with new technology it is possible to have high quality without a ‘stack’ of equipment. The amazing Ruark speakers pictured below are a good example, connecting to both your TV and wireless bluetooth devices. Large CD collection or finding it difficult to cope ripping your CD’s to hard disc? We can help, with metadata and album cover artwork ready to be played on your system. Take a look at our website -, order to have delivered or click and collect at a pre-arranged date. Email

Our stock is constantly changing, please see our website for latest  prices and offers.

Our second-hand equipment comes cleaned inside and out, with Cassette heads and Compact Disc player lenses cleaned and are thouroughly tested before selling. All are supplied with power cords.

Second hand Hi-Fi latest arrivals in stock Marantz DV7001 in near mint condition with instruction book and original remote control and packagng. It plays DVD-A, DVD-V, DVD-R/RW, SACD and CD-R/RW discs, including MP3 files. 216MHz/12-bit digital to analog converter for video processing and NSV precision video. Audio excellence is assured with a 24-bit/192kHz converter, the unique HDAM and other Marantz specific sound modifications in the audio sections.


Cambridge Audio Azur 540A £250 £115 V2.0 Amplifier. Supplied


Just arrived... tba

Sony CDP-550 CD Player. Dual D/A Converter System. CD Player works perfectly. Cosmetic condition is near mint - the only scratch is on top but right at the back. Comes complete with original remote control but no original box or instruction manual.

Smallest Hi-Fi Hint If you are very short on space how about a pair of hi-fi quality speakers that connect to your laptop or computer wirelessly via bluetooth and dont even need an amplifier as it’s built in. Very small - but big on sound! Ruark Audio MR1 Bluetooth Speaker System. Real walnut finish pictured, also soft white and soft black available. We love them.

with original box and original remote control, manual etc. Rated at 60 watts per channel at 8 Ohms, A chunkier heat sink allows the amplifier to dissipate more energy and run cooler meaning the amplifier punches well above its weight. Tuner pictured above amplifier not included

£85 Marantz CD-50 Special Edition Compact Disc Player with the TDA1541A digital converter and CDM-4/19 CD Mechanism. Popular for modding. This one is in nice condition complete with original remote control.

Check our web site for a constantly growing collection of used vinyl albums, cassettes and CD’s. All our albums play fine. Our website grades them according to condition. Please see www. or our NEW EBay shop - ybaaudio.

Technics Stereo Integrated Amplifier SU-V60 in superb condition. Class AA Amplifier rated at 100w per chanel into 6 ohms, it has inputs for Phono, Tuner, CD, AV/aux, Tape 1 and Tape 2, as well as a loudness switch, subsonic filter and a switch on the phono stage for MM or MC. It also features a defeat control to bypass the bass and treble controls, and a CD direct switch. Speakers A + B outputs are included. It weighs a hefty 8.5kg


Business Pages

Business Pages....

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ERIC GOODBY : 0121-233 2122

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Domestic Commercial Most carpets dry in 1-2 hours Free no obligation quotes 0121 355 6794 Fully insured. All work guaranteed

GOODMAN AND FINEMAN LIMITED (established over 40 years)

Or call in at:


Diamond Setting Co 13F Pitsford Street Birmingham B18 6LJ 0121 515 4293 TRADITIONAL HAND ENGRAVING

OFFICES, MUSIC STUDIOS, AND WORKSHOPS TO LET FROM £25.00 PER WEEK 1 month’s notice from Tenant accepted No Legal Fees Regent Place, Caroline Street, Regent Parade also Northwood Street



For all your engraving needs Why not give us a try Call us on: 07725 265672 Or come and see us at

38-40 Hylton Street Birmingham B18 6HN e-mail:

CALL US ON: +44 (0) 121 236 7051

Gemmology & Diamond Training K.A.T.E. Coventry +44 (0) 7990 908471 +44 (0) 24 7646 7428

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April 2014

Jewellery Quarter?

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Classifieds... CARS AND VEHICLES

SWALLOW GARAGE – For all your vehicle repairs/MOT’S etc. 11 Well Street, Hockley, Birmingham B19 3BG. Tel: 0121 554 2830, Fax 0121 554 2830.




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WEEKEND OPENINGS and modern designer dresses without the huge DIAMOND SET MOUNTS price tags! The IN 18CT & PLATINUM Wedding Quarter located conveniently in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter. We are a bridal outlet that offers top quality ex-sample, ex-display, second hand CALL US ON: +44 (0) 121 236 7051 and pre-loved wedding dresses at affordable prices. We aim to put the life back into these unloved dresses and help you buy a unique JEWELLERY REPAIRS while you wait. gown at a fraction of the cost of a brand new Wedding rings at manufacturers prices. designer one. Many of our gowns are from 7 Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, well known designers such as Mori Lee, RoVIP Advert - The Lady Artwork)_Lay Hockley, Birmingham B18 (4x1 6JE. Contact mantica, Alfred Angelo and many more. So if you are a bride on a budget, come and visit us Bob Turley. T: 0121 233 2220. with your bridal party and you will enjoy a great customer experience that is second to none. Home Most Of Our Dresses Are Under £500! We Valuation also stock a range of brand new bridal shoes Visits from brands such as Rainbow Club and other bridal accessories such as jewellery, veils and Postal tiaras! The Wedding Quarter is the Jewellery Service Quarters hidden gem! W: www.weddingqtr. JEWELLERY, WATCH Valuation T: 0845 519 6128. AND SILVERWARE Days at The Assay Office VALUATIONS AGADIR SPA is an Birmingham

0871 4237922

Book a valuation online:


DB CIVILS Limited specialises in all types of construction work from resurfacing, drainage, brickwork, utility connections, and site clearance. Our clients include the Catholic Church, Western Power Distribution and Birmingham City Council Education Dept. All work is fully guaranteed and we have £5million public liability for added protection. Visit our website for more details Phone: 07930 934611 / 0121 6498568

still at work today. Their stories include Deakin and Francis, Charles Green, The Acme Whistle Company, Toye Kenning & Spencer, Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Gladman and Norman,The Assay Office, and The Pen Room. Smaller jewellery manufacturers are not forgotten including those producing contemporary work. Available from W:

JEWELS OF OUR CITY - Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. Starting with an overview of the Jewellery Quarter’s origins and development, chapters follow with personal narratives from those working in the Quarter today, including the editor of The Hockley Flyer Marie Haddleton. Personal stories are followed by a series of individual and old established firms

Authentic Moroccan Beauty Centre based in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. We offer full spa treatment services. Whether you need to unwind, relax and pamper yourself or improve your skin and body, get ready for a party, or simply want to enjoy superior Beauty Therapy with friends why not visit us? We believe that beauty should be for everyone, because when you take care to look and feel your best, you feel better about yourself. Our therapists are passionate about delivering honest and professional advice, and working with you to address your personal beauty needs. W: www. T: 0121 679 843 or 07909 171 719 April 2014

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Classified Advertisements

Do you run a business connected to Birmingham’s

Classified Advertisements

LEARN THE secret to beautiful skin. Your personal skin care specialist will guide you to your optimum healthy skin. Also offer: HD Eyebrows, Threading, Waxing, Electrolysis, and Spray Tanning. Event - Sunday 9th March at ICC Birmingham. Asian Bride Show Live. Claim free ticket Visit the Skin Practice stand. Try our collagen drink complimentary to stay looking young. T: 0121 233 3010. W: THE PEN ROOM Museum. Come, see, and learn about Birmingham’s domination of the making of Steel Pen Nibs in the 19th Century at The Argent Centre on Frederick Street, Birmingham B1 3HS. Tel: 0121 236 9834. Admission Free. W:

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VACANCIES SALES AGENTS and Reps are required to sell BOHEM branded jewellery. BOHEM is a brand new jewellery concept and all the production take place in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. BOHEM launched their products last May and since then it caught the eye of several media publications. For more info please visit or Google “BOHEM nails” to view what the media and bloggers had to say about us. Highly rewarding commissions and bonuses applies. Phone: 07891429466.


PLOT FOR self build house sought in Quarter by JQ resident couple seeking to up-size. Infill, back-fill-your car-park or yard? Must be freehold with unencumbered access and residential planning consent (or purchase dependent on obtaining it). Would consider f/h conversion project. Know someone with possible site? State size, location, and price aspiration. Tel: 0121 200 1055

ers, desks, stools, chairs, storage bins, industrial lighting, old patterns, tote tins, tea chests, and old stock. Tel: 07860 307446.



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OLD WORKBENCHES, wooden and steel filing cabinets, plan chests, lock-

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BULLION DEALERS • SMELTERS ASSAYERS • WHOLESALE JEWELLERY We are specialists in the recovery of Precious Metals for the Jewellery and Dental Trades, and we will buy scrap, lemel, sweeps etc in any form or quantity.

       

We buy Gold, & Silver, Hallmarked & Unhallmarked at the same rate. Premium Prices Paid for Surplus Jewellery Stock. Lemels, Sweeps and Polishings, including Dental Scrap. Fast turnaround 24hrs Lemels, 5 days Sweeps. Gold & Silver Solutions and Residues, Cyanide & Acid based. Fluxes, Pots & Crucibles, and other low grade materials. Free Collection or Free Insured Postal Service. Prompt payment by Cash, Cheque or T.T. FOR YOUR BULLION NEEDS WE SUPPLY

 Solders  Casting Grain  Tube  Sheet  Wire For a fast, efficient and confidential service call Dave or Steve on


43-45 SPENCER STREET, HOCKLEY, BIRMINGHAM Fax: 0121 233 1470 Open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday - Friday

April 2014

Hockley Flyer The


157c Warstone Lane Jewellery Quarter B18 6NZ

0121 285 75 75

Profile for Mark Haddleton

The Hockley Flyer  

The magazine for Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter April 2014, # 345

The Hockley Flyer  

The magazine for Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter April 2014, # 345