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Arrange Viewings and Find A Buyer

At viewings your ABYA broker will use his knowledge of the industry to bring the right boat together with the right buyer. Again, this not an easy area and good brokers are skilled and well‐practised in it.

Agree Terms and Draw Up S&P Documentation

Once an agreement is reached your broker will put his legal hat back on and draw‐up the sale and purchase agreement. The broker will liaise with the surveyor, the yards for lift‐outs and lift‐ins, sea trial skippers and general advice as to who is responsible for what at each stage of the process.

Process The Sale and Secure Payment

The broker will assist in more negotiation if there are any issues after the survey and advise both parties on legal or contractual responsibility. If all is well the transaction will proceed to completion. The broker’s role now, is effectively to protect each side. The purchaser makes his balance payment to the secure client account, safe in the knowledge that no funds will be handed over until the right title documents have been delivered and re‐checked. The seller is also safe in the knowledge that title to his boat will not pass until funds have been cleared through the secure account. Once the correct documents have been delivered and the funds have fully cleared, the broker can transfer ownership to the buyer, draw up the completion statement, make any agreed payments such as paying off an outstanding mortgage, simultaneously and safely distribute the sales proceeds to the seller.




Solent Handbook & Directory 2017  
Solent Handbook & Directory 2017