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Story by Yazid Junaidi & Hafiz Azly Illustration by Stan Lee Published by Oxford & Gempak Starz

Hi I’m Timon. I’m a meerkat.

And I’m Pumbaa. I’m a wild boar. Today Timon and I will introduce you some of the animals in Africa.

This is Simba, The lion. Lion is known as the King of the land. Lion is fierce and protective to their family.

This is Rafiki. He is a baboon. Do you know that baboon is a caring animal. The mother carries their baby next to her stomach as she travels, holding it with one hand.

This is Zazu. He is the famous African Red-billed hornbill. He has amazing colourful feather.

These are Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, they are the hyenas! They always move as a group, and they work for Scar!!!

Now, let’s say this together HAKUNA MATATA!

Animal Kingdom  

The best book in the world. Najib growing up reading and sleeping to this book.