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alternatives The following comments came out of the analysis presented

that were presented, changes were made to the logo —for example

by the client and integration of the brand mandatories:

a more italicized typography— in an effort to give it more movement. Although this proposal was attractive, it was not used, because the

Flavor color coded and indicated by the word chocolate,

original logo is a brand mandatory. The three flavors lent themselves

vainilla or fresa (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry)

to displaying the rabbit in distinct poses.

Interaction between the flavor and the rabbit 50 percent of the total space on the front panel reserved

Certain final adjustments were made to the approved design:

for the brand The remaining area for the vitamin flash, the word

Label reversal and character rotation

“nuevo” (new), the flavor, the category (fortified

The glass was brought closer to the front and the

powdered drink) and net contents

perspective managed in such a way that the rabbit invites the consumer to take it


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Through distinct visual weights and versioning optimization, greater

Elimination of elements like the straw and bubbles,

modernity and dynamism were achieved. Among the alternatives

to make it visually cleaner


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention