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Nutrition can be fun CHALLENGES

To interact globally with a strategic brand To improve perception of brand character by changing its features and personality To communicate the brand’s nutritional value and create an emotional tie to children


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The changes in Nesquik’s formula and positioning have caused its graphic identity to evolve over time.

Despite its highly nutritious formula,


perceived it as antiquated. After several exercises, Spanish illustrator

was positioned

Ramón Casanyes rejuvenated the character by dressing it the way many

as a fun product —exclusively

children do: in baggy pants, cap and T-shirt. The result was a change in

flavor based— within the milk

perception; Quiky looked like another one of the kids; he was now a “cool”

additive market, where Nestlé

bunny. Forum adapted some details of the figure to the Mexican market

shares leadership with other

perception. With these innovations, the objectives of the project were to:

brands. The Asociación Nacional de Tiendas de Autoservicio y

Rejuvenate the brand

Departamentales (Mexican

Offer the consumer public innovations

Association of Self Service and

Reinforce product attributes, especially the benefits

Department Stores-ANTAD)

of the new vitamin complex

indicates that Choco



Reposition the product as fun, delicious and nutritious

the major share of this niche, with 27 percent, followed by

To improve brand presence, the new formula was aimed at the original

Nesquik (18 percent), Cal-C-Tose®

target market: school-age children and their mothers. The idea was to


(15 percent) and Choco Kiwi

continue using an attractive image but one that also reflected modernity

(7 percent).

and the product’s nutritional attributes. The information contained on the back panel, especially the nutritional table, was reworked.

To compensate for deficiencies in Mexican children, the company incorporated a new vitamin complex into Nesquik. The Quiky rabbit —identified as the brand character— underwent studies among target consumers, who


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention