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INTRODUCTION The brand is the bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer. To be successful marketers, we need to build strong brands which can win the trust of the consumer and create a close relationship. This in turn means that we need a clear vision of our brands, and understand consumer’s needs and expectations. Developing insights and well defined brand positionings, along with strong visual properties, will bring our brands to life. At the point of purchase, our packaging is the best media vehicle to bring all our messages to the consumer. This “moment of truth” is the critical test of how packaging has captured the soul of the brand and, as a consequence, turns the package into the quintessential success factor, time and time again. Great packaging design is the only way to great performance. A brand logo is not enough. Packs will have to continue to inform, persuade, amuse, create appetite appeal, and all the myriad things they can do, to keep building sales. The design partner is exactly that, a partner in achieving brand success. Nestlé is proud to help our partners succeed. We wish Forum a long and fruitful life in the communication business, and success for this book celebrating their 10 years.

Allan Boyle and Rolf Jäggli Nestlé Creative Services Vevey, Switzerland


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention