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La Lechera Flakes

The challenge for this cereal category was to communicate, in the clearest possible way, that these flakes have the distinctive La Lechera flavor. La Lechera Flakes is a cereal for the whole family, and communicative efforts were centered on giving the mother the nutritional lowdown while also telling the kids how fun and flavorful the product is. The basic goals were updating the image and value positioning, without losing sight of the guidelines and mandatories of each business unit. The dairy setting conveys the idea that there’s

For La Lechera Flakes, it was vital to respect the values of the brand image, which was always perceived as traditional, classic and high quality. To overcome the complexity of dynamic elements for positioning, such factors as the splashing of milk and the interaction of the spoon were used to catch consumers’ eyes. The backgrounds and textures suggest a modern, innovative atmosphere.

no need to add sugar to this cereal, since La Lechera makes it sweet.

The research done prior to concept development led to an analysis of the factors and communicative elements on cereal boxes considered key for the market. This is a highly dynamic and competitive category, making it essential to grab consumers’ attention through distinctive elements. They might include cartoon characters for children’s products, while spoons, details of the flakes, and flashes are often used for adults.


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The bowl of strawberries was revitalized; the cereal was given a more sugary texture, and the spoon was added in a dynamic, contemporary and warm way. Three options were created, two with the splash, which ended up being outweighed by the version with the spoon in the foreground. Other characteristic mandatories for this segment, such as the vitamin and mineral banner, were harmoniously inserted with the other brand guidelines.

The entire back panel image composition was done digitally. Each model was taken independently, then combined into a common scene that included elements regarding the product’s benefits.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention