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The brand’s added values stand out in the final design: the wooden texture of the bucket lends it an exclusive nature, and the typography suggests carving. The photography and digital manipulation present the ice cream as a dense, flavorful product while reinforcing the idea of an old-fashioned handmade ice cream, with all the traditional, homey goodness that it implies. The background scene and the ornamental elements accentuate the connotation of a premium product.

The nutritional chart, endorsed by the Nestlé consumer service band, looks like a parchment stuck on the wooden background. Together, they produce another stylistic element, and the label attains a higher degree of visual coherence. The legal information is discreetly printed to the left of this section.

The central photograph was perfected so it would project the idea of a luscious, sophisticated flavor and appeal to gourmand consumers. Along with the scoop of ice cream is a scene featuring the main ingredient. The flavor is further spotlighted by the typography, which is “carved” into the wood.

Since the lid is sometimes the only contact consumers have with the product —due to the way it is displayed at the point of purchase— the front panel is adapted to this part of the container.

On the back, the product is shown as it is served, always within a country setting and accented by supporting brand elements.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention