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refrigerated products

The extension of the brand to other categories sought appropriate acceptance and positioning. The innovation behind refrigerated products, as well as design and marketing strategy, were the keys to La Lechera breaking down its own barriers. Nestlé’s “ready-to-eat” (RTE) products meet the needs of modern consumer generations, eager for prepared products.

The first step was to implement brand mandatories —guidelines

Blue, with category-specific attributes, was the color code chosen for

from Switzerland established the dairy banner as an identity

the extensions (flan and gelatin). Although it had already been used

element— so as to unify business units (dairy and refrigerated

for the light category, there was no conflict since the products are

products). With the dairy banner defined, it was easier to apply the

in different categories and do not share the same shelf. The product

architecture to the extensions. Following the proportion guidelines

line was hierarchically organized, with each version given its own

(50/50), the taste appeal images for cream caramel or flan and

personality. The typography makes for a friendlier, more traditional and

yoghurt gelatin had to communicate homemade flavor, suggesting

homey product name. Consumer research showed the expected result:

the same tender loving care as for the rest of the line. Both products

the product was well received.

answer the need for convenience and lack of time in modern FIVESECONDS

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everyday life.

guidelines To maintain brand architecture To reflect that it is a different category from the main one To communicate that it is a ready-to-eat product To preserve brand tradition The final version for the bi-pack format incorporated the best elements from the three alternatives: the character of the traditional and tasty homemade flavor, the brand value, the communication band and the pale yellow background. All these elements would go into creating the product’s own image and color code.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention