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toppings and fillings Toppings and ďŹ llings were an extension of the condensed milk line. Tres Leches (used to make a popular Mexican cake) and Dulce de Leche (a ďŹ lling for several South American desserts) are easy-to-use products designed to help homemakers out in the kitchen. This La Lechera line has been warmly welcomed by the Mexican market. Within the dessert segment, this option offers various ways to arrive at the same goal of making delicious, practical desserts for the whole family to enjoy. A range of warm tones was selected for the color codes, very much in keeping with the attributes of the homemade dessert category. Their visual depiction is inviting, either to use as an ingredient or consume directly.

Ribbons that conform to brand mandatories while reinforcing the call to action were designed to highlight the contents of these products. Commonly associated with the homemade touch and caramel appearance, warm tones comprise the products’ color code and identify their characteristic elements. All the elements of the brand architecture, now uniformly applied, can be seen in these two product extensions.

Tres Leches As with the rest of the line extension, the final images for toppings and fillings are the result of an arduous exercise in photography and illustration.

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Dulce de Leche Used as either a topping or filling, Dulce de Leche fulfills the visual communication goals, which are complemented by the inclusion of recipes on the back panel.

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FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention