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La Lechera “chiquita”

La Lechera chiquita (miniature-sized) is a spin-off format of the classic version. Its reduced volume was formulated to meet the needs of small families. Visually it is a replica of the 397-gram (14-ounce) version of the can, but due to its smaller size there’s no back panel and a second front panel is used. The layout and color code were maintained to conserve the proportions and mandatories of the larger format.

La Lechera “sirvefácil” The third and newest format

doses and avoid opening a can if they were just looking for a sweet treat. The artwork was adapted from

for classic La Lechera is called

the 397-gram format, so that the mandatories and message priorities were preserved. Unlike for the

“sirvefácil” (easy-to-serve). It

397 and “chiquita” cans, however, the taste appeal and recommendations for use focus on a practical

was brought out after market

solution, where fruit is a way of achieving the product’s communicative goal.

research showed that the a dessert ingredient but also


product is not only used as

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as a topping for fruit, bread, pancakes, cookies, etc. The new product had to be versatile and practical so that consumers could use it in small

One of the container’s advantages —its leak-proof aspect— is highlighted on the back panel, which also stresses the practical, long-lasting and fun nature of the squeeze presentation.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention