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refinement A label displaying food should seduce consumers. Flavor, color and texture are the basic components brought to bear on this objective. Today’s technology greatly facilitates the desired result, but it takes many hours of hard work, along with countless digital images —used like sketches— to work out all the details (spoon, texture of cream caramel or flan and caramel, etc.), before finally achieving the final high-resolution image with the quality required.

The back panel tends to be one of the least attractive sections, as it provides only legal and nutritional information. Therefore, an icon or distinctive element was created for all of the brand’s business units to personalize the information that Nestlé wants to communicate. The consumer service seal took the form of personalized bands and seals —distinctive of Nestlé quality and confidence—, thus adding value to the product.

A familiar feature of La Lechera is that it provides consumers with practical recipes, the details of which appear on the inside of the label. A proposal that facilitates preparation is given on the back panel, while the photograph focuses on the fact that the desserts are quick and easy to make.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention