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La Lechera classic

The brand architecture began with La Lechera clásica, the signature product (sweetened condensed milk), in its two traditional formats. Later a third was developed to cover the needs of a product called “sirvefácil” (easy-serve). The new placement of the dairy banner, a mandatory from Switzerland, was the starting point for the development of color codes, which would differentiate the products. La Lechera clásica kept the cream tones from the previous label so as not to alter perception and to guarantee clear product identification.

Besides complying with the architecture design guidelines, the proposals emphasized the preparation of tasty, practical desserts, including two options for flan (crème caramel), a standard for the brand. La Lechera is seen as the ideal product for making this traditional



Highlighting the call to action, the proposed images included a spoon sinking into the dessert and another inviting viewers to try it.

call to action


The call to action uses evocative images to revitalize the brand and motivate consumers to try the product. The previous image was static and cold; the proposed alternative is more attractive, in both its appeal and the way it offers the product, through the use of a spoon.

To bolster communication, the promotional phrase that has enormous recall, “You work wonders with La Lechera”, was reintroduced into the design. The result was a variation on the slogan with a more contemporary typography.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention