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Between tradition and the cutting edge CHALLENGES

To handle a traditional brand To apply brand guidelines to other categories To design a functional architecture for every product FIVESECONDS

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The existing product line was inconsistent in the use of both logo —position, style and typography— and image.

Synonymous with tradition, quality,

—whose unmistakable flavor they’ve enjoyed since childhood— as an ally,

confidence and homey flavor,

due to the product itself and the recipes that come with it.

La Lechera® (The Milkmaid) is among the best-established

The proliferation of products under this label had resulted in a loss of

brands on the Mexican market.

visual proportion and balance. Since La Lechera was planning to release

Although the product is made for

even more products and versions, it was just the right time to make the

the whole family, La Lechera has

necessary adjustments in the business game plan. Nestlé Switzerland

historically targeted homemakers,

came up with a banner for each category or business unit at the global

who through tradition and

level, the dairy banner encompassing the brand logo and mountains.

dedication have enjoyed making

The guidelines, aimed at unifying the dairy and refrigerated product

desserts to please their family.

categories, needed to be applied in Mexico.

Besides catering to this segment, product and brand proposals are

intrinsic value s

currently being broadened to encompass homemakers who,

Enjoyment (sweet, pleasant sensations)

due to their lifestyle, have little

Versatility / variety (brand extensions at the global level)

time to cook and therefore seek

Tradition (importance in families for generations)

more practical products. Both

Love of family / recognition

kinds of consumers see La Lechera

Dairy product (with its nutritional connotations)


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention