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line production

Once the design was chosen, the manner in which it should be applied –with flowers or color codes–, was put to the market. Two designs, with tulips and different flowers (one for each fragrance) were made for each of the four fragrances. When both proposals were submitted to focus groups, it came out that consumers identified the flower with the softener’s fragrance, which is not the case. The tulips were chosen for the following reasons: Recall was greater with a single kind of flower which, of course, led to better shelf architecture and impact Tulips are aspirational, as they reflect quality, a distinctive character and refinement These flowers have no fragrance, so they do not lead to confusion The attribute needed to be less noticeable


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Finally, the tulips were kept as a distinctive brand element, with only tone changes reflecting the fragrance: spring freshness (the most representative of the brand), natural freshness, cool summer and violet dew. A ribbon beneath the logo with the legend “more fragrance for longer” emphasized the message.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention