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Since the packaging had been redesigned less than a year ago, the client thought that the new project should be carried out in two stages, to make it a gradual change. The first involved adjusting the logo and revitalizing its image without modifying the general concept (specifically, the photograph of the woman and baby should be kept). More radical changes, encompassing a different, more modern concept, would be made in a second phase. After Forum had studied the proposals and applied a strategic approach, it was suggested that the brand image be totally transformed.

Because there is very little difference between Ensueño and other softeners, one of the main objectives was to create brand personality yet maintain its category essence. Moreover, greater modernity and impact had to be projected and its quality perception improved.

mandatories Keep the brand name

de sign guideline s Revitalize the global image

Incorporate the lamb into the

Develop a more modern logo with

communication with the same value and

greater impact


Give the brand its own personality to

Prioritize communication based on benefit

differentiate it from the competition

Relate the elements to softness and fragrance

Simplify the messages on the label

Incorporate the new benefit (Color Plus)

Communicate quality and performance Create greater shelf impact Achieve design consistency (architecture) in the different varieties

Since the entire softener category affords the same benefits (softness and fragrance), consolidating Ensueño according to the perception by which it has been positioned was the chosen strategy. This meant recovering its youthful identity; the brand image must be modern, with innovative solutions for today’s families. Based on information collected about product benefits and current brand positioning, three concepts dealing with innovative solutions for the young homemaker were considered:

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FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention