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The label was placed on the right of the bottle, thus exerting greater brand impact. The use of the label on the left side was reserved for the back panel. Market studies had revealed some preference for the functional/practical concept, especially for the T-shirt, since it successfully conveyed the product’s benefits. Both the focus groups and the client preferred the Radiante brand. With brand name defined, the texts “Cloralex Quality and Dependability,” “Stain Remover” and “No Bleach” were added. Furthermore, for purposes of visual coherence, the T-shirt, brand name and bands of color were all imbued with upward motion.


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Colored T-shirts show the type of clothing associated with the product. In contrast to traditional bleach, that shows spotlessly white shirts to prove its effectiveness, the brighter the colors are here, the less confusing the message.

The bright shining elements allude to the name and the way the clothing looks after washing. Though they may not seem too obvious, they make all the difference. It was important to stress that the product is for colored wash, so what could be better than colored letters?


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention