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It acts like bleach, but contains no bleach CHALLENGES

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and that the category should be targeted at practical, forward-looking women, willing to pay a little more to satisfy their cleaning needs. This product would perfectly complement Cloralex, the company’s star product and Mexico’s most popular bleach, which has the additional natural attribute of being a strong disinfectant. The surveys that were carried out revealed that consumers associated the Cloralex brand with its bleach content, and linking it with colored fabrics produced negative connotations. Consequently, the names Radiante and Brillante were chosen to go through a focus group study and come up with the brand name that would work best and then back it up with the Cloralex brand endorsement. Industrias AlEn, which was already working with Forum on the design of other packages, asked the firm to develop the brand identity and design the label for this new stain remover. Forum suggested using both names throughout the project, so that the

Vanish is the most recognized brand in the colored fabric stain remover category, followed by others with lesser participation. ®


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention