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alternatives To define design objectives, we considered prioritizing the points of consumer contact to achieve the desired impact on the shelf. In order of importance, the points of contact are: brand name (reinforces the branding), product attributes (bands of color) and benefits. We used the customary exercises to play with the different elements in these points, seeing how the visual scales worked and verifying whether they satisfied the Added value: Dynamism, movement and effectiveness in washing colored clothing; accentuates the benefits and qualities. Limitations: Complications in the mechanical reproduction system.

Added value: Forcefulness communicating the messages; reflects technology and energy. Limitations: A drastic transformation of the product image.

Added value: Washing power (bubbles, gushing water), dynamism, brand impact and attributes highlighted. Limitations: Reduced space for the other messages.

Added value: Clean and neat design with adequate communication hierarchy; highlights the washing performance and capacity message. Limitations: Risk of losing brand perception when turning it around.


Reinforce logo structure.


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efit Exploit its higher yield benve ati ern alt d much more, fin icons; product use is not . limited to washing machines Added value: Emphasis on the brand and color, creating greater impact. Limitations: Little element integration; absence of an element reflecting cleanliness.

Added value: Innovation, spearheading technology, evolution and direct communication of its benefits. Limitations: Overly radical change in the brand, which could affect perception; graphic saturation.

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FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention