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design guidelines Given MAS COLOR’s market position, the new elements had to be incorporated more dynamically so as to revitalize the brand without losing its identity. The mandatories, some original features provided by the client, as well as the strategic points that Forum had drawn up and described in a creative brief all had to be considered in the modernization project and reflected in the label redesign.


creative strategy

Innovative and dynamic


Available in various formats

For colored clothes

Aimed at young consumers

Preserves clothing color

Keep the same color palette

Greater cleaning power

revitalization Letter type is not modified, although light and shadows are added. The brand thus acquires more volume and strength.

technology There is more freedom in the features and movement in the letters to project dynamism and technology. The word “color” is also slanted to reinforce the idea of movement.

strength To emphasize leadership, the brand is given more weight and volume, while its features are softened. The typography, color and position of the word “color” are modified.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention