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Clight Gelatin

According to the brief for the gelatin packaging design —the most recent line extension—, a clear link to the PBs had to be made, which led to considering a vertical format for the mandatory. Despite the image and the explicit “gelatin” copy, however, consumers found this format confusing, thinking it was a box containing several packets of beverage powder. The decision was finally made to change to the category’s horizontal format —the one used for gelatins. The line’s preexisting elements were then adapted to the new format, and concurrent with this modification, design improvements were made on particular elements to this extension.

A mo ng the improvement s were : 

Closer up, brighter and clearer photography

Fruit icons are largeer and go on the front

Brighter, textured sky tone

The beach


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention