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Clight Armonía The worldwide quest for wellbeing seeks a balance between mind and body. Clight Armonía®, the PB line’s most recent

After coming up with the first name, “Sensaciones” (Sensations), three

extension, evolved from Duo,

backgrounds were created, one for each combination. The “sensation”

insofar as it is a mixture of two

was of three distinct products. After an exhausting brainstorming

flavors. The concept differs,

session involving Kraft brand management, the advertising agency

however, in that the idea here

and Forum, the Armonía concept was finally created. It defines the

is to appeal to a new taste

spirit of the line and echoes the advertising campaign slogan: “Refleja

sensation, by giving the fruit a

tu armonía”(Reflect your harmony), which communicates a way of

slight herbal touch.

being, a Zen type of serenity.


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Based on the concept to be communicated and the proportions of the mixture, several proposals were offered for the Armonía image of “Durazno-Jazmín”(Peach-Jasmine). Forum transformed the concept of flavor harmony into graphics by preserving the brand essence and the luster of the logo. The ocean and beach are, however, new elements (touched up photo). The idea of a calm sea was sought as a Zen-style sensation. After photographing the fruits and the herbs separately, then combining them and adding the finishing touches, the graphics were developed for “Limón-Menta” (Lime-Mint) and “Piña-Té Verde” (Pineapple-Green Tea).


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention