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optimization The alternatives underwent market studies, in which the formula was also evaluated. From this survey, plus what the marketing area decided, the line extension ended up with the word Twist, reinforced by the legend “con un toque de limón” (with a touch of lime flavor). The elements evaluated in the study were: brand position and, as new graphic resources, the lime twist as a subtle addition, the colored banner for the text to highlight the “toque de limón”, and the bubbles.


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The decision was to adapt the natural Peñafiel label, keeping the design close to the original version and thus complying with mandatory features. The lime twist and bubbles, modifications for Peñafiel Twist®, were applied so as to interact appropriately with the brand environment, with which they shared space. Since the traditional glass bottle was to be replaced by polyethylene terephthalate (PET), certain adjustments had to be made to accommodate the new shape.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention