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design guidelines It was found that consumers are very fond of the traditional Peñafiel bottle, with its geometric designs, as it stirs nostalgic memories. Furthermore, the survey, which was especially targeted toward bars and restaurants, revealed that many consumers of flavorless mineral water like to mix it with a touch of lime. Cognizant of these points, the client introduced a new plastic injection machine to create this shape. By resuscitating the old tried-and-true image, a wonderful opportunity opened up: altering the container and label to create a new extension. This is what led Cadbury to launch its new product, later named Peñafiel Twist.

To revitalize Etiqueta Azul, Forum’s creative team came up with the

Alternatives with different functions were created, based on both

following basic working parameters, which were then submitted for

the public and brand features. When presented to the client to gauge

client consideration and approval:

label preference, the options closest to the original label were clearly favored.

To revitalize the typography To keep the blue background for the natural version due to brand relevance To emphasize its carbonated nature To explicitly describe it as spring mineral water To consider creating labels for the flavored versions based on the revitalization


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention