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GLOSSARY Architecture:

Brand Revitalization*:


Product Line:

Brand harmonization.

A major overhaul of a brand,

A special retail sale format for

The way of graphically

starting with its positioning and

displaying and selling individual

representing the different

Brand Equity*:

proceeding through creative

portions of a product.

versions (flavors, colors, aromas)

The value of the brand in its

regeneeration of the brandd

holistic sense to its owners


as a corporate asset.

within a product line. Guidelines: Directives defined by the client



or established by the brand at

The phase in the design process

Brand Essence*:

The process by which both a

the outset of a project.

for optimizing images and other

The distillation of a brand’s

brand and brand identity are

intrinsic characteristics into a


project proposals. Line Extension*: A new variation of a product



or service sharing the same

Digital emulation for visualizing

Brand Extention*:

Comprehensive essential

essential characteristics as

a graphic proposal in 3D.

A new product or service that is

information regarding

the parent, but offering a new

related to an existing brand, but

characteristics, standards and

benefit, such as flavor, size,


that offers a different benefit

scope that should be observed

package type, etc.

Ready-to-drink products.

and/or appeals to a different

throughout a project. Mandatories:


succinct core concept.

target segment. Call to Action:

Term derived from the adjective

Stock keeping unit. An

Brand Harmonization*:

An image or phrase used to

mandatory which refers to

individualized code of numbers

The synchronization of all

communicate a short, simple,

the guidelines, features and

or letters and numbers that

elements of brand identity,

persuasive concept meant to

standards that must be fulfilled.

businesses assign to each

across a line of products

attract consumers and get them

or services and/or across

to act, in addition to reinforcing


geographic markets.

and building the brand.

Powdered beverages.

product for identification and inventory control. Tag line: Slogan u otra frase que

Brand Positioning*:


POP Material:

describe, sintetiza o ayuda a

The specific niche in which

Term alluding to all the

Point of Purchase. The most

generar interĂŠs por un producto

the brand defines itself as

materials (editorial, at point

important communication tool in

o servicio.

occupying in the competitive

of sale, etc.) that reinforce

promoting purchase. It includes

environment. Positioning

communication of a product

posters, awnings, stoppers

Target: Slogan or other phrase

addresses differentiating brand

or service.

(graphics that stand out on the

that describes, synthesizes or

attributes, user benefits and

shelf), hanging signs, electronic

helps generate interest in a

target segments, singly or

Cross advertising:

notices and other displays at the

product or service.

in combination.

The use the back panel of a

point of purchase.

package to publicize other products in the line.

* Dictionary of Branding Terms, Landor Lexicon, 1995. With kind permission of Landor Associates,


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention