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Maroma, in Cancún; a client that makes us work and then doesn’t pay

Sixth Forum Day; a three-day trip to the rapids in Veracruz

A commercial relationship with Industrias AlEn begins

First International Color management Seminar

First homecare product project: Mas Color detergent, for Distribuidora Alfa

administrative area to give client follow-up. Bárbara Kirschner joins the creative team

We finished the year with 12 clients, 351 projects and a team of 19 people


November, our tenth anniversary

Forum participates as the sole Latin American representative at the Nestlé Switzerland workshop “Excellence on the Road to Packaging” (Leeds, United Kingdom)

Bárbara Kirschner

Second International Color management Seminar

First global project: strategy and design for product promotion (six brands for children) in Latin America, Europe and Asia

Bárbara Alamilla joins the creative team

Revitalization of Nestlé’s Chiquitín

New product design, Radiante for Industrias AlEn

Ensueño redesign for Industrias AlEn

Pablo is promoted to the production and technical support area. Lencho, Álex’s brother, takes over his position

Hugo Razo

Alejandra Vantolrá

Víctor Hernández

Israel Calderón

Bárbara Alamilla

Gerardo Caballero

today, the team is formed by 24 people


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention