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De sign and Much More

Furthermore, packaging is the publicity vehicle that the consumer is exposed to for longer, so it must go beyond mere esthetics to

Nestlé also gave Forum its first packaging project, spelling a major turn

communicate everything the brand stands for. This is especially true

of events for the company Ochoa and Angilella had founded. The time

if it’s a product aimed at the children’s market. Here, Forum has

had come to say adios to editorial projects and begin specializing in

done some outstanding work. “If a child isn’t eating his breakfast and

packaging design and brand identity. The firm’s efforts and resources

spends an hour or so looking at the package, it’s our duty to address

are now concentrated almost exclusively on this area.

his expectations and motivations as a consumer,” Carlos points out. This design concept, along with the development of its own

To date, in addition to the Swiss firm, companies such as Kraft,

methodology, are the results of eight years of persistent work,

Industrias Alen and Cadbury Schweppes Beverages have counted

during which the design group headed by Ochoa and Angilella has

on the professionalism and work ethic of these designers, for whom

consistently remained updated on the latest trends. This does not

the success of a package design implies teamwork and, above all,

imply, however, imitating and implementing foreign models, but

a comprehensive outlook toward every project.

rather adapting them to the peculiarities of the Mexican market and to each one of the groups that comprise it.

What this means is gaining complete understanding of the market by researching it and establishing a working relationship with the sales

After ten years of doing business, Forum has garnered recognition

and production departments. “Nothing takes the place of an in-depth

both at home and abroad. One example is Nestlé Switzerland’s

study of the product, of what a brand means, so that the packaging

satisfactory evaluation of the concepts developed in Mexico for its

speaks directly to consumer needs,” Carlos observes. “Once on the

cereal and dairy divisions.

shelf, it’s got five seconds to be noticed, and that’s a huge challenge for The enthusiasm, work ethic and care put into achieving a client’s


proposed objectives have been absorbed by all 26 persons on staff In marketing terms, design is the next to last phase of the process

at the firm, 12 of whom are designers. Each and every one of them

(production being the last). The designers receive the information about

has sworn off of bureaucratic, rigidly hierarchical practices to opt for

the product —especially from the marketing and sales departments—,

a friendly atmosphere, open-door policy and tremendous freedom to

and they record it graphically. Forum’s approach,

interact as a team.

as Fernando explains, is to switch the order of the phases. In other words, design people get involved in the process at the point where a

Anyone making a real contribution to the business is guaranteed his

market need is detected and studies begin to look into it. That way, the

or her professional advancement. The individuals in charge of each


138 139 designer has knowledge about why a company wants to launch

project establish a direct and, therefore, fluid relationship with the client. Brand perception and product positioning, which stem from the

or redesign a product.

packaging, fall entirely on their shoulders. So, it is no wonder that, Coming up with a design the client finds attractive is not enough.

on top of the care they give their own work, they also rely on top

It is much more effective to focus on what really works for the

photographers, printers and other collaborators.

market. “If you’re designing an annual report, for instance, the only person you have to please is the company finance director, who’s

One common premise drives every one of these strategic design

the “buyer” of the product. In the world of packaging, however, your

specialists: each new project poses an exciting challenge. There is

prime consideration is the needs of the consumers, especially women,

only one formula that can assure that a package will completely

because they purchase 70% of what is sold,” he adds.

satisfy market needs, and it is to mix equal measures of passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and, above all, the expertise that the

We finished the year with 11 clients, 275 projects and a team of 15 people

Mauricio López, “el Gallo”, is hired in the

Leading edge project: revitalization of the entire line of dairy products for Nestlé (six brands)


The prepress department is created and made up of Verónica Yañez, Rubén Pliego and Oswaldo (the latter, newly promoted)

Fifth Forum Day; three-day trip to Acapulco

Lili’s first child is born

Carlos’ second daughter, Brenda, is born

We begin a working relationship with Cadbury Schweppes; label project for Peñafiel and regional brands

Brenda Castro, Víctor Hernández and Alejandra Vantolrá join the team of creatives

We strengthen the administrative department with the addition of Verónica Hernández and Elizabeth Domínguez

Strong investment in equipment (plotter, server and five work stations)


We begin a relationship with Nestlé Panamá: Leche Nido project for the Caribbean market

coming decades will add to this path strewn with achievements.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention