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Forum’s history is not without its painful lessons, such as the catalog they had financed with a loan only to have it turn out poorly printed.

Verónica Yañez

It took some time to pay off the big debt and, all the while, it was eating into their profits. To make matters worse, the secretary quit, so they had to set up their appointments themselves. Verónica Hernández

Gaining Streng th Little by little, more work came in. Clients from an ever diversifying portfolio were ordering all kinds of jobs: placemats, invitations, logos, triptychs, brochures, posters and just about anything else that called for graphic design. Generally, they were doing small projects for big

Lourdes Grajales


Alejandro García

However, things began to change. For instance, Crayola, which had been a client since their second year in business, was a licensee of Disney, and that brought in a lot more work for the young entrepreneurs. Marcela Gamoneda

With its sights set on the long term, Forum carved its niche on the foundation of excellence and a conception of work that went beyond just solving design problems. Gradually, new clients —such as department-store chain Sanborn’s, Maeva resorts, Naviplastic and the banks Serfin and Bancomer— made their way to Forum’s doors, attracted by its personalized attention, its unwavering commitment to on-time delivery and its attitude of personal investment in the overall success of each project. Moreover, one of the firm’s outstanding features and added values has always been to get beyond conventionality and reach for other possibilities, both technologically and graphically. Part of this cachet is evident in its editorial work, especially in the area of annual reports, where Forum has done up to five consecutive ones. It even created an interactive one —cutting edge for Mexico at the time. Along these same lines, in February 1998, Nestlé approached Forum about a cookbook for La Lechera evaporated milk line. The project, which utilized the most advanced technology available that year, was so well received that the Swiss firm started turning out a series of recipe books. During that time, steel company Aceros Camesa became another major client, ordering both


We finished the year with 21 clients, 242 projects and a team of 13 people

Fourth Forum Day; a three-day trip to the rapids in Veracruz

Fernando and Carlos experience the events of September 11 at Print’01, in Chicago

A solid working relationship is developed with Kraft for the brand Clight

Participation of photographer Enrique Arechavala intensifies

Israel Calderón joins the creative team

The number of projects for CPW reaches 114, all related with domestic and regional packaging


Structural reorganization so as to specialize in packaging projects

Third Forum Day; two-day trip to take hot-air balloon rides in the State of Hidalgo

Creative efforts concentrate more on packaging projects and less on editorial ones

Paulina, Carlos’ first child is born ; Juan joins the production team

First regional project: Lechera Flakes product development for Cereales Nestlé

The number of packaging projects for Nestlé, Productos de Maíz and Copamex increases


Important personnel changes; Gerardo Caballero, Daniel Toriz and Lilian Hernández join the creative team after four creatives leave

Second Forum Day; a daytrip to Africam Safari, in Puebla

a brochure and a catalog.

We finished the year with 14 clients, 234 projects and a team of 14 people


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention