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Emphasis on Nestlé’s background and process, supported by brand relevance, highlighting general category attributes (creamy consistency, from yogurt, fruit added, made from milk, flavors, etc.) and the specific benefits of this product (Lactohierro). The typography is more “playful”, with a different quality for each letter and sparkles of light. The logo is looser, more dynamic and has movement to resemble play.

The heart character reflects the attitude of children who are a little older than the first alternative. Here, the children can stand on their own two feet, are more aware, and participate in games that require a lot of vivacity.

Here, the petit suisse-type cheese predominates visually within the overall design. The heart character interacts with the texture, consistency and flavor of the product; in fact, it seems to be swimming in it. The brand mandatories, proposed logo and pose of the character are unified and adapted to the concept.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention