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Emphasis on graphic differentiation supported by brand identity. Healthy images that reinforce the concept of mental development as well as the use of very direct language referring to the promise. This first proposal relies on primary colors and the most basic shapes, which preschool children perceive and understand the best. A more rounded typography was used, as well as colorful, shinier elements with few effects and a light touch of sparkle and fun.


126 127 The figure of the heart is used to depict children in this age range: they are adorable, all smiles, learning to crawl, teething and curious about the world around them.

The rest of the elements in the proposal are part of the setting for this developmental stage. The colors are very bright; shapes like the star over the “i” are used; the active ingredient and fruits are given a child-like look that is reinforced by the cuteness of the heart.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention