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The project started with powdered milk,

equating it with an overall healthy and

the line’s core product, and was later

attractive lifestyle and strengthening

developed for yoghurt, cheese and ice

brand recognition on the domestic

cream, among other extensions that

market. To that end, the advertising

have been launched. Therefore, low fat

agency and Forum worked together to

content and soluble fiber to aid digestion,

develop unified communication, both

along with a revitalized image, have

in the media and on the shelf.

contributed to repositioning Svelty,

To communicate the addition of the active ingredient —which was called Biofibras ® at the time—, five graphic alternatives were created. They ranged from reconsidering the couple to eliminating any human figure —a glass with a light splash to suggest the product moving through the digestive tract— and included the option of a female image, on her own. While it may not have originally been planned to, the project encompassed the following points: Revitalization of the global image Brand renovation without losing its personality (which differentiates it from the competition) Communicating product quality and benefits, with an emphasis on the new soluble fibers Generation of suitable on-shelf impact Design uniformity with the other brand extensions

In the first alternatives presented, the glass-only ones were eliminated, whereas the female figure was a popular option, since it best conveyed the milk’s new benefit.

Given that the photograph clearly communicates the added value of the product with the active ingredient, the simplest possible icon was preferred.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention