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back panel

The back panel on Nido System goes far beyond its typical functions, becoming one of Nestlé’s best communication tools. This space is used for cross advertising: it explains the entire system, spotlighting each stage and, especially, the benefits of the three active ingredients. The message was further reinforced by incorporating the graphic resources used in the printed media campaign and on Sistema Nido billboards.

The main image on the back panel of Nido classic is the photograph of a family. The information about the active ingredients mentioned on the front panel is also specified here. It reinforces the idea that Nido is the milk preferred by Mexican families. Finally, it displays the quality and confidence seal which Nestlé puts on all its products.


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A photograph was chosen for each can that supports the call to action in the respective stage of life. In the case of Nido 1+, for example, consumers are very attracted to the image of a baby, which appears with copy describing the benefits of the special active ingredient. It is immediately followed by copy describing the system’s other two components. The same was done on the back panel of the Nido 3+ and 6+ labels.


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention