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Nido 3+

Nido 3+ is the intermediate stage between the two other Nido System products. It is aimed at children between three and five, an age in which the development of motor skills and mental abilities is prominent. In this sense, Nido 3+, which is enriched with an iron-based active ingredient, becomes a parental ally, in their search for nutritious products that contribute to their children’s overall mental and physical growth.


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Attitude is OK; taking care of lighting should help to emphasize facial expression.

characteristic attitudes and traits: 

Schooling begins, and they learn to draw, read and develop other fine cognitive skills

Vocabulary expansion

Pleasure in going up and down stairs incessantly

Perfecting manual activities (for example, tying shoelaces)

Proficiency in games of skill (puzzles, building structures)

Vitality for tiring activities (jumping rope, hopping, climbing jungle gyms)

A sense of independence and socialization

Playing games that imitate adults and an inclination to fantasy

Persistent curiosity (the age of “why?”)


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention