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Nido 1+

With a formula designed to completely satisfy the nutritional needs of children one year and up, this product’s immediate predecessor is Nido Kinder®. This term has been so successfully positioned that Nestlé decided to include it once again in the Nido 1+ identity.

Whether boys or girls appear cial is unimportant; what is crut is communicating the righ attitude.


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characteristic attitudes and traits: 

Flexibility of body, neck and hands

They can touch their face with their legs and do somersaults

They begin to control their sphincters and develop a sense of self-sufficiency

This is a very sensory, especially oral-centered stage; scrutiny of the world around them through the sense of taste

They enjoy games that involve removing objects and putting them back

They learn to sit, crawl and, later, take their first steps

They pick up and put in their mouth everything they can get their hands on (increased risk of intestinal infections)


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention