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Color-codes for each stage: red for 1+, green for 3+ and blue

were considered in designing the system.

Active ingredient icons (Prebio1®, Calci-N® and Lactohierro®)

They included the dairy banner, the Nido logo and the

Images of children involved in activities exemplifying the

Consistent with the objectives of repositioning Nido —now segmented

for 6+

into three different stages of growth— several mandatory factors

characteristic yellow label color.

three age levels, meant to generate a call to action

Basically, three elements were used to differentiate the system’s

Exhaustive studies were made of the typical behavior and traits of

products and communicate

children at each of the three stages in the Nido System product line.

their attributes:

Based on this research and out of countless photographs, the shot was selected that best communicated each age range and appealed to the emotions at the time of the purchase decision.

Six years: the color blue “Step by step, a giant leap towards being capable of everything.” Calci-N helps to develop strong bones.

e color red One year: th , the world “Step by step ery.” Prebio1 awaits discov inal flora. benefits intest

n or gree he col t : s.” s r a ye w thing Three earn ne l e w , ion absorpt by step “Step es the l b a n e healthy ierro tes to Lactoh u ib r t n o c , which ment. of iron develop l a ment


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention