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Nido classic Forum had previously been asked to adapt some design elements to the marketing requirements and guidelines drawn up by Nestlé’s home office in Switzerland. Nevertheless, a few months ago it was presented with one of the most fascinating design challenges ever: revitalizing and implementing the Nido Nutrition System.

Revitalization of Nido classic was carried out concurrently with the development of Nido System, so that the following innovations were applied to both:

One of the features on all Nestlé products involves placing the dairy banner in a prominent spot on the label so that it combines harmoniously with the brand.

In response to current trends, the letters have been highlighted, giving them more luster. The effect of this, combined with the new corporate logo, is striking.

The typography of the legend or slogan has been simplified and redesigned with greater movement and attractive colors. It also blends well with the three active ingredients.

Developed in Switzerland, the new image of the glass, now with a splash, communicates freshness and invites consumers to enjoy the product. It is another important icon in brand essence reinforcement.

The offset Hexacrome printing method (based on six basic colors) optimizes color luster, clarity and quality on the paper. Consequently, on-the-shelf impact is significantly heightened. ®


FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention