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A simple and absolutely fascinating challenge CHALLENGES

To participate in the innovation of one of Nestlé’s

most strategic brands 

To modernize its standard bases worldwide

To supply added value and reinforce a product’s positioning without losing its essence


100 101

To use direct communication to prioritize brand value


The brand’s graphic identity has been transformed and adapted to the design principles dictated by each decade.

Few brands in the world can

was the only powdered milk in Mexico, and it has been perceived as

boast such a brilliant record

one of mother’s favorite products, the perfect ally in her children’s

of accomplishments as Nido®.

nourishment and development.

Here are just a few indicators: Given such merits, the Nido label has only been updated to conform 

The brand already has a

to predominating design standards over the years. However, Nestlé

seventy-year history

strategically decided to adapt to new market trends that call for ever

Of every five glasses of milk

greater specialization, by creating the Nido Nutrition System® (Sistema

consumed, one is Nido

Nido® in Mexico) a line developed to satisfy nutritional needs at each

Nido is one of the Nestlé

stage of growth.

pillars, upon which the company has become number one in nutrition, health and well-being 

Nido, unqualified leader in the powdered milk segment, promotes category growth through innovation and added value

And what about positioning and values? For many years, Nido








FIVESECONDS The time a package on the shelf has to attract the consumer’s attention