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SWING MUSIC The cultural origins were in 1930s in United State. Swing was created by African Americans, and its impact on the overall American culture was such that it marked and named an entire era of the USA, the swing era . Swing uses a strong rhythm section of double bass, drums, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, keyboards, violin and guitar.

TEX MEX MUSIC Tejano or tex mex music was born in Texas. Although it has influences from Mexico and other Latin American countries, the main influences are American. The types of music that make up Tejano are: Pop, Rock, Polka, R&B, and Latin influences (Conjunto mariachi, Ranchera Mexican, cumbia, etc...).


The tango (from latin tango, meaning "touch") is a partner dance that originated in the 1890s along the RĂ­o de la Plata, the natural border between Uruguay, and Argentina, and soon spread to the rest of the world. The dance form derives from the Cuban habanera, the Argentine milonga and candombe, and contains elements from the African community in Buenos Aires, influenced both by ancient African rhythms and the music from Europe.


The mambo originated in Cuba in the years 30. Born directly of Cuban and Cuban rumba and other Afro-Cuban fusion of musical elements. The word "mambo" means conversation with the gods in the language Kilongo, one of the African languages ​that came to Cuba. Mambo conquered audiences around the world, from its place of origin, Cuba, to Mexico and the United States.

GUANGUANCO MUSIC It born in 1886 following the abolition of slavery, is a mixture of Afro-Cuban rhythms. The guanguaco rumba is the most popular and best known outside of Cuba. The dancing is a dance of guaguanco seduction and sexual conquest. The dance symbolizes the interaction between the rooster and the hen at the time of the conquest.


The son montuno is a sub-genre of Son Cubano. It was the most popular genres in '40s. It was created by Arsenio RodrĂ­guez which introduced news instruments as: conga, piano and trumpets.


The genre of music knows as Calypso is a style of Caribbean folk music which began among the African residents ( originally slaves) in the British and French colonial islands around the early 20th century. The first forms may have appeared of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago north of Venezuela. Calypso music uses several instruments congas, bongos and the steel pan that give style to this music genres.


Vallenato is a traditional music style from Colombia. Literally the word translates to English as “born in the Valley�, as the music itself was first played by farmers from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. Three instruments traditionally make up a vallenato band, these are: the guacharaca, the caja and the accordion.


The word "reggae" was coined around 1960 in Jamaica to identify a "ragged" style of dance music, that still had its roots in New Orleans rhythm'n'blues. Also, the Rastafari movement was a significant influence on reggae. The lyrics of reggae are about peace and love.


Trance is a genre of electronic dance music that developed in the 1990s in Germany. It is characterized by a tempo of between 125 and mid 160 beats per minute, repeating melodic phrases, and a musical form that builds up and down throughout a track. The typical instruments uses for this genre are: Synthesizer, keyboard, drum machine, sequencer, sampler,DAW, Roland JP-8000..


The dancing merengue originated in the Dominican Republic in the population of African slaves who worked in the cane fields. Africans had shaped this dance since the late eighteenth century until the early nineteenth century. Merengue is a dance and a musical genre of the Dominican Republic. Like other tropical dances like salsa. Merengue dancing born of the fusion of African and European.


Folk music includes both traditional music and the genre that evolved from it during the 20th century folk revival. Some types of folk music are also called world music. American folk music became embedded in the mainstream tradition, creating some combination of folk and pop music, during the mid-20th Century "folk music revival".


Music in El Salvador features religious songs, which are mostly Roman Catholic. These were used during the Christmas time as well as other holidays, especially during the feast days celebrated by the saints. Folk songs are also popular among El Salvador Music. The modern music includes cumbia, hip hop, salsa and reggaeton. However the traditional Music of El Salvador was greatly influenced by the native cultures.

JAZZ MUSIC Jazz is a type of AfricanAmerican music that originated in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in the Southern United States. The typical instruments are: doublebass, drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet ,clarinet, trombone, vocals, vibraphone, organ.


The genre of popular music originated in its modern form in the 1950s, deriving from the rock and roll.


Classical music is a very general term which normally refers to the standard music of countries in the Western world. It is music that has been composed and the art of writing by musicians. Classical music can also be described as "art music" because great art is needed to compose it and to perform it well with different instruments.

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