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Y∆TING W∆NG portfolio

Experience FNTE DESIGN ( | TAIPEI, TAIWAN DESIGN INTERN / JUN-AUG 2011 assisted designing gift products for Canon and posters for Boogie BoardŠ sales in Taiwan EASTERN ART REPORT ( | LONDON, UK BOOK AND MAGAZINE DESIGN INTERN / MAR-MAY 2011 contributed photos for website, assisted proofreading check, and reorganizing layout for books and magazines 601 TULLY | SYRACUSE, NY USA DESIGNER / SPRING 2010 collaborated in designing a multi-purpose space for the local community TAIWAN CONNECTION | SYRACUSE, NY USA ART DIRECTOR / 2008-2010 planned and organized the aesthetic of the Taiwanese cultural events SU DESIGN WORKS | SYRACUSE, NY USA WOODSHOP MONITOR / 2011-2012 designed and built tools for the woodshop, monitored woodshop safety and equipment, instructed basic machine operation, and assisted examining laser cut files before operation GEORG JENSEN | TAIPEI, TAIWAN RECEPTIONIST / SUMMER 2011 assisted reception process on VIP and opening events. UNIQUE TEA HOUSE | SYRACUSE, NY USA CASHIER & BARISTA ASSISTANT / 2011-2012 brought smiles and happiness to customers while running register, and made sure they had pleasant experiences in the store BURGER KING | SYRACUSE, NY USA FOOD SERVICE WORKER / 2008-2010 prepared the most tasty and best looking whoppers that is made to your order VESTA FOUNDATION: BUILD FOR THE POOR | MANILA, PHILIPPINES VOLUNTEER & SERVICE TEAM / SUMMER 2010 & 2011 traveled to Philippines, lived with local families, and assisted building houses for the local community

Education SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY | SYRACUSE, NY USA Bachelor of Industrial and Interaction Design, May 2012 SU LONDON PROGRAM | LONDON, UK Design Program, Spring 2011 ARC JAPANESE ACADEMY | TOKYO, JAPAN Intensive Japanese 4-Week Program, Summer 2010 PARSONS THE NEW SCHOOL OF DESIGN | NEW YORK NY Fashion Illustration Summer Course, Summer 2009 WASEDA UNIVERSITY | TOKYO JAPAN Intensive Japanese 4-Week Program, Summer 2009

Skills DESIGN_ design researching, 3D rendering, model prototyping, graphic designing, video editing, basic woodshop operating SOFTWARE_ Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, SolidWork, SketchUp LANGUAGE_ native in Mandarin Chinese written and oral fluency in English conversational proficiency in Japanese

Interests creative writing, film photography, rock climbing, psychology and neuroscience, human interaction, love being spoiled by art and nature, and bringing happiness to the world.

YAYA|YaTing Wang 617-806-6618 1112 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11238

I design to remind people the simple beautiful things in this world.


DAY CARE TOY_ Mobile Toy Storage

TECHNOMAD_ Darkroom Backpack

MBARA_ Chalkboard Turning Table


DAY CARE TOY What: an educational toy for the day care center Who: preschool day care children, 3-5 years old Where: Syracuse University South Campus Problem/Opportunity: Each instructor takes care of around 10 children, and there were 50-60 children in the room at a time. When visited, the room was full of toys everywhere on the floor. Cabinets were provided but it seemed like there was not enough storage for all the toys.

The center part is suspended on the dowel, allowing it to stay upright when it is rolled.


a mobile toy storage for bringing the joy to kids at the day care center while they learn to collect toys after they have done playing.


pe journal +

netbook + cha rge

iPod + Headphones

underwears + socks

s plant u o i r e t mys chillum


Marlbor lightero +



Canon AGFA


T-Sh irts


NOKIA + wa




n AEA films 1 +

toothbrush + toothpaste

+ ID

Canon S95 + ctor ne charger + con

A new life style has become popular through the assistance of technology where people don’t have to stay at the same place working; instead people travel around and still be able to communicate and submit projects by accessing the internet. Some utilize the advantage of internet to obtain a job for income while living in an almost nomadic lifestyle. This group of people is called the Technomad. Because of the highly mobile lifestyle they partake, Technomads only carry essential tools that assist their job and their routine life. THE BRIEF of this project is to come up with a fictional technomad and design a specific product that will assist his profession while he travels. The persona poster created is to help illustrate a clear idea of the technomad’s character and what he would carry throughout the journey.


郭 冠 宏

male, single, 24 taiwanese photographer/blogger/event promoter Based in Taiwan, Kuan-Hung travels around Asia shooting photos for events he is being hired to do. Known for his persistence of using only film photography for work, many venues have come to appreciate the skill and effort in the photography and hire him for various events across from wedding to nightclubs. Aside from photo shooting, he also designs flyers to help promoting events. Graduated with graphic design degree, Kuan-Hung also tries to earn extra income from freelance projects that are design related. Kuan-Hung likes simple and plain design, and he keeps it the same way in his dressing and lifestyle, too. One distinctive image Kuan-Hung has is that he always carries a kaleidoscope with him. It is one of his sources for inspiration. What he currently wants is any kind of portable film equipment that would help his job easier while traveling.

Considering Kuan-Hung’s nomadic lifestyle and his persistence with films, a few PROBLEMS he may face while traveling: {arduous process for developing films} {cumbersome equipment to carry around} {need to find a new facility to process films every time he moves to a new location}

OBJECTIVES: something portable that will help Kuan-Hung ease the process for developing film while the product itself can be functional during travel.

SOLUTION: {backpack + portable darkroom} 1. Use it as a backpack to carry personal items 2. When in need, empty the backpack and put on the gloves provided on both sides of the backpack and process the films inside where it is completely light proof.

provides you a darkroom environment

at any time any place

yaya design

In order to reach a broader market, I have mocked an online shop website and packaged the product as a young, trendy accessory to attract fashion savvy customer group.

yaya design yaya design

yaya design





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yaya design yaya design

yaya design




darkroom backpack overall rating

This portable darkroom backpack provides you a darkroom environment at any time any place. Simply put your hands into the gloves on both sides and work as usual. When the darkroom is not in use, use it as a large volume backpack to carry your stuff around. Features: •comfortable comfortable gloves inserted on both sides •pockets pockets sewed on straps for cell phone and film storage Details: light proof blackout fabric, polyester h 18.5" x w 12" x d 7" Quantity:


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Use the pockets on the straps to store your cell phone and film rolls


Capture beautiful moments with your film camera


Put the equipment inside the bag, and zip it up to block the light


Put your hands into the gloves on both sides of the backpack and work as usual as with the portable darkroom


When finished processing, you are ready to view your film. Enjoy!

Mbara School Overcrowding In order to reduce water related hygiene and disease problems in a small community of Mbara in northwest Kenya, Terry Hummerston (UK) and John Ywalasiwa (Kenya) founded the Water Projects. While the result was positive, the accomplishment has also brought up a new issue: school overcrowding. Many schools are facing lack of space and resources such as classroom supplies, textbooks, and most importantly, teachers, and this is causing the quality of education to decline. To address the new problem, Terry and John have reached design ďŹ rms to address the overcrowding issue in the villages. And eventually the designs will be constructed by local craftsmen and ďŹ eld-tested in schools of Mbara.

© 2012 The BOMA Project

Problem/ Opportunity

In a typical classroom at Mbara, when an instructor wants to get the assignment from the student who is sitting further, often times the instructor’s hand will have to run into another student’s head.

An individual chalkboard writing device is being used in the classroom to answer questions. Students are sitting on the floor and using the devices where they have to bend down for writing.

Objectives {increase engagement in the classroom} {encourage small group discussion} {improve student-student interaction} {improve teacher-student interaction}


King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table The round table suggests equal status. It is an encouragement for engagements.

Chinese Dinning Turntable The dinning turntable in Chinese culture in contrast emphasizes a hierarchy. Main dishes are put on top of the turntable to share, but diners have to decide who gets to scoop the meal first, and it is to start with the elders first to show respect. While one is scooping, others must wait patiently and take turns. It is a great product to educate children the proper dinning manner.

Chalkboard Turning Table The design is to encourage interactions between students and teachers. The table has a chalkboard surface part that spins to promote the idea of sharing. Students can use it to share their creativity; teachers can use it to collect assignment as well as encouraging discussion in the classroom. It is also a great opportunity to educate students about proper manner on sharing and be patient on waiting others.

Storage for Chalks Chalkboard Surface with Notches for Turning Marbles

Dimensions Research Average Dimensions For Children From 7-13 Years Old: [resourced from The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design]

Shoulder to Arm Length {15.6”-16.3”} = {39.6cm-41.4cm} Arm Length When Streches {24.5”- 25.4”} = {62.2cm-64.5cm} Sitting Buttock to Knee Length {13”} = {33cm} Sitting Knee Height {18.6”-19.3”} = {47.2cm-49cm} Hand Length {6.4”-6.8”} = {16.3cm-17.3} Fingers Length {4”} = {10.2cm} Materials Dimension: PVC Pipe Diameter {4”} Chalk Length {7.5cm} Marbles Diameter {3/8”} storage 13cm 11cm 55cm 10cm


notch 2”

3/8”thick chalkboard 3/4”thick base/ring



Taking the condition in Kenya into account, the production had to be built with low cost and energy techniques. The making of a radius 55cm ring and a 45cm circle required a self-made compass for the router. A wood panel was attached to the center of the circle with the router set at the other end at a desired radius, so the router could drill in a rotational direction. When the base and the ring were finished, marbles were put inside beneath the chalkboard to assist spinning.

now draw, spin, and play!

Copywriting / Flyer Design for Boogie BoardŠ

[Ever appreciate the hard work your mom has to repeat erasing your vocabulary book?]

Boogie Board helps you to eliminate the effort to erase. Just one click, and gone.

[If writing down helps you memorize, then why saving practice]

Boogie Board allows you to repeat writing easily without wasting paper

Copywriting / Flyer Design for Boogie Board© [Use words to accompany even if you can’t be physically.]

r, to Dea mber t. e s m f re ak a bre t a e

Let Boogie Board electronic paper replace sticky notes to help you send love in a greener way.”

[There are many ways to show love]

Boogie Board allows you to express in different stroke weight according to your finger pressure.

Website Design

Design with Solidworks Rendering

Ya-Ting Wang

Detail Representation with Solidworks Rendering

Blackbird, Fly top



d by SuperHeadz


represented in SolidWork

Plastic Injection Molding Sketches

Home Decorating

Vinal Tape Art Room Decorating

Egg Study Pencil/Pastel Drawing

Film Photography

Color Studies

Thank You For Viewing, and I Wish You A Pleasant Day : )

Bubble Tea Straws For Customers at the Tea House I Work

“Don’t ever forget that you’re a citizen of this world, and there are things you can do to lift the human spirit, things that are easy, things that are free, things that you can do every day.” A _ aron Sorkins at Commencement Speech, 2012

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