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Introduction When I am in the dream I constantly run and jump. In this time and space with an abundance of color, each step leaves a footprint, and leaves behind a trace. When I turn my head I accidentally leave behind a fallen rainbow. I leave it behind and quietly add colors from my dream; the lines flow in the picture, they are restless but very emotionally moving. However when I wake up, the chaos of the real world makes me ask: when can I return to where I just was? This is because, there, I don’t have to worry about falling, I can keep moving forward, I want to extend my hand and touch the end of that dream. However, I must have an explanation for everything that is beautiful and fine on this road. I must always insist on walking forward. This is why I am here and telling you about my story. My works at university where full of experimental qualities and fully expressed my creativity and ingenuity. Most of my creativity at this time was inspired by ideas coming directly from my life, information of personal interest, and course experiments, all of which I integrated into a whole. At this time, through the fine arts I had come in contact with design, with the result that most of my works integrated painting graphic design concepts as well.














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Ya -H su an ,L ai WO RK ING EX PE RIE NC E SIG



Ya-Hsuan,Lai 1F,No507,XiyuanRd,XindianDist, NewTaipeiCity231,Taiwan(R.O.C.) Education ShihChienUniversity(CollegeofDesign) BAFashionDesign Sept,2006-June,2010 Fu-HsinTrande&ArtsSchool FineArts June,2003-June,2006 Experience Mar,2011-Present JeancardandGiftCo.,Ltd Designer Feb,2009-Nov,2009 Bonjourclothingshop Staff Jul,2006-May,2007 ShihChienUniversityDeptofFashionDesign DepartmentAssistant Dec,2005-May,2006 PhotographyStudio PhotoProductionAssistant FurtherDetails Oct2011HKTradeDevelopmentCouncil– Sales/Marketing(Exhibitiondesigner) Apr2011HKTradeDevelopmentCouncil– Exhibitiondesigner


Project for Michaels Stores Wedding Packaging design / Yaya girls variety is the spice of life / Sticky note / Embroidery series Graphic design by designer yaya / Embellishment sticker Resin sticker / Laser card Project for Swarovski Crystal /


Project for Michaels Stores Wedding Packaging design

The grass is like the new bud sprouting in Spring. The pink cherry blossom is a bashful bride. Using the Yamato-e cloudy and sparkling pattern to emphasize the mixture of the tradition and modern design. The flocking material represents the natural vitality; green grass and pink cherry blossom are part of the fresh sparkle. All these elements become a unique Spring wedding.

Yaya girls

variety is the spice of life There are two characters to distinguish the styles in this product series- black color represents a fashion woman; blue color represents a pleasant girl. In reality, girls wish to grow up quickly; on the other hand, women are thirst for the happiness of being girls. You can choose whichever characters you like for fun!

Sticky Note

Package and graphic design

Embroidery series

Graphic design by designer yaya It represents the high quality of the delicate design and vivid colors by using the digital Printing technology. Combining with the latest four colors embroidery machine from Japan , there are four different sequins with ten kinds of strands and various stitches are available. The card series has been bought by US greeting card company , and will be available in the market in 2012 Spring

Embellishment sticker Resin sticker

Our embellishment stickers are made from the mixture of plastic materials and natural pearl powder by the machine. It is printed by UV printer with the clear back adhesive to fasten the vivid colors. The distinctive technology has provided to Japan customers . They are sold to the shops all around the Japan with Japanese designs. We also have our own designs which will enter the market in the coming season.

Laser card

Project for Swarovski Crystal The two types of cards are the latest proposals for Swarovski. The design ideas are from the Swarovski theme colors and spring flowers with old-fashioned styles. The simplified and curvy line matches the graceful and elegant Swarovski style.


The - Deep / Work shop - Second-hand shirts as New Design / Clothing Brand Design – Naiad / Fabric Dyeing /


The - Deep The advance of science has given us the opportunity to explore how deep-sea creatures really look. Photographers use advanced diving technologies and cameras to dive into the depths of the ocean and take close-up shots. Many mysterious creatures heretofore never seen are presented to us care of these advanced technologies. Creatures that live in the deep seas have evolved transparent forms because of the absence of light. Due to this transparency you can see clearly their biological organs. So using transparent fabrics and skin color undergarments can show the curves of the human body and the dynamism of its movement. This generates an esthetic like the deep-sea creatures. Simply cut lines and soft materials match the dye colors and express a soft rhythm.

Second-hand shirts as New Design Work shop

This was a three-week workshop, taught by Australian designer Adrianne Costanzo. I worked with a secondhand lining to undertake my reconstruction. I used a three-dimensional scissors cut and a folding notebook to take the originally loose shirt and make it better fit the lines of the body.


Clothing Brand Design Day, noon, evening My daily mood changes every minute and even every second. I take women ages 20 to 45 as my primary focus and have designed ready-to-wear and easy-to-match clothes. They have simple clean lines, focusing on fabric color and texture and a not overly ornate design, so that women can accommodate their daily moods and mixand-match them.

Positioning of the brand price and style

Fabric Design

Fabric Design



Fabric Dyeing


Fabric Dyeing

Graduation Production

2001: A Space Odyssey The jump of space and flow of time are like a vortex sucking people into different space time tableau. Flowing lines and wondrous colors are the cinematic representation of time and space travel. Prior to humanity exploring outer space, everything was just imagination and fear. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a classic sci-fi movie about our solar system. This film was shot in 1967-1968, an era which predated the appearance of computer special effects. However, the technology manifested in the film represents that generation’s yearning and longing for world of the future. Perhaps, because I myself at that time was also filled with hope for the future, I have selected this topic for expressing my ideas and used hippie era colors as the details for the overall scheme. The imaginary colored geometric lines are as unreal as that era’s cinematic exploration of time and space. At the time, the axis around which my design direction revolved was science fiction movies. As result, most of my contour shapes and apparel structures are based on geometric modeling. As for the clothes, the fabric and color coordination primarily use the film’s brilliant color halo as the tableau and foundation for my conceptualization. I set black cloth as the primary background color and accompanied it with many rich colors and striking tones. Cloth flower patterns were the most important part of the overall concept and I referenced many science-fiction movie color halos for their accompanying colors and lines of movement. It was my desire to express the unfathomable sensibility evoked by science fiction movies. On the other hand, I aimed for the integrated whole to be dynamic and have life force and hence in every detail I strove to add a great host of mixed colors to express my image of technology as one full of humanity and light, and not dispassionate and cold.


Image Research

Fabric pattern design

Fabric pattern design

Fashion Illustration





Illustration Drawing 1_ Riding to the Moon

2_ Operation of the human body Right Page_ Eyeball cream , Enjoy !


Oil Painting _ Freedom




Illustration 1_ Six Surface 2_ Dance City 3_ Shattered Dreams 4_ Burger And Babe



MIXED MEDIA Fabric Pattern Design / X Fashion Sketch /


Mixed Media


Mixed Media


Fantansy Land  
Fantansy Land  

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