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Yaya Chen Portfolio

陳尹之 2007~2013



Yaya Chen Portfolio

陳尹之 2007~2013

陳尹之 Yaya Chen Contect Information: 1989/02/11 +852 54101757 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Master of Design Design Practices, 2013-2014 Education: 2007-2012

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Industrial Design Double Major in Information Management


Exchange Program Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Department of industrial design engineering

Experience: 2010

Summer Workshops at Boisbuchet -Experimental approach of materials


Agua Design, CITY YEAST - internship Taiwan Young Designers’ Award - Bronze Award Taiwan Designers’Week Rising Star - Exhibition Agua Design, CITY YEAST - Designer

2012 2012 2012- 2013

Life’s Biographer Design


+ Living experience + Observation + Project

Experiences allow people to feel and understand the epiphanies life has to offer. Having studied, travelled and lived in different cities around the world, I was able to see the way people think, interact, and embrace life in a different light. People, have a perpetuity of possibilities. What is an unforgettable experience? What is an impactive experience? I am life’s biographer. May design arouse such impact cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually through the experience it provides.


Product Design








Tea Up




FOLDY - the Street Swepper


Design Visualisation


Other Works


Will Design


Enjoying the Chaos


Phate Talk


Design in AGUA Design & CITY YEAST


Product Design 7


Phyllis The Eco-Friendly plates 2009


Problem We usually use paper plates or lunch boxes instead of porcelain plates when we go picnic. This not only caused a considerable amount of garbage, but also decrease the quality of dining. On the other hand, Bringing lunch box took up a lot of space in bag and it’s hard to carry.



Product Design

Concept The main idea of Phyllis is to reduce the use of disposable tableware and increase the quality of eating. It’s easy to storage and carry with, because it’s flat while not using. Phyllis become a butiful plate by buttoned the button. And it’s washable to be reuse.


Feature Phyllis shape is inspired by petals, just like flower fall on palms. There is a plastic base on the botton. There are three different sizes. The small one is for one person. The deep on can be filled with salad or cookie. The long one is for cake or sandwiches.,



Product Design

Materials waterproof paper (stick with art paper), metal buckles, Acrylic at bottom. It can be produce by PP or plastic. This will higher the utility rate,hardness and thoroughly clean.



Bracelist Shopping list 2010


Problem A shopping list is almost a must-have tool for grocery shopping. People use “Post-it� or note pad as a shopping list. But sometimes it become inconvenient to find it in your bag or pocket when you are carrying heaps of the goods you pick out. Some people even write the list on their hand, despite the ink might stay there for three days.



Product Design

Concept The main idea is to made shopping process not only more convenient but also elegant. Therefore, I made a shopping list which quite like “post-it.� Users can bind it on their braces. It’s easier to skim the list while shopping.


Operational Process

Bracelist can be placed in user’s purse or on a table indoor.

Whenever users have something in mind. They can write it on the list.

Before go shopping, wear Bracelist by stick the tail to the main part. It’s possible to adjust it to fit user’s wrist.

While shopping, user’s can skim Bracelist to check the Item.

User Study To make sure the product works, user study is necessary. The user study was done by four ladies with the prototype. To sum up the result, they argee with the problem of general shopping list and like the concept of Bracelist. But the product need to be more attractive for female, strengthen and more comfortable. Therefore, I make an effort to find the best material and shape of Bracelist. In order to stengthen it, I combined tracing paper and thin fabric by spray adhesive. The result is quite successful, and also made it look nice.



Product Design

Feature The topic group is modern housewives, who go to supermarket or hypermarket once a week instead of grocery shopping every morning. Bracelist can be both personal and home-use. On the other hand, it’s also designed as an accessorize while wearing. The oriental lines made Bracelist more feminine.



Pri-vatic Home Health Monitor Home use health monitoring system 2010


Problem Health is the foundation of everything for a person. Hectic lifestyle in the modern world has made people to overlook their health condition, ignoring their body signals until the very last minute. Despite how advance the medical industry has grown in recent years, once health is lost, it is impossible to make a fully recover. Some family have all sorts of health recording devices (such as blood pressure meter), but all the devices do are only providing data. The matter that concerns us mostly is what kind of precaution we should take and how we should improve our health state.



Product Design

Touch screen display mirror Acquire data from main computer via wireless network. Contain multiple layer sensors internally.

Fingerprint reader Water tap and toilet flusher have the fingerprint reader to identify user.

Health observation commode Weight calculated by load cell device on the sitting pad. Temperature is calculated by a temperature sensor when contacted when human skin. Wireless weight sensor floor The sensor could detect where the user is located and also it could detect if anyone falls in the toilet.


picture by Roca W+W Long term and constant information can be collected everyday when user uses the toilet, thus this allows accurate health data to be calculated and proper advice could be given to the user. By integrating with the health monitoring commode system, finger prints could be identify when user turning on/off water tap, and measured health results, as well as precaution would display on the washroom mirror. Privacy is secured as this data can only be display when a person’s fingerprint is identified. Furthermore, the system has the function of giving guidance to improve hygiene habits.


Feature Health monitoring commode: Commode’s sensor device is perhaps one of the devices that have most direct contact with human skin. The device is fix on the commode pad, and will analysis the weight, body fat, temperature, pulse and other health information without the awareness of the user. The urine is collected by a collector mounted inside the commode, and it could calculate and analysis the sugar level, urinary protein, female period, pregnant and other useful health information of the user. This information will be stored based on the fingerprint of the user who flushes the toilet.

Identity scanning wash basin: User’s data would display on the mirror when fingerprints are scanned through touching or turning on/off the water tap. Different functions can be activated via the mirror touch screen. Furthermore, the system can be turn off manually through the touch screen or it will turn off automatically when the pressure sensor on the floor detects the user has left.

Bathroom information mirror: Apart from measuring the latest health information, the bathroom mirror could also keep long term record and giving health advices. In addition, user could have customised settings for their own health condition, such as period, menopause, diabetes etc. Besides that, the mirror also provides other useful information such as time, current weather, to remind the user of the proper preparation before leaving the house. The information mirror is linked to the home use computer via wireless network. This allows the mirror system to gain access to the internet, compute complex calculation and data saving through the computer. Apart from simple calculations, the main role of the mirror is to display, and giving feedback to the user.



Product Design

Improving hygiene habits: Magnetic sensor sticker Low frequency magnetic field allows the mirror to read the location and angle of a toothbrush by calculating the strength of the magnetic field. Reference: RFID, MESE technology


The system could provide oral cleanliness information while brushing teeth. By attaching a sensor sticker at the end of a normal toothbrush, a virtual teeth map simulator would display on the mirror when the toothbrush is hold. The system could detect if the user has brushed all the angles inside his mouth through the sticker. When the angles and amount brushed is qualified, the teeth in the simulator would turn into white colour.


Tea Up Tea set assistor 2011



Problem Tea drinking is part of our contemporary lifestyle, especially for the elderly. They drink tea not only to hydrate themselves, but also it is a culture that has become inseparable from their daily life.




Product Design

Unfortunately, it becomes more difficult for the elderly to enjoy this lifestyle as they age. The reason is because their muscles and joints deteriorate, making it difficult for them to hold on to something heavy such as teapots, which likely to cause accidents such as water spill or hand burn by boiling water.

Concept The tea set assistor is heat insulated, and it looks just like tea pot cover. Additional grip can be added to hold onto or to pour tea when using with large tea pot. It is made for mainly home use only. By fully utilizing the weight of big tea pots, it allows the assistor to cover the tea pot automatically. Besides that, the assistor can be detached easily without using much strength. With the assistor, people with weaker hands now could also enjoy tea as much as possible without much trouble.


Operational Process

Put tea pot in to the assistor.

Tea pot will coated by the assistor because the weight.

The assistor will share half of the weight with the other hand.

The assistor will open automatically while take up the tea pot .

User Study Survey studied that elderly has the difficulty of handling heavy teapots, although the operating method of the assistor has been affirmed, storage issue has been raised regarding the product, as the average living space in Taiwan is relatively small, and keeping the assistor in the kitchen could be a problem. Furthermore, there is a possibility of using elastic material for the product so it could be use for any types of teapots and more features could be added.



Product Design

Feature The assistor is rounded like a teapot shape. There are 2 types of colour dividing the upper and lower part of the assistor. The use of the different colour is to represent the fusion of modern material and ceramic. By having a clear line of colour separation, user could recognise and distinguish the teapot easily. When teapot is attached to the assistor, additional aesthetics is added to the appearance, and thus could give the user different feel and look. The assistor is made of PP, it is washable and is heat resistant to 135 Celsius.




Product Design

Re_life Pendant lamp / Funerary urn 2011 2012 DESIGN FOR DEATH shortlisted entries


Problem Death is the most powerful experience for human. It’s a social taboo, the image very hazy to most of the people. People usually are not prepared when death arrives. The departed might regret to left without communicate with their loved ones. A funeral cost NTD 50,000~200,000 (USD 1,711~ 6,844) in Taiwan. And the coffin or urn accounted for the largest percentage of the price. Due to the information asymmetric of funeral industry, prices in excess of its quality. In this case, death not only brings regrets, it also brings a heavy burden to the family.

34| Product Design

Operational Process


Concept The conversion from lighting to urns. Consumers bought the lamp and the residence for afterlife at the same time. It will be used as a pendant lamp in user’s life time; an urn when user pass away. Light is the image of the guidelines, turning off is a metaphor of the end. It’s a promise for those who don’t want their family spend lots of money for their funeral. And implying the preparation for death. For the deceased, his afterlife house is the item he is familiar with. In addition, it’s an environmentally friendly products which extending the life of the product, encouraged users to use for a lifetime.

Feature From presents a simple cylindrical lampshade with black external, gold painted inside, giving a solemn texture. Embolism bungs on the lid, pull out and bung in the hole of bottom and the lid. This product is for tree burial. It’s made by PLA, which will biological decomposition in composting conditions within three months.



Product Design

Light up your life.



FOLDY the street sweeper Graduation Project 2011-2012 partner: Kuan,Pei Hsuan Award: Taiwan Young Designers’ Award Taiwan Designers’Week Rising Star


Problem In Taipei, there are no regulations for the dustbin men to put the street sweeper as they got off their duties. Therefore, locations such as the parking lots, neighbors by wire poles and security office might be their choices. However, the reflective attached to the sweepers made them looked weird. In addition, due to unfavorable for arrangement and inappropriate operating design, the cleaners always need to assemble the cart on their own to feed the needs. In recent years, the government has announced many policies to embellish the city. Streets in Taipei become tidier and more attractive. Nevertheless, still many spaces of the cleaning tools’ design should be improved. The street sweeper should be the greatest tool to keep the city neat. How come they were treated as a useless barrier ruined the looks of our street? To reverse the image of the street sweeper, we redesign the cart from three aspects of structure, form and material. Here then come with a street sweeper “ FOLDY” which is available to collect all the cleaning tools.



Product Design


basic function


improve cityscape


light and durable



Citizen Reflection

Embellish the cityscape

Increase the benefits of Urban Management

Reform the street sweeper

Industrial Corporation Development

Raise the professional identification of street cleaner

Transfer Taipei into a design city

Concept Taipei will bid for the title of 2016 world design capital. In order to improve the aesthetics and realized the city design on Taipei city, it is crucial to begin the reformation from the most basic, which is the cleanliness. First, use machine sweeper to replace manpower cleaning most of roads and alleys, enhance efficiency and comprehensiveness of cleaning; Sidewalks and parking spaces will be clean by the light street sweeper- Foldy. Since Foldy is lightweight and handy, street cleaners will be required to return Foldy after work, in order to rectify the streetscape. Create street cleaners’ occupational identity will raise the respect from people and the sense of mission.

42 | Product Design

Idea Sketches

3D rendering


FOLDY - the light street sweeper for future Taipei.

Project guiding by City Yeast technical guided by Pacific Cycles



Product Design

Features The main idea is to change traditional trash can’s enclosed space to frame structure. This not only prevent stagnant water, but also made the cart as light as possible with aluminum alloy. The purpose is to purify our city by storage the cleaning carts in the gathering spotafter work. Accessories are designed to collect cleaning tools and personal belongings.


The alumnus at the bottom holds the trash bag, with hollow structure for water to go through when being cleaned. Three wheels make it more easy to move with it, equipped with a brake.


Foldable frame makes it efficient to roll the cart, and easy to put a trash bag on it. The rubber on the edge of the frame helps the cleaner to tighten the bag.



Product Design

The broom and dustpan are held on the frame. It is easy to pick and place back due to the magnet inside. The handling bar are made of soft fabric that are able to be replaced.

Redesigned for Department of Environmental Protection, the CIS features dotted line and cycling arrows.

Tackle pack for the street cleaners: ready to be brought with cleaners, carrying all their belongings. A reflective bar is also on it for precaution.



Embellish our city, starts from changing our street sweeper.



Product Design


Design Visualisation

Vespa by GAP 3D-sketch 2009


Design Visualisation Poster design drawings/sketches 2010



Design Visualisation

Design Visualisation Poster

digital photos, renderings and playacting pictures 2010


Transparency Photoshop 2010



Design Visualisation

Other works


Students are commissioned by WILL DESIGN during their Practicum to design three digital picture frames that would be priced differently and to conduct market evaluation on their affordability. 2011 Team: Design Director Designer



Other Works

Yaya Chen Kuan,Pei Hsuan Lo, Chen-Hou Yichia Tseng Chang, Wan-Chi Wu, Chia-wei

創 意 工 作 團 隊

The Case

Utilization, Operating Psychology, Consumer-product interaction

Design Trend Strategy New Life Style

Data Collect


dimensions functions material appearance

Target buyer characterization, spacial relationship, environment

Market research, market pricing, pricing strategies

Design Process

Analysis 57

Market Research

Image Digitalization black/graAcrylic (PMMA) frame: black/gray/white + metallic palette Display screen: LCD, LED 7 – 10 inches Multi-functional software

Buttons: on/off, menu, entre/OK, direction (up, down, left, right), options, volume; front or back

Leg: plastic, metal

Thin Memory card port

Price: NTD1,000~10,000 technology, cold

frontier, distinctive

Graphic (X-, Y-axis) style analysis



Other Works

practical, introverted

warmth, closeness

10,000 (NTD)

8,000 7,000


3,000 2,000 1,000 7吋


Conducting digital picture frame structural analysis, graphic style analysis, brand competition analysis, market price analysis, market trend analysis, etc. to better understand the potential market demands and define the design strategy.






User position Price: hign-end

Family,大家族、成熟、經典、大器、雅緻 mature, classic, magnificent, elegant

Shape Simple and magnificent without losing details/easy to blend in with the interior mature style.


Single color body/lower saturated colors show overall maturity. Foggy, metallic surface matching natural material/increase texture

Texture and value.



Other Works

Design present Price: hign-end

10 inch (16:9) 8000NTD


Considering seniors enjoy talking on the phone, the digital frame is designed in the way such that the elderly can view photos as they talk. The frame also displays photos as the caller ID. The base and the phone line are integrated charger for the digital frame. The wooden pattern on the back of the frame adds texture to the product.



User position Price: mid-end

Small family, suitability, trendy, freshness, décor 小家庭、合適、流行、新鮮、裝飾

distinguishing shape/becoming the focus in smaller rooms Shapeshape 造型搶眼/在較小室內空間中凸顯為焦點



single color body/eye-catching highly saturated colors Color 單色主體/較高飽和度之色彩,醒目顯眼 bold polyesters/glossy finishing, emphasizing the Texture單體塑膠/高度光澤表面處理,強調曲面



Other Works

curved surfaces

Design present Price: mid-end

7 inch (16:9) 4500NTD

The special curved surfaces on both front and back are distinguished from any existing products that are available on the market. Bright colors and special shapes of the frame stand out in stores among other products and at home in your living quarter.



User position Price: low-end

Personal, loveliness, funky, lively 個人、鍾愛、有趣、活潑

shapesmall and



adorable/special circular screen accentuates

Shape小巧可愛/特殊圓型螢幕,凸顯個人風格 personal style

duo-color matching/combinations of highly saturated colors Color 雙色搭配/高飽和度之色彩搭配, glossy polyesters/circular metallic base echoes with the

亮面塑膠/金屬圓型底座形狀呼應, Texture plastic texture



Other Works

Design present Price: low-end

1.5 inch (round shape) 900NTD

This product is designated with the zoom-in, headshots, function. Users can install their beloved children or pets’ photos. The circular frame with the special function make this product an unique, personalized accessory.


Enjoying the Chaos Cross Media Interaction Design 2010 Team: Anna Bernard Christiaan Kieft Jennifer Vlieland Yaya Chen



Other Works

Briefing Theme: “Enjoying the chaos” Because of the arrival of a whole new train station and railway tunnel, there will be a big ‘moving’ construction place. The different stages of the construction bring a lot of changes with it affecting the paths travelers used to follow through this area (the way to the platforms, bus/tram stop, bicycle parking place etcetera). Target group The target group is young working people & students waiting at/around the station in Delft. Those people have the time be “entertained”. The results of our questionnaire show us that this group of people is not much concerned. And when they are, it is about the time schedule of the public transport they currently use. It should be possible for the target group to play an interactive role in the solution. The solution also has to be something new/innovative and something they could “share” with other people (e.g. link something to Twitter/Facebook etcetera). The estimated amount of people within this target group will be about 800 a day. Identity The solution should be something new/innovative, fun and interactive. This way the waiting travelers will never have a dull moment. Communication goal In the first, the station area (where the chaos will be) should be a fun place to be. Secondly, there could be thought of a way to inform people about the project of Spoorzone. Cross media could give a good solution to achieve the goal, because it will be a periodically changing something. Choice of media The media that is going to be used should not be just the old-fashion ways to communicate (e.g. posters, newspapers etcetera), but it also should be a kind of medium that is more innovative and can be changed easily (e.g. QR-code and other digital media). The target group contains young people, who are using these types of media a lot. Interesting places to use these media are the places where the target group will be around: on the train/ bus/tram, at or nearby the station platform/ bus stop/ tram stop, at the bicycle parking place, at/around the construction site, in/around the water. Different kind of situations should be taken into account. The target group is waiting on their bus/ tram/ train. This can take between 5 and 25 minutes. The weather could also be an influence on the solution. For example, when it rains people do not want to get wet. There are also moments that there are much more people at/around the station than average. Examples of these situations are before/ after work or school and at the MooiWeerSpelen. Proposition The target group is not much concerning about chaos, because they think it is all arranged well. The solution has to come up to their expectations and keep them satisfied. It will be a fun place to be! Scope The solution will have a long-lasting effect. It will be used during all stages of the project. Possible cooperators/stakeholders: - Free newspapers; NS train; Veolia (bus); HTM (tram); ProRail (railway); Taxi companies; Delft Bouwt; WeSD; TUDelft; City of Delft...


Conceptual Design Media Strategy Because our target is to entertain and guide people in between 5-20 minutes the media we use should be easy accessed and fast in use. Therefore the main interaction will be done by sms, blue tooth and direct contact with LED screens. Sms and Bluetooth are fast communicators our target group is familiar with. Our system will be CM level 3 because people are able to interact and influence the system. The information on the various media is different, although has cross-overs at some points, for example the system is explained on the website as well as posters in the trains, etc. The website refers to all media, Sms & Blue tooth <-> Guiding Line, Guiding Line->interactive walls, bluetooth->interactive walls. Concept While building the Spoorzone, there will be a long construction time around the station. And routes to bus stops, tram stops, and parking space around the station are going to change a lot, which might confuse passengers. The main idea of Enjoin is to guide the passengers to the main transportation spots around the station area. Considering most of the trails will be surrounded by walls or fences that are the perfect places for guiding, we decided to put LED panels on it to lead the way. The LED light will be connected with users cell phones by SMS and bluetooth. A game kind of bluetooth software will be developed, in which users can type up their name (will be showed above the LED light), choose their destination, appearance of their guiding light etc. After users send the request through the software, there will appear a personal light on the wall leading them to their destination. While they are following the guiding light, downside will be another LED panel interactive with users, like a shadow. In addition, there will be interactive walls in platform, bus stops, tram stops etc. Users can post digital graffitis or play games on interactive walls or watching lighting show to spend their waiting time.

Scenarios 68


Other Works

Visual style

Media The media we are going to use for the EnJoin project are : - website; sms; bluetooth; LED screens/walls; posters/information panels People will get to know the system through posters or information screens in the buses, trains and trams that are travelling to Delft, at the bus/tram stops in Delft and the station area itself. Also the website will give more information. Content and Communication The Design will consist of different platforms that work together to create a fun experience. The Guiding Line Travellers will log in when they arrive (or a short time before) through sms and/or bluetooth. They can download a program that communicates through bluetooth with the system or just connect for the system to be able to track them. If they download the programm it can be used to pick the location where you want to go and the time you have to be there or choose from a menu a final destination (TUD, Museum, Hospital, …). If the traveller doesn’t want to download the programm they can send a sms with their name, a departure time and a code of destination. These codes wil be at each central point like the station, the bus stops etc… If a traveller makes connection with the system their names will be displayed on the LED “Guiding Line” with a guiding arrow pointing in the direction they should follow and a countdown to the time they entered. The Personal Guiding Arrow will follow the traveller through the blue tooth connection and this way be able to guide it in the right direction. If a traveller is getting out of time the arrow might start flashing to show them they should hurry up. The Guiding Line could also be used to pick someone up or be able to find each other in the chaos. One of the travelers sends a message to the system with the code of his/her location, phone number and name of the person they want to invite. This invited person will receive a message that asks if they want to accept the guiding line invitation and simply have to answer the message with YES and location code to be guided to the other person. Shadow panels At certain parts of the path the traveller has to walk, there will be responsive LED screens below the Guiding Line. This LED screens will react on movement and this way could form a ‘shadow’ that’s following the traveller or another form that moves along. The traveller could play with this shadow by moving in different ways or speeds. The form of the shadow could be changed every week to keep regular travellers interested. The shadow panels will only work on movement sensors so if people are just passing by without logging in to the Guiding Line it will also interact with them. Interactive Walls At the main connection points and waiting areas (busstop, train station/platforms, tramstop) there will be bigger LED screens that also interact with the people through moving forms that can be manipulated by the traveller through movement and in this way form some kind of interactive grafitti. Besides this interactive grafitti there could be simple games travellers can play together (for example something like pong). If you are logged in scores can be taken and shown after the match. These games and forms will be changed weekly.


Visual style

Media Strategy Because our target is to entertain and guide people in between 5-20 minutes the media we use should be easy accessed and fast in use. Therefore the main interaction will be done by SMS, Bluetooth and direct contact with LED screens. SMS and Bluetooth are fast communicators our target group is using daily. And internet is also a medium they are familiar with. Our system will be CM level 3 because people are able to interact and influence the system. The information on the various media is different, although has cross-overs at some points, for example the system is explained on the website as well as newspapers, posters in the trains, etc.

Ryan on the train, reading newspaper with advertisement about Enjoin.

The media we are going to use are: - website: to inform and design their own guiding light, and show digital graffiti are saved. - Bluetooth: to connect with guiding line system. - SMS: Guiding line system connects with invited user (those might not on Bluetooth yet). - LED screens/walls: the main media. To lead the way for users, and it is a digital graffiti wall at the stop as well. - posters, newspapers: to inform users and show the instruction. The aim of the media (AIDA): Awareness: LED panels, posters, newspapers.

Ryan try to connect with guiding line.

Raising Interest: LED panels, website. Creating Desire: LED panels, (users want their own guiding lights with their names on it.) Action: Bluetooth, SMS, website, LED panel (digital graffiti wall). The website refers to all media, SMS & Bluetooth <-> LED panel (Guiding Line), LED panel (Graffiti wall) -> website.

with shadow panel.



Other Works

Detailed Design Task Analyses The lists below will show the activities that the final design has to support. To make it clearer the lists are divided in lists of the tasks of the users and lists of the tasks of the system (for each system within our project). Guiding Line (Use it yourself or invite someone else) Users will need to be able to: read instructions on posters or on the website; turn on a Bluetooth connection on their mobile phone; send a message (via Bluetooth) to the service with the required information; receive a message (via Bluetooth or SMS) from the service; follow the arrow.


The service will need to be able to: receive a message (via Bluetooth) from the user; send a message (via Bluetooth or SMS) to the user.

Graffiti wall Users will need to be able to: choose to pick a different color; draw something by touching the screen; choose to erase their drawing; choose to save their drawing.


with shadow panel.

Guiding line.

The system will need to be able to: display the drawing of the user on the screen (in the chosen color); erase the drawing of the user from the screen; save the drawing of the user on the website.

Shadow Panels & Interactive Walls The system will need to be able to: react on movement; lighten up LED lights.


Graffiti wall.

Evaluation of the design Setup of the evaluation: We will show the conceptual design and movie to possible users, and use questioner to know how they like this project. Does it meet users’ need? • Methods: We will show the conceptual design and movie to IO student who have to commute through Delft station every day, and ask the questioner blow: 1.Do you understand? 2.Do you think it is interesting?(1 to 5) 3.Do you think it help them out with the chaos?(1 to 5) 4.Would you try the guiding line? 5.Would you play with the graffiti wall? 6.Would you invite your friend with it? 7.Is there any problem you can think of in this project? 8.Would you support this project? (how) • How many people did you ask feedback from and what characterizes these people? 10 people • Summarized results: People like the whole project, but the guiding line most. People think it does help with the chaos, but sending the Bluetooth message might be troublesome. The Problem they think of: 1.What are we going to do with the blind people? 2.When a lot of people get out of the train, how are you going to do with too many people start at the same time. 3.Will it be too expensive? Who are going to support it? 4.How to preserve the LED panel? 5.The commuters might get bored with it. • Recommendations and suggestions: 1.The guiding light could be something else but arrow at first. Because it looks “construction”. Could be just users name. 2.Because the student of TU Delft would like to support the project. Instead of sponsor, they would like to help with the technical level. So it can be a project build by TU Delft. 3.The project can be extending to the whole city by some interactive posters every place around. It can help travelers and the new residents to find shops, cinema, streets, etc.



Other Works


improving the in-flight experience of Chinese in the future by design a system with a tangible product or service. SD5401 Value Strategies for China 2013 Team: Daniel Fang Jlo Agrupis Yaya Chen



Other Works









Meal Box


Bottle for kids


Pillow for kids


Retain costumer loyalty for the airlines




LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2012 Design by Chen Yin Chih, Tsai Chang En


Design in AGUA Design & CITY YEAST


2011 The Vertical Village - Exhibition Products develop

2011 Taipei Extra-Ordinary Exhibition

2011 5 labâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s summer sport Exhibition


2012 the tour of 100-year-old Dadaocheng Taipei project


2011 the trace of ladybugs project

Street Cleaner Revolution Workshop

2012 Street Cleaner Revolution Workshop

2011 The Taste Factory - pickled fruits & vegetables workshop

2012 Teatime with Animals Activity and Forums


2012 Taipei Design Thinking Workshop for Taipei City Government

2012 color tone of Taiwan


2012 Color Improvement Workshop in NCCU

2012 Taiwan City Micro View - public art in Taichung library

2013 one month poem - spring festival activity and street art


2013 Spring Color Workshop in NTU

2013 Design Thinking & Linking Workshop for Taipei High School Principals


2013 7-11 CITY CAFE - Product and Packaging

2012 SUNPRIDE - Branding


2013 Taipei Street Cleaner Equipment (To be continued)


More infirmation of the projects.


Experiencesallow people to feel and understand the epiphanies life has to offer. What is an unforgettable experience? What is an impactive experience? I am lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biographer. May design arouse such impact cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually through the experience it provides.


Lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Biographer