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Yaxin Ding Architecture Portfolio 2018

1. War shelter design


Background The three collages showed the design background. A. The client is a little girl with the belongings of the cat, books, loving nature and friends. B. Because of the war, the house of client was destroyed, without the care of family she is lonely. She has to seek shelters with the cat. C. In order to avoid conflict, and satisfy the requirement of the little girl. She chooses a underground space in the forest for new residence. This project is to use paper model and plaster to design the underground house.



The underground space Some elements: 1. Mirror to reflect sunlight 2. Pipe for cat 3. Purify water equipment Transfer water equipment 4. Glass roof for provide more sunlight

Aim: Design a environmental protection space and create interactivity with outdoors


Background: Merseycider project “THE CITY IS MY ORCHARD” “The city is my orchard is a quote is a quote from founders of the The Moss Cider Project. This is a Social Enterprise based in the neighbourhood of Moss Side, close to Manchester city centre. This project allows residents to donate their crop of apples to the project, receiving a proportion back as a high quality, hand made, cider or juice product. The apples are pressed by volunteers and the remaining product is sold wholesale to local stockists, providing a desirable artisanal product, supporting the local economy and reducing waste. The project is to make the apple cider-making workshop for the client. This architecture is located in the Sefton park in Liverpool. Because cider- making is a seasonal project. In order to reuse the space and keep the building environmental friendly. How to make use of space in other seasons become a big challenge. Hence, this project is a seasonal functions project with the tree house concept.

Floor construction Roof covering: sheet meet on plywood Solid timber floorboard 30mm Waterproof Waterproof Covering layer 50 mm thermal insulation 100mm Thermal insulation with battens 200m Solid timber 300mm beam Waterproof Wood cement particleboard 50 mm Solid timber beam Floor construction Wal Solid timber floorboard 30mm 40mm timber cladding Screed 50mm 30mm air cavit Thermal insulation 100mm Waterproof Waterproof Thermal insulation 100 mm Concrete floor 300mm Solid timber 30mm

3. Elderly people courtyard community Background: This project focus on the social issue, China aging. Single elderly people have taken up a large part of Chinese population. The site is in the Zhong Tang Park in Suzhou. Suzhou is a culture centre in China with many traditional Chinese residences. This building showed respect for Chinese traditional Encircling residence, provide a good living environment and enhanced the communication with residents. The elderly people need a sense of belonging and love. They need accompany with each other. Maybe house is not enough, a community is a better choice.

Because the layout of the room, the communication happens along the corridor. The imaginary line shows human communication.

The courtyard is filled with trees and vegetations. Here is another communication area for elderly people. Also, this space is environmental friendly.

There is a distinction with public, semipublic and private space.

The community is made up by two blocks with courtyard in the centre space. The intersecting space is very important in the community. Long ramp here is used for not only circulations but also interaction.


A. Reception B. Reading room C. Photocopy room D. Gym E. Meeting room F. Reading room 2 G. Lounge H. Canteen


H G double room

single room

I The first floor plan 1:1000





D The second floor plan 1:1000 The ground floor plan 1:1000



4. balcony Rotation hotel This hotel is course Arch252 design project. I designed a hotel for the public to use on given site along Chapel street to the north of the city centre. Since the European Capital of culture celebrations in 2008, Liverpool is increasingly becoming a destination for both business and pleasure with visitor arriving to see the cities sights and culture. As well as specific events such as Cunard’s ‘Three Queens’ and Royal De Luxe’s ‘Giant Spectacular’ which we are now all familiar with. In addition to those visiting for the day, the city sees a large number of overnight visitors who all need a place to stay -one option being a hotel.




Public space


Circulation and public


Public garden The public green space



Cantilever for the standard room

L-shape balcony

The private green space

Balcony rotation

Public space The function room (The Nineteenth floor) The restaurant (The eighteenth floor) The suite

The office (the first floor)

The suite

The gym (the second floor)

The standard room The standard room The public garden (The eleventh floor)

The reception (the ground floor)

The reception (the ground floor)

The office (the first floor) The gym

The standard room

The suite

The suite

The restaurant (The eighteenth floor)

The function room (The Nineteenth floor)

5. Group work: -Technical project redesign Including research, drawn and visualization outputs on one architectural precedent (built project) of team’s choice, which is of relevance to the design studio project brief. Then, we used technical design strategies to redesign the project with sustainable principles.

Holiday House on Todos Los Santos Lake

Architects: Apio Arquitectos Location: Puerto Montt, Chile Project Year:2014

Project overview The single-family house is located in the south shore of Todos los Santos Lake in southern Chile. Standing along in native forests where the only access is boating, it was mostly cladded by local timber. With the idea of reducing intervention of the natural topography, the construction system is the steel beams and pillars that supported by concrete foot. Hence the excavation of the hill could be avoided. This 120.0 m² holiday residence consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a storage and a kitchen linked with a living room. Although in the temperate marine climate zone, the house is facing heat loss problem because there are plenty of snow-covered peaks around the lake area.

Techinical project redesign-the trombe wall system

Considering the heat loss and climate condition, a great amount of energy consumption occurs because of indoor heating, ventilation and lighting. As mentioned above the building is located within hill and faces a lake, where a lot of heat loss arouses from the cold wind of the lake and high altitude. In this case, the energy consumed for heating in building takes the biggest proportion of consumption. It is important to decrease the energy consumption and its environmental effects. After making a site analysis of this building, it is found that the climate is cold and wet but the building could be exposed to opulent sunlight. Solar energy is an active and sustainable energy source which could be used for architectural applications. In this context, with proper structure elements being considered for utilizing solar energy in passive solar devices in building design, the energy requirement of buildings can be reduced to a great extent. In passive design, the direction and location of buildings and the characteristics of building materials are the criteria which need to be taken into account. Today, with the development of architectural strategiesďźŒ the Trombe wall has became a low-energy system in passive design. It incorporates a thermal storage and efficient system and served as an effective feature of passive solar design.

Trombe wall Many theoretical and experimental studies have shown that indoor comfort is improved due to welldesigned facade. According to Lucas (2009), this kind of low-energy architecture by using less energy has spread worldwide. What it contributed to is not only environment but also the living quality of human being.

Since this house is exposed to opulent sunlight, solar energy could be fully utilized as an active and sustainable energy source for architectural applications. In this context, with proper structure elements as passive solar devices in building design, the energy requirement of buildings can be reduced to a great extent. The direction, location and material characters of buildings are the criteria which need to be taken into account. With the development of architectural strategies, the Trombe wall has become an efficient lowenergy system in passive design.

Trombe wall- passive solar building façade system is simple and economical and suitable for locations in a wide range of latitudes. The figure shows the principle of the Trombe wall when it is applied to our case. The Trombe wall comprises a massive thermal wall with a clear outer glazing and convective air gap in between. The massive thermal wall serves to collect and store solar energy. Heat from sunlight during the day passing through the glass is absorbed by the dark surface, stored in the wall and conducted slowly inward through the massive wall with a time delay. High transmission glass maximizes solar gains to the massive wall. The stored energy is transferred to the inside of the building for space heating or facilitates air movement for space cooling. The space heating/cooling performance depends on the thermal conductive behavior of the massive wall and the airflow characteristics in the convective air cavity and in the room space itself. Therefore, typical Trombe wall could work. Although typical Trombe walls have the good quality to keep indoors warm, it still has some shortcomings in other impacts. For example, Trombe wall could cause overheating in summer months. In order to prevent overheat in this building, typical Trombe wall system have been improved by adding louvers and air vents. Louver is installed into vent area to control the Trombe wall system. In warm weather, louvers could be closed to prevent the process of passive design. In other seasons, when weather is cold louvers could be opened. Passive Trombe wall system will come into play.

History round arch research

6. other artwork

Yaxin ding portfolio  
Yaxin ding portfolio