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Sleeping in the winter As the night’s get colder and the days get darker, it’s really important that we change our bedding to ensure that we get the best sleep possible throughout the colder months. There are a few ways to keep your bedroom warmer in the winter, and here are the top 5. 

Up your tog-

The tog is the unit of measurement of weight of duvets, and it is important to remember that the higher the tog- the heavier the duvet. A heavier duvet is more likely to keep you warm in the winter and duvets for this season range from 10.5 Tog to 15 Tog.

Up the sizeIt can be a really good idea to go for a large duvet than the bed size you have so that you can really wrap up warm and cosy when it’s cold outside. A good amount of drape over the site of the bed can really keep the warmth in and ensure you can get the sleep you need.

Change the filling-

Different duvet fillings can make a difference to your warmth too. Often fillings like goose down and duck down create a really warm layer, without the weight of a feather duvet or synthetic duvet. So if you like the warmth without the weight, consider investing in a down duvet.

Check for draughts-

Outside your bed, keeping warm can be next to impossible if you have a draughty house. Use excluders under the doors, and keep your curtains closed as these can all drastically affect the temperature within your house.


Have cuddles-

If all else fails, make sure you have lots of cuddles as these always keep you warm!

Sleeping in the winter